52-48, Kumbaya, and how the left now “wants us all to just get along”

Since Tuesday’s election, and aside from Wednesday, when I was pretty tired and sitting in disbelief that America soon will have a radical, Socialist President, I have been of the mindset that we who believe conservatism wins at the polls need to fight on for at least two major things:

  1. Continue to expose the corrupt Democratic leadership and talk about Obama’s inexperience, his radical associations, his total lack of world issues experience, his dangerous policies, and all Democrat leaders’ intent to slide us well into a Socialist nation status, if not worse.
  2. Work to bring real conservative leadership into the Republican party, kick out the RINOs and corrupt Republicans, restore respect for the Constitution and take the country’s leadership back to a place that more closely resembles the make-up of this country…after all, we are still a right-center country!

I have continued that effort in several posts since Tuesday and all the while I continue to get commenters who claim to be “moderate” or who are the lone Democrat in a Republican family…you get the picture.   They (and many other commenters like them on other blogs) have tried to paint any facts about Obama or references to Socialism or really just any direct or impassioned language as Hate….and Anger….and Right Wing Extremism.  Funny how those same people all just want to get along now….and have this intense need for me and others to just shut up and praise “The One” already.

Well I refuse to be silenced and, as I have said on various comments, even if they want to avoid facing the facts surrounding the man they just elected, I won’t ignore the facts and I will continue to talk about them.  Remember, I am not talking about stupid notions like “he’s not my President” or “impeach Obama”—you won’t find that here (unless we find something for which he is worthy of being impeached)…I am talking about the issues, facts and opinions of the day that apply to those 2 topics mentioned above.

With all of that said, I was reading other bloggers today and found some really great comments others have made regarding this very phenomenon of “unity now” from the left…the one where the “lovers in the left” for 8 years have had an intense rabid Bush hatred, mentioned Bush death wishes, and sported “abort Sarah Palin” logos, but now they all just believe we need to get along—be unified—we are one! 

Anyway, much of this was stirred up with the recent 52-48 thing from the Obama supporters who believe with all of their heart “we are one”….A couple of pictures give you an idea of the “we really didn’t mean it about Bush…can’t we all just get along?” crowd who contributed to this “condescension posed as compassion” love fest:

52-48-3   52-48-2

Through Jim Treacher’s blog I was led to some great sentiments about this new left/winner/unity phenomenon….In fact, Treacher has a great acronym for the mindset we find ourselves in with these lefty efforts:

NUMB:  National Unity My Butt

And he says we can call ourselves NUMBSkulls—-we 48er’s sure do have a sense of humor…

But I digress…here are the comments for which I hold very similar sentiments — from an Australian blogger’s comment section…very appropriate (my emphasis below):

That website made me want to puke.  Those head-tilts are now not of compassion but condescension.  As if the left has anything to teach anyone about graciousness or moderation in attitude or behaviour. 

Of course conservatives will “get along” and make nice – it’s why they knew they could get away with all the atrocious things they’ve said and done the past 8 years.  Did anyone hear GWB whining about all the stuff that’s been said and written about him?  Has he blackballed a network for asking “tough” questions?  Has he querulously queried a news anchor about being a shill for the opposing side?

Do you know why conservatives generally have the capacity for graciousness in victory and defeat? Because, as a rule, conservatives are happy with who they are.  There’s no cognitive dissonance going on, because we live what we believe – we like free markets, so we consume; we actually care for our less fortunate neighbours, so we give generously (of our OWN money that we earn) and we buy their stuff so they can gain wealth; we don’t believe the economy works by taking from one and giving to the other (as though a dollar for you means a dollar less for me), so we work hard, pay our taxes grudgingly and rejoice at the success of others while working to secure our own; we don’t believe in AGW, so we don’t agonise over the recycling or flying or driving anywhere.  It’s bliss. 

If you’re a lefty in a western capitalist democracy, this is impossible because you are living off the wealth created by a system you think you despise.  You are inherently angry and bitter all the time, because your life can’t measure up to your impossible ideals, and you are naturally self-absorbed and self-centered because of this anger and bitterness.  It’s all consuming.

Of course, I’m generalising.  I’m sure some of the head-tilties pictured were appalled at the treatment of the conservatives at the hands of the minority (but vocal) radicalised elements of their pseudo-religion, and in the last 8 years raised their voices again and again in protest at such unprovoked and vicious assaults on the character and person of their political opponents, all the while gently counselling their wayward brethren to focus on critiquing ideas, and having genuine debates rather than resorting to name-calling.

And I know, some conservative once called you a name so we are just as bad.  Boo hoo.  Go cry in your victory herbal tea, winner, and try to figure out just how to run something and lead something for once, instead of making dopey-hopey-changey noises and singing “How many times must a man blah blah” while wearing your “Abort Sarah Palin” button on your “Sarah Palin is a C***” t-shirt while waving your “GWB is not my President” banner and throwing a molotov cocktail at the McDonald’s on the corner.  Oh, and did I forget to mention the “No War for Oil” hat on your head?

This makes me sound unhappy doesn’t it?  But the above is what the left actually DID.  It’s so bitter, angry, twisted and unhinged that merely stating the fact makes me sound bitter, angry, twisted and unhinged.  So sad. (head tilt) But I weally, weally wuv you guys and want to make it work so your heads don’t explode. M’kay?(/head tilt)

Love it….here’s another interesting one:

Well, in all honesty, after the vomit spewed at us over the past 8 years, nothing they can do now mollifies me.  I find the swarmy, phoney “can’t we all just get along” folks disgusting, but for every one of them, there are 5 sore winners gloating on right-wing blogs.  I almost prefer them to the “let’s all join together now and sing” fakers who are suddenly patriotic Americans.

I don’t ever see myself descending to the level of Daily Kos or Ted Rall.  I don’t want Obama to die or get assassinated, I don’t want his daughters raped or waterboarded, I am not praying for Biden to have a fatal heart attack.  I’ve read all of those sentiments expressed about Dubya and Cheney. 

Less than a week ago, a writer referred to Trig Palin as “it.” Not to mention all the other filth they’ve directed at Palin.

Did any of the “We love you, 48” head tilters object to any of that while it was, you know, actually occurring?

Just today, Obama had to make a snide comment about Nancy Reagan and seances.  Nancy is in the hospital and recovering from a broken hip, and he called her afterward and apologized.  But he couldn’t get through his first press conference as president-elect without making a graceless dig at a conservative.

So stick it, folks.  No, I’ll never stoop as low as you did. But damned if I’m going to join hands and sing kumbaya with you. It’s your turn now.

And they all said…AMEN.


20 Responses

  1. They are reaching out an olive branch, and yet you spit at them.


  2. It’s not an olive branch. It’s a rattle. They’re banging it against their crib and insisting we forget what they’ve done.

  3. Jim,
    Thanks for commenting….I am happy to have found your blog…I have thoroughly enjoyed it…..and added you to my blog roll.

    Thanks again!

  4. Jaxebad,

    George Bush had the olive branch out for 8 years and continued to extend it each time the rabid Left broke off a new piece.
    If you support the very party that outwardly hated Bush for 8 years, you have no moral high ground on lectures about “shame”.

  5. I do really want an Obama Presidency to work, for the sake of our country. However, I can not forget how the liberals have so badly trashed President Bush and all he has tried to do. They have done their best to make him an icon for everything that is wrong with our country, while the liberals in Congress refuse to take any responsibility for the troubles they have helped create. After all they have done to the man, he has not responded in kind, and now they want us to get along. Go figure that one out.

  6. […] there are many of us out there who are laughing in the face of Democrats (including Obama) who believe we should all bow to the alter of the Far Left Socialist crowd and forget the hatred, vitriol, and derangement that swept the Left in the last 8 years…..It […]

  7. The only thing that will convince me that President Obama is serious about reconciliation and being a leader for all of America is if he resists the influence of the far Left that, by the way, played a huge role in his campaign.

    He must prevent the Democrat Congressional leadership from running the show and executing their back-logged agenda on issues like the “Fairness” Doctrine and gun control, just to name two. He must follow up with his tough stance on pursuing terrorists in Afghanistan and elsewhere, and by bringing the troops home AFTER completing the work in Iraq. His fixes to the economy should focus on how to improve the functioning of our financial system and markets, not simply bringing them under government control and giving hand-outs. Oh yeah, paying SOME attention to the budget deficit wouldn’t hurt either!

    As a conservative, I’m not counting on an agenda that caters specifically to me, but I’m expecting one that doesn’t cater only to the Left. As of now, I’m trying to reserve judgment and give the new man a chance to show me something other than a talking point or campaign ad. If I get some change that I can believe in, then great. At that point, count me as on board for the big win. If not, get ready to have that olive branch stuffed somewhere.

  8. Elections Matter.

    So does an Opposition. The duty of an Opposition is to Oppose, but to do so Intelligently and with purpose and substance.

    The 52-48 Crowd trafficked in the memes of Bushhitler and Impeachment against a President who faced a hurricane of terrible problems and an intractible opposition. They have made their bed, and they shall lie in it, but we must do more than merely reject out of hand the Kumbaya circle jerk offered by the New Order.

    Rather, we must gamely be the Loyal Opposition, pledging to support Our President when we can and oppose him on principle when we Must. When we must, conservatives must be ready with substantive alternatives that appeal to a broad crosssection of American voters, including Democrats. That was the origin of Welfare Reform, which came out of the Republican Governor’s Conference in the Nineties.

    But we must never, EVER, traffic in mindless hate or scorched earth politics. That is no way to grow our party. That is no way to attract conservative Dems and right leaning independents.

    When we start to act like Kos, we lose. It’s what Obama and his people are counting on.

  9. section9,
    Well said. I agree with you.
    I hope you are not insinuating this site resembles Kos because it doesn’t.

    I believe that while we support our President where we can, we also have to be passionate in where the party in power is wrong and where we know they have been wrong in the past.
    I will continue to point out the character, plans and world view of Obama because it matters….just as elections matter.

    As I’ve said, if Obama comes out as an America/Capitalist-loving President who actively supports our military, while eliminating bailouts and not implementing further “spread the wealth” tax plans….I will be the first to admit I am wrong.

    Thanks for commenting either way.

  10. OK 52 your turn to do the heavy lifting. Quislings with spines of steel. LMAO!!!!

  11. Is it not time to gather strength and return to our Conservative values. Find a site and fight for what is our Founding Fathers wisdom. Spreading the wealth is a joke!

  12. […] with 52% of the vote and, well, we have ourselves a BIG “O” MANDATE flush with unity and condescending compassionate victors.  Oh, and did we mention landslide?  That extra one percent sure does pack a […]

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  14. […] sharprightturn The left is always touting how they are on the side of tolerance, flush with calls for Kumbaya unity with the very same people they have trashed for the last 8 years…all because Obamunity has […]

  15. I’m sure this won’t get posted….
    Obama was not selected by the supreme court after a halted recount. Wrap your noggin around that. Pretend for a minute how you wold feel if McCain had it to the wire and some democrat halted the mandatory recount. Democrats never got over that. Secondly, Bush had a Republican congress too, how did the Democrats stymy him? Obama as of yet did not INVADE a country that did not attack us, that was a war of aggression and generally froened upon by civilized countries. The right, every time the left had an opposition point, said the Dems were traitors , anti-american etc. So tell us more about how sweet and kind and loving the Republicans are, I love a good fairy tale. Now the left is trying to not be decisive and the right is attacking them again. The left does anything and the right attacks them personally or uses extreme rhetoric. You guys should be very lucky that Obama won and not some Democrat nutjob with an axe to grind, ala Karl Rove. Because frankly this unity shit is BS, the criminals on the right, the e-mail deleteing, country invading, justice purging, wiretapping criminals should all be prosecuted in my book, oh just like you guys suggest you try to do to an administration that hasn’t made even one official decision as POTUS.
    Cry me a river, good luck with the impeachment of Obama, you’ll need it.

  16. Should have read ” Now the left is trying to not be DEVISIVE and the right is attacking them again”

  17. SHHHH, OBAMA is listening with those nifty wiretappng powers you guys signed over to GWB, also he has the power to arrest you, call you a terrorist and send you to Guantanamo without access to legal council and can hold you indefinately, if I was a righty I would be very carefull mentioning Obama on the phone less you want a visit by the secret service, ahh isn’t a totalitarian state wonderfull, gee I hated it under Bush but now I love it under Obama , what a differerence a day makes…. lol .Oh BTW break out the black helicopter pamphlets, cause I hear them now. Isn’t it great that when you let one President get away with all sorts of things with no oversight, the next one gets the same toys to play with? Mmmm, I can feel a political persecution brewing in the justice department hope your guys are ready.

  18. MIke…
    Get some meds….

  19. Mike_1776,

    I’m sorry to tell you this…but you’re not very smart and your knowledge of history sucks. A trip to Wikipedia might help you out.

  20. […] starters, let review what candidate Obama had to say on the campaign trail ( and you 52%-ers thought he was just kidding…oh you […]

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