The Fat Lady has sung….

The Fat Lady has sung and she’s singing anthems to the Obamessiah….

With the loss of Ohio, there is no reasonably logical way for McCain to win even if he wins the other tight red states (as of this writing).

I am disappointed, but not surprised after following so many polls these past few weeks……

I do have a sense of disbelief that our country has veered so far left as to elect a Marxist, Socialist radical who calls Ayers and Wright his friends and mentors.  It is, frankly, unbelievable and disheartening.

Just remember, especially those of you who voted for Obama, that he does plan to raise taxes on all, he plans to end the American dream at somewhere between $120K and $250K; his tax plans will encourage mediocrity and laziness and encourage those who get welfare (at our expense) to vote for him again; he will screw up the gains in Iraq; he plans to TAKE your 401K; he plans to nominate to SCOTUS those who believe the Constitution is negative and needs to be overhauled; he will see to it that abortions are easier to get and that babies aborted alive will be forced to die anyway; he will come for your guns; he will silence talk radio; and he will RULE with a style of Chicago politics…he proved that in his campaign.

My optimistic side says we will survive such a nasty America-hating President and Democrat leaders….my negative side says my kids will not have the privilege of knowing the America that I and my parents have.

In the meantime, I am sick of this election, sick that Governor Palin will not be VP Palin and I suppose Republicans will all now go and lick their wounds….and hopefully nominate a REAL conservative to represent us next time.

Speaking of Republicans…we are the only hope now for preserving our Constitution, our Rights of Free Speech, Bearing Arms and others; and our economic system of Capitalism…

…so sleep well tonight and be ready to fight this radical man, his minions, and Democrat cohorts tomorrow.


2 Responses

  1. Well, I agree. sleep well, and pray for America, and that Obama does not screw us over to much. Pray for the hard working people who made this country great, and for our leaders, and that they will do their job effectively. This republican is ready to fight, and to rebuild our country. Fasten your seat belts, because we are going for a bumpy ride.

    God Bless America (more now than ever)

  2. Well said, Mr Lighter.

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