Some election humor for the depressed

A blogger I read regularly has a humorous viewpoint about the election and the overall “win” for … moms!

Full post here…..excerpts below (read the link to get the full effect of the humor):

…..I mean now, that we will all finally have peace, love, happiness, health care, a home, college eduction and free food, how can I not be overjoyed! The US has spoken. 66 million people have decided they would rather have the Government take care of their needs than take care of them on their own. 66 million people have decided that Socialism may be better than Capitalism. 66 million people have decided that “change” is good regardless of what it is or its cost. So Bravo America! You have chosen…time will tell if you have chosen wisely………….

…..So how can I be happy about the election?

Because in one small corner of the world–there was a resounding victory for our most precious commodity next to children—mothers…….

Why?  Because the wonderfully intelligent voters of California, who voted on the one hand to elect a gay marriage-supporting President and on the other voted for a Constitutional ban on gay marriage in their own State–they have voted “YES” to Proposition 2.

So, no more of this horrible treatment.  Now when these moms have their babies taken from them soon after they are laid (or is it lain–I hate this verb), it won’t be from some nasty crowded cage like this one.  And the moms will be able to turn around and talk to their other chicken mom friends about the evils of the baby-sale of their children.

And don’t forget the pigs…….

…….No more of this either.  Just look at them–what if one of them has restless leg syndrome and can’t stretch out–oh the humanity or piganity or whatever.  I’m just glad the mom’s took home this trophy.

Net result-higher priced bacon and eggs-but isn’t it worth it?  for the moms?

So don’t fret–not everything was lost yesterday–at least we took home this one.


4 Responses

  1. uh…. do you mean Proposition 8? Prop 2 is about farm animal treatment.

  2. A couple of words for you, Bob…

    reading comprehension

  3. Oh, my bad. See? I admitted my mistake.

  4. Just wanted to say hi. No hard feelings, okay? Good luck in 2012!

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