The Case Against Barack Obama

From, Mary Katherine Ham and Guy Benson lay out the compelling case against Barack Obama.


The comprehensive argument against Barack Obama


5 Responses

  1. There is a case that Bush and his entire cabinet could go to jail.

    I can’t wait for that case.
    You guys still think this is a game. You almost brought down the entire global financial system.

    Add that to two wars, Bin Laden alive, billions of dollars to Musharraf , Gonzo, torture, illegal prisons, illegal spying and soiling this Great Nation’s Reputation.

    You really should just go in a corner and S T F U.
    Your policies have made the entire world Socialist.

    How dare you call anyone a Socialist. Are you watching only FUKS News.

    Bush will be remembered in history as the dumbest leader ever. Do you have no shame for voting for hm twice.

    Now you expect the country to support a crazy old man and beauty queen after Bush.

    Don’t you see the real Conservatives leaving the ship.
    All that’s left are the Neo-Cons, Gun Nuts, Jesus Freaks and Racists which all appear regular at the McCain/Palin Rallies. So which group are you guys in.

    If your using the Ayers bit then you have to mention that MCCain is friends with Libby and Palin sleeps with a seccionist. Little Hypocritical no.

    Who hates America.

    You guys really do think it’s a game.

    The game is about to end. When the new AG and Biden get finished with the GOP there may not be a GOP.

    Why do you think Biden’s on the ticket. He was head of the
    Foreign Relations Committee and the Judiciary Committee. He knows all the lies and questions that were not answered. He was at all the hearing.

    He’ll bring the Justice and Obama will lead us forward from the type of divisive America you dream of.

    Justice is coming.

    You tried your best to destroy our country. You did more damage than Bin Laden could ever imagine.

    Invincible Ignorance.
    Invincible Ignorance.

    You people have no shame or you would just S T F U…….

  2. langs13,


    That’s the best argument I’ve EVER heard out of one of your type. Insightful, logical, relevant, full of facts, and ALL true.

    You obviously represent the best of your local educational system…creative grammar, very interesting diction, and you can even spell most of your words correctly! However, while I’m not positive, I think you were trying to spell “secessionist”.

    In the LIKELY event that you don’t quite get it, here’s your word for the day…”sarcasm”.

    You’re right about one thing…it’s not a game. Anyone a clown like you would vote for should scare the hell out of the rest of us.

  3. Good lord, it must be that the left is feeling a poll creep by McCain….
    The nuts (langs13) are out again.

  4. langs13,
    You gave me a great laugh today.
    Thank you.

  5. It’s amazing that they continue to blame President Bush and John McCain for the financial crisis when in reality, it was the policies of President Clinton that turned ACORN loose on the banks and started this snowball rolling downhill. While the Republicans do share some blame for what has happened with our economy, the Democrats are not blameless at all.

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