The Good News…

Michelle Obama can now be proud of her country….

The Bad News?

Hamas, Palestinians, Socialists, Communists, Marxist Dictators, America-hating preachers, and terrorists here and abroad are celebrating today!


16 Responses

  1. Don’t forget baby killers, human leaches, and people who have never worked a day in their lives.

  2. Exactly….Mr. Lighter….I hope you are indicative of your generation. Thanks for your great comments!

  3. Mr Lighter, don’t you have to be somewhere this AM? 😉

  4. Several months ago, I was on this blog and as my parting worlds said: “May the best man win”. Well, he has. As a Democrat from a conservative family who this time voted for Obama, I have some suggestions for the Republican party. The fact is that if they want to win in the future, they’re going to have to change their politics dramatically.

    A: No more pandering exclusively to the least educated, lowest income, socially conservative voter. The fact is that a generation ago, the Republican party was a favored choice amongst professional whites. The Republican party was viewed as a party of careful political conservatism and intelligence. The choice to head in a direction that more specifically targeted social conservatism means their most loyal supporters were cut off. Republicans must do more to widen their reach to an ever-increasing spread of voter demographic. The choice to narrow to such a specific base no longer works.

    B: A realignment of the current socio-economic and demographic changes that have occurred. The fact is that Minorities such as Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians are becoming a rather large force in the US. The Republican party alienated themselves from these groups and again- pandered to a predominantly older, whiter, more socially conservative base and underestimated the result of not only an increased racial diversity, but of a younger more enthusiastic generation of voters on top of that, whom come from all backgrounds.The Republican party must find ways to be more accommodating to other races.

    C: A recognition of modern issues and a modern America. Republicans need to also realize that the country is changing rapidly. Technology and information spreads rapidly. Opinions change, and in the last 8 years- as a result of 9/11 and our interest in world affairs- we have become a more internationally minded country. The Republicans need to be more wary of this and prove that they are sensitive to the growing need to be internationally accommodating and that cooperation with other countries is key. Communication is vital.

    D: Nasty mud-slinging campaigns backfire. The amount of loonie name-calling was utterly despicable. It was also counter-productive. Mccain was NOT himself through the entire campaign. His best speech was honestly his concession speech. That he wanted victory so badly that he allowed himself to be machined and manipulated into a right-wing social conservative versus the actual person he is- a more moderate Republican- was his downfall. His poor choice of an incompetent, corrupt, unknown VP was perhaps his biggest mistake. If Republicans want to make a good impression next time, it’ll have to be with solid, intelligent, politically knowledgeable candidates and choices. I have a lot of respect for the Mccain I know who exists behind his campaign’s disguise. I assume he will return to his true self as soon as he returns to the senate. But his campaign was run poorly and with the wrong message. I wish him luck. He is an American hero.

    Lastly, I wish the Republican party luck.I am sincere when I mention this. We need Conservatism and Liberalism. The two are equally important. We need to moderate one another. Additionally, we MUST end the divide in this country. No more Red State Blue State Mumbo-jumbo. We are all in it together. Hate and anger will not accomplish anything. The Republican party will be better for this in the long term, and I wholeheartedly support their cause. May we see them shine again soon.

    Anyhow, good luck and so long. May future fortunes come to the Republican party.

  5. Bob,
    I hope you get everything you want from Obama…my guess is you will ultimately be unhappy with 90% of it.

    Conservative ideals and love of our Constitution and country don’t “CHANGE”….if you wish to sell out your principles to a man who fundamentally believes America is bad and needs to be overhauled….then so be it.

    No amount of technology, illegal immigration, nor blacks seeking reparations will change what our founders intended and what our country has stood up for for over 230 years.

    What little we know about Obama is that he is a radical, he is a Socialist and he is adored by terrorists, dictators, and Marxists in this country and around this world.

    You can cover your eyes to that reality if you like, but I choose to fight for the country I love and Obama hates.

  6. Pretty much everything you said in your response sounded nice and pre-formatted, and conveniently lifted from the now-defunct Mccain campaign… that Obama is a terrorist, socialist, marxist, yadda… yadda… yadda.Pull a handle on the slot machine… repeat.

    Perhaps you are flabbergasted by Obama’s victory. Perhaps you fail to see that it is people like you for causing Mccain’s loss because the American people are tired of fear-mongering. This is a time of national crisis and the ONLY thing the Mccain campaign did was throw mud and make absurd accusations.

    Nevermind that Mrs Palin was involved in the AIP( Alaskan Independence party. Nevermind that Mccain came from a rich family, almost flunked in military school and is extremely rich and out of touch with most Americans. Obama had NUMEROUS ripe and easy opportunities to bring up the rich and corrupt backgrounds of his opponents. Yet he didn’t. Instead he focussed on the issues,. discussed problem solving, and made a compelling political case. Meanwhile, Mccain just kept right on screaming and yelling, whipping crowds into hate-induced frenzies with actual physical threats made to Obama as a result. That is disgusting. You want to call that American? Go right ahead. Perhaps our definition of what qualifies as decent is different.

    Bottom line: Americans wanted to hear about solutions, not name-calling. Obama delivered. Mccain didn’t. You who persist on carrying out his campaign after its death are again- one of the reasons he failed.

    Lastly, I’ll be damned if I hear one more Conservative person claim that they are more patriotic than me or anyone else for that matter. You love your country? So do I. You fight for your country? So do I, and so did all my relatives in every major conflict including Iraq. What we just saw last night was the result of the people’s will and proof that democracy works regardless of who you are or what your background is. So you can bet your boots I’m happy as hell right now, sitting here with a HUGE American flag on my old T-shirt, proud to be an American, Proud of my heritage, and proud that the future looks bright.

    Anyhow, I can tell that this dialogue is pointless. May you find peace within yourself and hopefully find a way in which to solve our nation’s problems.Good luck with your future and may your dreams come true. Adios.

  7. Bob,
    Far be it from you to sling mud after accusing me of doing so….
    Most of your comments on McCain and Palin are either untrue or sensationalized–who is continuing the campaigning, me or you?

    The facts about Obama are true…he is an admitted Socialist, he has said the Constitution is negative, Hugo Chavez (Dictator) just congratulated America for its choice….should I go on?

    If you believe Socialism, “Spread the Wealth” and kudos from Chavez are decent, then, yes, I LOUDLY proclaim myself much more patriotic than you…..

    Those, like yourself, who believe patriotism can be redefined as condemning wealth and accusing an American military hero of “flunking” military school are simply wrong. Those of us who understand our country and its foundings are tired of attempts like yours to redefine patriotism… I am calling you on it.

    If you support Obama and his policy of changing America from the inside out, altering the “negative” Constitution, and taking wealth to buy votes and produce mediocrity… are not a patriot…..

    You are correct that democracy works…..that is why I and others who believe Obama is dangerous are not rioting in the streets (unlike the expectations we had of the Left with a McCain victory)
    Funny thing is, while I am disappointed and certainly believe we made a poor choice for America, I am at peace because I know that ultimately God is in control and looking out for me…..Peace does not come by embracing a dangerous ideology for the sake of peace….?!?!

    Perhaps I should pray for your peace since you seem to adhere to the belief that the Messiah is Obama and peace comes only through him.

    Thanks for stopping by….even though you are wrong.

  8. Bob,

    Your side won the election…get over it.

    You don’t talk like any kind of conservative that I know.

    How do you reconcile your assertion that social conservatism has no appeal when, in Arizona, Florida (where Obama won), and even California (where Obama was a HUGE winner), consitutional ammendments to ban gay marriage passed?

    “No more pandering exclusively to the least educated, lowest income, socially conservative voter.”

    I could say the same thing about Democrats, swaping the word “conservative” with the word “liberal”. Legions of under-educated and apparently under-employed folks wanting a handout voted with you.

    Why did they vote for Obama? He’s going to take from someone who’s got money and give it to them. In the “hood”, it’s called robbery…in (Democrat) politics, it’s called “spreading the wealth”.

    “Nevermind that Mrs Palin was involved in the AIP( Alaskan Independence party).”

    Read something other than Daily Kos. Here’s a link for you…

    “Nevermind that Mccain came from a rich family, almost flunked in military school and is extremely rich and out of touch with most Americans.”

    John McCain came from a family with a long tradition of military service…hardly the path to great monetary wealth (I know this first hand). He served this country’s military effectively and honorably for over 20 years, many times putting his life on the line. His medical file is a testament to that service. He also served another 25 years in Congress.

    You would be hard-pressed to find ANYONE with a longer track-record of public service than Senator McCain. McCain’s political opponents routinely aknowledge and commended his lifetime of service, even in the middle of a fierce campaign. Why do you feel the need to sling your own mud after your guy has won?

    “His poor choice of an incompetent, corrupt, unknown VP was perhaps his biggest mistake.”

    As opposed the to the:

    – Inexperienced (don’t yet know if he’s incompetent),

    – Corrupt (see campaign finance)

    – Unknown (nobody knows what he’s going to do)

    guy that people like YOU just selected to be PRESIDENT?

    Please, Bob, your guy won. Don’t lecture us on how to fix the Republican party until your intellectual honesty increases. Try to get over yourself and stay classy.

  9. Dude… give it a rest. You lost.We dealt with your BS for 8 long years. So now you can get a little taste of what it feels like. We survived, and you will too.

    Secondly, My family has been here for 230 years and we ourselves came from a persecuted existence in Ireland long ago. We came like many for religious and political freedom. So I’ll be damned if I someone decries my choice based on me not being “Patriotic”. You have no right to make that claim. if Mccain had won, I would have NEVER told his supporters that they were not patriotic. If you vote in this country… then you are patriotic. That you claim that I am not patriotic only shows how ignorant you are.

    Anyhow, no matter what you think, Americans made a choice. Today the world changed. Learn to adapt to change or get left behind.

  10. Bob,

    I’m ready…you’re the one who keeps coming back for more. You are full of crap my little Irish friend. Apparently, you carry the same chip as your ancestors. Ireland is now free…you can get over that as well.

    You may consider your choice “Patriotic”…others will consider it ignorant. The more things “change”, the more they stay the same. Come back in a year.

  11. Bob,

    I fully understand the meaning of losing and dealing with the outcome (unlike you and those in your party who vilified Bush for 8 years).

    You made your choice on who you voted for. Because you decided to elect a Socialist and Marxist is something you will have to live with. Those ideologies are not what this country was founded upon and are a part of the ideology that Ronald Reagan defeated elsewhere in the world.
    If you choose to embrace that my little Irish victim, then, in your own words, “adapt” to the reality that Obama’s ideals are not those of a true American patriot. If you don’t like that fact, maybe you should have voted for a proven Patriot.

    Like GBS said….your side won….and it seems to be a little bit of insecurity on your part to be here arguing with us bitter, gun-clinging patriots instead of partying with your like-minded kindred spirits of Socialism bent on “remaking” this country (Obama’s exact words).

  12. Voting in this country automatically makes you patriotic?

    From what I can see, many only voted because they think they are getting a handout. People who survive and depend on the government already in the form of food stamps. They want more money from government, not work, and just drink and do drugs the rest of their lives. They are willing to divorce because they now make too much money being married that they won’t get that yearly check they depend on.

    These people are patriotic because they voted?

    If these are the people you’re proud to have voted with, then I really feel for you.

    Let’s look at what IS patriotic: fighting for your country, almost dying for your country, staying a POW because you couldn’t leave your men behind, fighting for the founding Fathers’ ideas of how this country should be…

    What patriotic isn’t: being friends with terrorists, voter fraud, corrupt campaign funds, and to many more to keep mentioning.

    You’ll see in time that Obama will take this country in the wrong direction. God protect us and God help us in the coming years. Thank God for true patriotic Americans who will fight for this country.

    Rush was right: Ignorance is the most expensive commodity we have. It is clearly shown by this election.

  13. Once again, your only claims that I made the right choice are based on the lies that were brainwashed into your heads by your own now totally corrupt party. Obama is NOT a terrorist, socialist, Muslim, or evil green monster. SO yes- I am VERY happy to live with my choice because Obama represents the very idea of what it means to be an American, to overcome odds, and use intelligence versus fear and lies to win an election.

    Yes- Mccain is a hero for almost dying for our country. I know how much all of you love wars, war heros, and violent military responses, But just because he was a hero doesn’t mean he’s automatically a good choice for President. The man made erratic, questionable choices throughout his whole campaign. I don’t care how much you claim to love Sarah Palin and her liter of kids, and I’m sure she’s a nice person. Of course she’s also a patriotic person. But again- a totally inappropriate choice for VP.

    As mentioned before, the Republican party has missed the boat. The idea of hiding behind social conservatism worked for a few years, but the American people are ready to move onto real politics and not politics based on social morality, but political morality.

    I’m not the only person saying this. The Republican part admits this very thing, that they have lost the trust of the American people. Even Mccain mentioned this at his inauguration. Perhaps if he had stuck with this idea, he might have been able to differentiate himself from Mr. Bush. Doesn’t the fact that the Bush Administration is the most unpopular one in US history tell you that something has gone horribly wrong?

    I suspect that the Republican party will be a vastly changed part come next election. Good. Perhaps they can come up with a real agenda and use intelligence to drive a campaign. I would applaud such a change.

  14. Bob,
    When your brain is finished being rinsed and dried by Obama, we’ll begin to discuss rationally about “Sarah’s litter”, the idea that Obama is not a socialist but says he’ll spread the wealth around, your profound intelligence, the Left’s ideas about conservatism and such…..
    until then, let’s go light on the “SRT is brainwashed theme.”

  15. Oh, but my mind is perfectly clear and focussed. In fact, let’s talk a little about the main theme that you all seem to be rallying around, which is this supposed idea that Obama is a “Socialist”. Is it because he is raising taxes on people making over $200,000? Oh… well that must be Socialism then huh?

    Turn the equation around and lets say that instead, the middle class is taxed while large corporations get tax cuts. Sound familiar? Its because thats what the current administration did. Where do you suppose that tax cut went? To the American people? Did we suddenly become wealthier? No, and as a matter of fact, 90% of the wealth in this country is owned by less than 10% of the population. Meanwhile, Middle class wages are either stagnate or down. The average purchasing power of the Middle class has dwindled which in part was due to the housing bubble, which in itself was created by the lack of responsible interaction between the US government and the Fed, whom cut rates to zero. That’s a whole different subject alltogether. Many people claim that the wealth of the average US citizen went up – again mainly attributed to house values. But you can’t build an economy exclusively on housing. That’s a closed-circuit system fueled by non-performing debt.

    But I digress. By cutting taxes for the wealthiest in the country, the fact of the matter is that the richest became richer while the middle class became more poor- again a trickle down effect. Bottom line- you can call the spreading of wealth “socialism”, but the current system has failed and if we were to continue to go down the road we were on, then the Middle class would be continually reduced via the creation of further debt-creating mechanisms.

    It is also key to realize that Socialism relies one vital component- the idea of socialized industry and production-meaning Government control of all aspects of financial, manufacturing, and other forms of economic production. We’re not in that state nor has such a state been suggested. Yet what we’ve seen over the last few months is nothing short of nationalization in the financial and perhaps soon- the automotive industry. These decisions were made by the current administration. Fannie and Freddie are both wholly nationalized. In essence, the single largest creator of bank wealth is now Government controlled. These decisions were not Obama’s doing. But their reason was created again- by the effects of total government negligence of the housing bubble even as it grew dangerously large.

    So in essence, we’ve already started down the path towards a nationalized economy as a result of the policies supported by the Bush administration. Actions speak louder than words, and by these actions and what you here claim as Socialism, the Bush administration is perhaps the most Socialist administration right after the FDR administration and its “New Deal” program. Think about it for a minute.

    We as a country have become financially stupid. The single best solution is via proper education of the US people to learn how to use money properly. But in the meantime, we need to alter the current tax system. The suggested change is far from being Socialist. This is called progressive taxation and is adopted by the majority of Western countries including many of our closest allies. Socialist? I should say not…

  16. Your comments about Bush and the the financial takeover are well taken…I actually agree…that is part of the reason Bush’s own party is upset with him.
    It is a slippery slope we are on to a Socialist nation.

    But do you think Obama will reverse any of that? Not hardly. Don’t think for a minute that the leaders of your party aren’t chomping at the bit to takeover healthcare (a massive portion of our economy). They have also stated plans to TAKE over the 401K system in this country. In addition, they will use future “crises” to achieve their liberal goals…they will seek out more of our ecnonomy to control.

    you said with regards to saying Obama is Socialist, “Is it because he is raising taxes on people making over $200,000?”
    Well, no, that is not why he is a socialist…that is why he is a liberal and class warfare proponent. The fact that he is taking that money and distributing it to those who pay no taxes is why he is a Socialist. And that is exactly what he plans to do in the form of “credits” (ie welfare).

    As far as taxes…if you fundamentally believe, as you do, that class warfare is the basis for a particular taxation plan, then perhaps it all makes sense to you.
    But if we accept the economic system of capitalism that we have used successfully for decades and decades, we understand that a free market is driven by consumers spending and investing their money as they see fit. In addition, our system is set up so that ANYONE can be successful with their efforts and the sky is the limit. Class warfare does nothing but bring everyone down to the same unmotivating and mediocre level and your American dream ends at $200,000 or less. That has never been what this country is about.

    you also said, “Turn the equation around and lets say that instead, the middle class is taxed while large corporations get tax cuts. Sound familiar? Its because thats what the current administration did. Where do you suppose that tax cut went? To the American people? Did we suddenly become wealthier? No, and as a matter of fact, 90% of the wealth in this country is owned by less than 10% of the population.”

    I don’t think anyone who is conservative proposes raising taxes on ANYONE! The myth that has been spread by the left is that Bush cut taxes ONLY on the “wealthy”….well, that is simply not true….he lowered taxes at every income level…and by the way, those tax cuts expire in 2010…you think Obama will extend those tax cuts? Not a chance….so what he does, effectively, is raise taxes on EVERYONE….something he said he wouldn’t do….funny how that works huh?

    As far as corporations. If you believe in American Capitalism,then you know that corporations and small businesses are what make this economy churn..When the taxes of those entities are raised to high levels (which Obama will do), they lay off workers (job loss), they farm out work to other countries (take jobs overseas), and they increase the costs of their products and services….guess who ends up paying for that tax increase Obama would place on those companies? The consumers do!

    Apparently you are of the belief that the guy who went to college, started a business on his own accord, became successful and is thriving should be forced to fund the one who chose not to go to college, never saved a dime and now lives off of the government dole….that is what Obama believes…but that is not America…and that is a sure fire way to have a mediocre America and a great sucking sound in the economy.
    Socialism has never worked anywhere it has been tried….at least if you expect to have opportunity, freedom, and the chance to reach the sky.

    You said: “We as a country have become financially stupid. The single best solution is via proper education of the US people to learn how to use money properly. But in the meantime, we need to alter the current tax system. The suggested change is far from being Socialist. This is called progressive taxation and is adopted by the majority of Western countries including many of our closest allies”

    I agree that many Americans are not educated to the facts of our economy and our country….that is why they voted for Obama. Not to mention the fact that the liberal-controlled NEA and school systems in this country leave a lot to be desired…that will not improve when the Obama indoctrination begins.

    Again, it IS Socialism when those who DO NOT PAY TAXES receive credits/welfare from those who do….especially when the highest tax rates are exorbitant.

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