Obama: Go ahead and Kumbaya, while I pretend to be a centrist and then obliterate George Bush’s orders

Apparently there are many of us out there who are laughing in the face of Democrats (including Obama) who believe we should all bow to the alter of the Far Left Socialist crowd and forget the hatred, vitriol, and derangement that swept the Left in the last 8 years…..It would be funny, if they weren’t so darn serious.

Sure, we on the right side do intend to work to solve this country’s problems….unfortunately, the President-Elect is soon to be part of that problem. 

In any case, working for the country does not mean disbanding our conservative principles and jumping on board the “Transform and Remake America” Express just because the peaceniks no longer have George Bush to beat upon. 

And it certainly doesn’t mean that we should suddenly silence ourselves on the issues of Obama’s associations, his far-left belief system, his Socialist plans, the holes in his past that are conveniently left that way, the Alinsky tactics he has already used, and vigor with which the Democrat leaders will pull Obama further left.  These were all issues with Obama, Pelosi and Reid last Monday, November 3 and they continue to be issues worthy of discussing.  I have not doubt that new and excitingly dangerous issues are just around the corner as well….

But now let’s go back and contrast the left’s demands in the last 8 years with their demands now.   In 2000 via David Limbaugh:

Remember in 2001, after liberals had already bludgeoned President Bush for 36 days and accused him of stealing an election they’d tried to steal, when they demanded he show bipartisanship? That is, those who lost insisted that those who won reach out to them. They said Bush didn’t have a mandate and should voluntarily dilute his conservative policy proposals in the interest of getting along.

In that case, bipartisanship meant that conservatives should become more liberal on their own instead of the two factions fighting for their respective programs and letting the votes fall where they may.

Now Obama words in 2008, just yesterday, and after his first “non-telemprompter” event when he callously took a jab at Nancy Reagan (then apologized after someone had to inform him “that wasn’t nice”).  From Reuters:

Barack Obama said on Saturday that, with the long U.S. presidential election campaign over, now was the time for Americans to put aside political differences and work together to solve the economic crisis.

This speaks to a fundamental recognition that here in America we can compete vigorously in elections and challenge each other’s ideas, yet come together in service of a common purpose once the voting is done,” Obama said in the Democratic Party’s weekly radio address….

……..”Some of those choices will be difficult, but America is a strong and resilient country. I know that we will succeed if we put aside partisanship and work together as one nation. And that is what I intend to do.”

Just remember, this is the same guy who also committed to take public financing versus millions of dollars in illegal foreign donations and then reneged on his promise….just saying!

David Limbaugh has more on the contrast between the losers in 2000 and the winners in 2008 (one and the same):

Now the liberals have won, and again, they are calling for bipartisanship. But they’re not demanding from themselves, as the victors, the same standard they demanded of President Bush in 2000 or 2004. They aren’t counseling themselves to moderate their own positions to make them more palatable to congressional conservatives; they’re saying that congressional Republicans should move toward Obama in a spirit of “bipartisanship.” Heads I win; tails you lose.

So, you see there is reason that we should not fall for the “let’s all get along” meme now that the rabid, hatey, hopey, changey left is in power…and that Obama has claimed bipartisanship even while he has never exemplified it and is currently working to undermine work of the Bush Administration as first order of business….more thoughts about that from JammieWearingFool:

………..the Bushes had offered to do all they couldto help with Obama’s transition.

Bush’s graciousness is met with news that Obama will now be reversing up to 200 executive orders and administration actions.

Sure, that’s some coming together. (From Washington Post):

Transition advisers to President-elect Barack Obama have compiled a list of about 200 Bush administration actions and executive orders that could be swiftly undone to reverse White House policies on climate change, stem cell research, reproductive rights and other issues, according to congressional Democrats, campaign aides and experts working with the transition team.

and…..By the way, if we all don’t work together, I’ll (Obama) reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine and silence the opposition, so get in line, bitches.

There are further examples already presented since Tuesday that a President Obama will not govern from the center and will “change” his message and tactics as needed to woo the public….Examples here and here.

Further proof that a lessons from mistakes already made in Washington won’t be learned anytime soon. 

 And, of course, blatant proof that LOSER lefties don’t like to make nice.

Stay tuned for the ride of your life….


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