The push is already on to muzzle conservative talk radio and silence dissent

For you libs out there sqawking about how we should all sit down and sing Kumbaya now that The One is elected….well all I can say is go pound sand….

I have already had “moderate” libs knocking on the comments door of this blog declaring that I/we must “watch our words” and do something for the “hate” I/we possess for Obama.
Now that we’ve had eight years of demented and deranged Bush hatred, you are all ready for us to be silent and let The One do his Messiah thing…..hogwash!

Outing the radical, dissent silencing plans of Obama is not hate….it makes sense for anyone who loves our Constitution and right to Free Speech.

rush-silenced-picWe are about 48 hours into “president-elect” status with Obama and he has already appointed the FCC Transition Czar….an avid opponent of free speech on the airwaves….he was actually the FCC Commissioner who resigned during the Reagan Administration and Reagan was able to bring free speech and “free market” speech to the airwaves.

Obama touts his change rhetoric but its only words in a speech….First, he appoints Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff…..some change…Emanuel is known for his nasty partisanship and he hails from Chicago and probably attended the same “Old Chicago School of Thuggery” that Obama attended.
Now, Obama has appointed Henry Rivera, the old school radical leftist “executioner of free speech”….

Read from Brian Maloney’s piece at The Radio Equalizer:

Ahead of a widely-expected crackdown on free speech and political dissent by the incoming Obama administration, our Dear Leader has appointed a new FCC transition czar to oversee the process.

Henry Rivera, a longtime radical leftist, lawyer and former FCC commissioner, is expected to lead the push to dismantle commercial talk radio that is favored by a number of Democratic Party senators. Rivera will play a pivotal role in preventing critics from having a public voice during Obama’s tenure in office.

Rivera, who resigned from the FCC nearly a quarter-century ago during the Reagan years, believes in a doctrine of “communications policy as a civil rights issue”.

His exit during the Reagan Administration paved the way for the Fairness Doctrine’s repeal when the late president appointed Patricia Diaz Dennis in 1986 to fill out the rest of Rivera’s term. Had this not occurred, talk radio as we know it today would not exist.

That gives Rivera’s new task a great deal of personal urgency: it’s a late-career, second chance opportunity to shut down opposition voices that have been allowed to flourish since his depature from the commission.

In particular, Rivera is known for his push for more minority broadcasting ownership, but this issue has largely been rendered obsolete as former commercial broadcasting empires teeter on the brink of bankruptcy.

Rivera’s first opportunity to eliminate commercial talk radio will occur in June 2009, as the term of Republican Robert McDowell expires and he can be replaced with a pro-Fairness Doctrine Democrat. That will give the commission a three-vote Democratic majority, though the final two seats must remain in Republican hands.

If they can strong-arm one of the three Republicans into leaving early, this can be implemented even sooner.

One issue facing Rivera and Obama’s new commissioner is how the policy will be carried out. According to data from the 1970s, when the old doctrine regulated the content of speech on the radio, the FCC was forced to utilize a great deal of its resources sifting through tens of thousands of “unfairness” complaints. The FCC’s staff might have to be increased substantially to accommodate listeners looking to censor radio programming in their area.

Read the rest here.

Republicans, Conservatives and those who respect our founders intentions and Free Speech have the fight of the century on our hands here…..this CANNOT happen!

(H/T: Ace of Spades)


18 Responses

  1. Yeah, this is pretty disturbing. Ahead of appointing a treasury secretary, Obama moves to start the process of silencing his critics. That doesn’t feel very much like a bipartisan healing.

  2. Hope they’re ready for a huge court battle.

  3. The sky is falling…the sky is falling..

  4. It never ceases to amaze me that those who acted so trashy and slammed conservatives, most especially..Bush, Pallin unmercifully with crude rude hate spewing venom..these same thugs now want us to be silent.

    We are in a huge fight now with not only the Fairness doctrine but a whole slew of so called ‘change’ that if enacted will setback our liberties that they take for granted..liberties that have been hard fought for with American lives.

    Chris has it right. This does not feel like bipartisan healing.
    We must fax, email, call and write our reps…we must storm Washington with protests..heck march if we have to. We need a leader, someone who can organize a grass roots campaign for conservatives to Act! AND ACT SOON!

    Very good article. I love talk radio and I will be personally devastated in addition to the total UNFAIRNESS of this travesty!

  5. I just blogrolled you. Hope okay.

  6. Angie,
    Thanks for the link…that’s fine.

    And thanks for commenting. I was just thinking this evening that conservatives need to start organizing now…..
    It feels like the only way we will be able to succeed in fighting the radical Obama Presidency and far left Liberal leaders in Congress is a grassroots movement.

    I know lots of people who see it as you and I do….wouldn’t take much to get a following..

    I am going to be thinking about this over the next few weeks, reading, and listening to see what is going on out there as an effort to stifle the Socialist and Constitution-shredding policies about to come our way.

    Not to mention we need to fight for the next election!

  7. Right. Because Bush got criticism for the last 8 years, let’s slam Obama from day one. Good call there. Couldn’t get him in the election so we’ll make sure that everything he does becomes villified. Even libs weren’t that bad to Bush. But then again, look at the content of your blog and your actions come as no surprise.

    He don’t look like us and he don’t go fer everythang we want, so screw him.

    Good luck with that grassroots movement though. I guess you folks were able to learn something from the other side.

  8. FWP,
    Bush was not just criticized by the Left….he was castigated at every turn and threatened with death by some.

    When you find that same vitriol from my blog….we’ll talk. (hint: It won’t happen.)

    What kind of sauce have you been on to say that Bush wasn’t treated “that bad”?????
    That’s pretty laugable.

    The problem you have is you can’t refute definitively the ideas and plans that Obama has for this country. He is a self-proclaimed socialist. You also can not refute his associations, his corrupt campaign financing, his words that he will “govern from the center” while he picks one of the biggest partisan bull dogs for Chief of Staff.

    You were sold a bill of goods by a slick salesman, but it appears you haven’t inspected your bags yet….better get with it and we’ll talk in a few years.

    Obama’s issues and wrong ideas were wrong last Monday and they are still wrong and I intend to continue pointing them out.

  9. FWP –

    “He don’t look like us ”

    Also, get off the race….that card has been played ad nauseum.

    Criticism of Obama is not about race….get over it.

  10. Who said anything about race? Numerous ‘righties’ insisted he wasn’t Christian and that he was Muslim…. not that there’s anything wrong with being a Muslim. Funny that you assumed race on your own. Oh, speaking of which… did you see the YouTube video of the McCain supporter selling anti-Obama / anti-Muslim propaganda at a McCain rally and then he was confronted by Muslim McCain supporters? I loved the part where he and his ignorant wife packed up and left. Why didn’t you post that video here?

    As for Bush… what I was trying to say was that at least we waited for him to fail in order to criticize. You’re already set to tear Obama down before he’s even sworn in, and also while the guy you voted for twice is still in office.

    Oh, as for cards… well I go to a casino when I want to play cards. Race is not a card.

    Makes sense though. “Righty” sounds an awful lot like another word.

  11. I can describe to you, in detail what many of Obama’s plans are because that’s what his campaign was about. So read up.

    A: To lower taxes for anyone making under $200,000 and raise it on those making more then that.

    95% of the population makes $200,000, thus its an almost universal tax cut. Your ONLY lame , thin thread to hang the word “Socialist” on is the fact that the upper echelons of society will get a raise in taxes. If you knew anything about economics, you’d surely know that American Capitalism relies on middle class spending. Enable the middle class to spend, and suddenly companies gain profits. As it is now, consumers have no spending ability. Notice how GM and Ford are on the brink of failure? Again- because the middle class is broke. Give them money, and they spend. The grease ( money) in the system gets the wheels spinning again. The only argument that you claim is that by taxing companies, the middle class will be punished as a result, ( buzzer sound) wrong. The opposite happens, which is that with a healthier middle class, the economy works again. This is SIMPLE economic theory. Doesn’t take rocket science.

    B: To have open dialog with the enemy at hand.

    This idea was scoffed at by Mccain, yet its actually a time-proven, older tactic of diplomacy. Ever heard of the term: ” Talk softly but carry a big stick”? Either that or the Cuban missile crisis? JFK helped us narrowly escape nuclear Warfare not by force, but via careful diplomacy and open discussion. His generals at the time favored using military strikes. Had JFK followed that plan… we might not be here

    C: To have nationalized health care.

    Simply put, to enable people to either keep their same doctor as they have now, or to have access to the health care of their choice. Again- many on the right start breathing fire and hissing the word: ” Socialist!” when they hear this. But if you think so, then we might as well banish social security- that’s right SOCIAL security. Same exact thing. Let me put it in another perspective. Sweden has one of the highest standards of living indicators in the world. Their taxes are higher, but guess what? Their children’s colleges are paid for by the state, and so are retirement plans and health care. If you think about it, the largest expenses in the US household are: Health care, retirement, and college. Just imagine the efficiency of a nationalized system. As it is now, colleges gouge students and mismanage their finances. So do medical and insurance companies. The level of contentment in Sweden is unsurprisingly much higher than in the US. But Obama’s plan is only a very mild treatment. Either way, a huge chunk of the Western world uses social health care and it works very well. I know because I have friends in Canada, the UK, and New Zealand. It has been estimated by the WSJ that unless health care is brought under control, the cost of it could be as much as 50% of the avg family take home pay. You make the choice: Do you want to have less and less money or more money?

    D: To encourage modernization and efficiency in the auto industry via new grants for research and technology.

    As we sit, the US auto industry is on its death bed. This was due to the credit crisis and their years of creating crap that was unreliable and clunky. Obama plans to help them develop the means to become competitive and create new jobs. This is lucrative for many reasons. Lets do a comparison: The tech industry. It started with the microprocessor- one simple idea of processing data and using this to grow a whole industry. As we now sit, Tech is the largest moneymaker in the US economy. It started in the research labs of companies working for the US defense department. It spread to the private sector.

    Lets choose one component to modern automobiles: electric batteries. GM is working on the Volt- a car that can go 40 miles on a charge and then switch to a small generator motor. The battery has been extremely costly to develop and even so- 40 miles is a start. The need for engineers, researchers, and materials handling personnel in the auto industry is immense. The potential for creating a whole industry- just in battery technology alone- is immediate. This doesn’t include all the other viable forms of alternative energy and applications. I know many of you think alternative energy is what hippies drink. But at one time, electricity was considered a novel energy and fought by gas companies. So indeed- this application of industry is imperative and important.

    E: To improve schools and reward teachers for excellence. I have first hand experience in this area. Teachers run in my family. The fact is that the US is falling behind in math and science. If we are to compete with the likes of India and China ( China alone produces over 70,000 programming engineers a YEAR) then we must improve the school system. Teacher pay is AWFUL. Encouraging teachers to work hard to get paid better wages is only logical.

    Bottom line, the majority of the reasons I see listed on this site for not liking Obama is because you think he’s a socialist, which again is simply BS that Mccain’s campaign threw together in order to rile up his base – who obviously ate it up. I would put money on it if that he had said ” OBama is from Mars!” You would be saying: ” I hate Obama… he’s from Mars!” Simply put, the term “Socialist” is totally bunk and incorrect. I’ve described the reasons above in full detail.

  12. FWP..
    I put your quote on my reply….

    you said “He don’t look like us”….

    If you weren’t insinuating race, what were you saying?

    (and your little Whitey, Righty rant is quite profound….did you learn that in kindergarten?)

    On Bush, the Left has cried since December, 2000(before Bush was able to do anything as President) that he was illegitimate….so nobody on the Left waited on anything before criticizing.

    I am not “tearing” anyone down…you ignore the parts where I’ve said Obama will be my President….but that doesn’t mean I agree with him nor do I intend to “overlook” his inexperience, corruption, and radical associations…..
    You can pretend none of that exists if you want to…..but I intend to talk about it….

  13. Bob the rocket scientist….
    A. 95% of Americans don’t make $200,000….not sure where you get your figures. ( I think you misstated that)

    If you mean 95% make below $200,000 your a bit closer…but Obama will not cut taxes for EVERYONE below that level for at least 2 reasons:
    1) around 40% of those wage earners DO NOT even pay tax…so they are receiving welfare through Obama’s tax “credits”
    2) the across-the-board (all levels of income taxes) will rise for EVERYONE when Obama lets the Bush tax cuts expire…that is a fact.

    If you want the middle class to spend money, give them good jobs….and lower taxes (which McCain would also have done and so has Bush)…..guess who produces the jobs? Small Business and corporations…the very ones that Obama wants to tax into obilivion and hand it over to your “Middle class” so they can spend it…..
    Well if business and those who generate earnings spend more on taxes they create less jobs….and guess who then doesn’t have a job? Mr. Middle Class…
    Your theory is a bit backwards.

    B) Diplomacy works with force to back it up. Obama has proclaimed he will talk to enemies without preconditions…and, by the way, he plans to reduce our military and defense spending. He is on record on video stating that we don’t need “new fancy weapon systems” and “we need to reduce or eliminate nuclear weapons” (our own)…..hard to back up his “tough” talk with rogue countries without a substantial defense…

    C) Social Security has become a real problem…I think most politicians, including on the right, are realists in that eliminating Social Security now isn’t just something you will do on a whim one day. Frankly it is one more thing that our government really was not charged with by our founders…

    But the point with SS is Social Security began as its own entity for the security of Americans after retirement….The plan was for the money to remain in the Social Security “account” for older Americans to draw upon what they put into the system.
    Well guess what, several decades ago, politicians in Washington decided it was best if we take from that “account” to use the money for other things…that is why we have the mess that Social Security is…they have slowly depleted the money allocated for Social Security….

    This is the same type of mess the government will make of healthcare or college tuition or taking over 401K’s…they can’t help their spending and they are not good managers of OUR money….

    Frankly I don’t give a rip what happens in Sweden….and there are differing accounts on just how great it is to live in Sweden…not to mention that socialized healthcare in countries like Canada is not the best healthcare on earth…(actually the US has the best healthcare on earth)…I guess you weren’t aware that only the ones who can afford it, travel to the US for major surgeries and health care that they can’t get in Canada or wait for months to get in that country…

    Again, I really don’t care if the other countries are so “Socialized”….our Constitution limits the power of government…and that is as is should be…if you don’t think so…then maybe you need to move to Sweden instead of expecting and supporting a man and his Congress to continue shredding our Constitution.
    There is NO right to healthcare, college education, business bailouts, retirement plans, etc.
    Our government’s role is to provide for defense and common infrastructure primarily. Our founders never intended government to run our lives…
    Besides, economically, our country can not pay for all that you have listed….and it is individual liberty and freedom that allows EVERYONE the chance to work as they see fit, educate themselves as they see fit, spend as they can afford, plan for their family’s health, you name it….
    The American way is not a nanny state as you seem to want…the American Way is and always has been liberty and freedom.

    D) As I keep reading, you are clearly one who believes Government should contol everything….great companies, products, and economies have been created without the government…the free market generally takes care of new technology and products…
    Our country didn’t get where it is by waiting for government to pay for research, school, healthcare, etc.

    e) Get the unions out of the schools, force teachers to perform or be fired (like every other industry) and pay them accordingly…that works in every other industry…you get the best when you encourage the best.
    OH, and keep the politically correct remakes of history and social engineering out of the schools….put God back in them….then our kids might learn more about our country, freedom, Capitalism, and the sacrifices that have been made in blood for them. If not, they will end up like you waiting for government to solve all of their life issues.

    If you look up the definition of Socialism, it pretty much is everything you said and everything Obama wants to do:

    Socialism: Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

  14. I read about two sentences of your reply before I realized your were just parroting exactly what Mccain said. The problem that you have and the reason that many people like yourself mischaracterize the term “Socialist” is because you don’t understand economic policy. So far, you’ve said nothing that indicates socialism. If you don’t understand econ 101, then its futile to even explain it.

    Secondly, no, I don’t believe government should control everything. But when times of crisis occurs, that tends to be the time- if any- that government intervenes to avoid further disaster. As I mentioned, the current administration has already done so with the largest bailout bill in US history. If you don’t support government intervention, then you must really hate Republicans for enacting this plan in the first place. That and basically taking over the mortgage system. It also helps to look back at history. Such as the New Deal plan. Plans like TVA, the CCC, WPA, etc etc. All government enacted plans to get the system moving.

    So bottom line: You cannot function all the time with zero government intervention, nor all government control. There is a delicate balance to be met, and this works out, and has worked out well over the course of history. Again- you are mis characterizing the term Socialism. Our constitution indeed says that the influence of Government should be limited… but what Obama is suggesting is exactly the kinds of actions that have been implemented time and again, and yes- even by Republicans.

    Again- You keep making this case for Socialism where there is no support for your argument.

    Lastly, God has a different meaning to many different people. This is a country with many different religions with more and more non-Christians moving in all the time. Christianity is ONE religion in the US out of many. Would you want your kids to be forced to learn a religion that isn’t used in your household? If the answer is no, then you have lost this argument. Its clear in the constitution that we are a country that frees religions from government. They very people who came here did so to escape religion being used abusively to govern people. That is not how we run this country. It is admirable to be religious. It is a good thing to be a spiritual person. Yes- I go to church. But if you’re going to discuss religion in schools, then it should be taught in tandem with other religions. If you suggest that religion is educational, then I agree, as long as students are aware of world religions, then they are better informed to understand other cultures. It would not be fair to teach only one religion in schools.

    By the way- if you want to teach kids about capitalism,I’d suggest having them read about Ron Paul instead,

  15. Bob,
    Obviously I am missing something about where you explained that “spreading the wealth” isn’t Socialism…or why taking money from “rich” and “businesses” to GIVE to “middle class” isn’t anything but Socialism…..

    I don’t “hate” anyone, but, you are correct that I am sadly disappointed in the bailout AND the Republicans that went along with it. You are incorrect in stating that I am against all of government’s role. Personally, I think a crisis is the point when government should intervene the least….lest they have a foothold where it doesn’t belong. Unfortunately, I think we are somewhere near crossing that line.
    The irony is the government, Democrats and Republicans alike, caused the very mess we are in!

    Our country was not built on the concept of TAKING from one to give to the other….it was built on the idea of individual liberty and freedom…Socialism takes and allows government to control what should be the right of the individual…

    On God, I didn’t say “teach” God in the schools, I said put Him back in school….Our founders did flee religious persecution because they were not free to worship as they saw fit….when our country declareds that prayers can’t be said at ballgames, Bibles can’t be in school libraries and Christmas songs can’t be sung at CHRISTMAS, Christians (and anyone else who prays) are being persecuted.

    Our country is supposed to be one of free exercise of religion whether you are in school, at work, at home, in church, or in your car, as examples. Instead we have a government that has successfully taken that freedom from schools and from the public square in some instances. It is opposite to what our founders intended….

    As far as what I said about putting God in schools, I think kids should learn the non-politically correct version of religions around the World at school…after all, it is a history lesson. I am not saying it should be a church lesson, however. As a church goer, I am sure you can understand that prayer is powerful and should be allowed anywhere since we are free citizens. In the same vain, if you don’t want to pray you don’t have to……but religion/God should be left in schools.

  16. is FWP fun with politics?? Sounds like the same guy….

    If so, that’s funny.

  17. KDW–Yep same guy..

  18. […] and will “change” his message and tactics as neede to woo the public….Examples here and […]

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