“You Can Vote However You Like”

From Atlanta’s Ron Clark Academy….These kids are extremely charming and more articulate than many adults (see interview in 2nd video below)….

Granted most of these kids are claiming to be for Obama if they could vote, but they, at least, seem to have balance and a sense of respect in expressing their opinions.

And the song was written by them based on debates they had in class…..Remember these kids are middle-school age!

The music video of “You Can Vote However You Like”…..at least it doesn’t have the creepy factor like those indoctrinated kids out in Hollywood:

The lone hold out for McCain is worth watching in the 2nd video below…..Ace of Spades had something funny to say about Willie:

Willie, the little guy in the middle of the clip, is worth listening to.

And by “worth listening to,” I mean Helen Jones-Kelley just started digging into his files for delinquent juicebox payments.

He stepped into the spotlight. You bought the ticket, Willie. Enjoy the ride.


One Response

  1. This video was also featured on http://detentionslip.org ! Check it out for all the wild things happening in our schools.

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