Barney Frank, Obama and Dems: Tax, Spend, and “Spread the Wealth

Barney Frank, just yesterday, said that we shouldn’t be concerned with the deficit “fear” right now….he indicated plans to spend, spend, spend our way out of the financial crisis (that he helped create)….and that if we can’t raise taxes now, we will do it later and we will squeeze it out of the wealthy.

I have paraphrased his words, but if you don’t believe listen here:

From, here is the transcript, if you’d like to read it:

I think at this point, there needs to be an immediate increase in spending, and I think this is a time when deficit fear has to take a second, uh, a second seat. I do think this is the time for a very important kind of dose of [unintelligible]. Yes, I think later on, there should be tax increases. Speaking personally, I think there are a lot of rich people out there who we can tax at a point down the road to recover some of this money.

It just galls me to hear him say that NOW the deficit doesn’t matter because we need to spend our way out of the problem primarily caused by Barney and his Democrat friends (including Obama and ACORN).

However, just about every Democrat who has had the chance, including Obama, said we should end the Iraq War (winners or not) because we are spending too much money in Iraq.   I think each of these Democrats (and some Republicans, too) need to go read what the founders intended the government’s role to be.  The governments role is to provide for a military to defend…..but the government was not formed to take from one person and give to another nor was it formed to privatize banks and slide us into a Socialist nation……Democrats would rather insert Social Engineering (ie Home mortgages for every one who can’t afford one) into the housing and lending markets, cause a huge financial crisis, blame Republicans for their own messes, and then tax and spend us all into oblivion!  But, in their eyes, if we need to do what is right and Constitutional in taking the fight to our enemies and protecting our homeland…..we are just spending too much and that is when we should worry about the deficit!  GEEZ!

Barney, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Obama and those like them need to GO!

On top of Barney Frank’s plans, Obama’s plans, as we learned in his answer to Joe The Plumber, is to increase taxes and “spread the wealth”.  Not to mention that when Obama lets Bush’s tax cuts expire, EVERYONE will have higher taxes.  Obama’s plan will most definitely suppress job creation and demotivate small businesses.

Obama also plans to let ACORN assist in “setting the agenda” for the nation.  You remember ACORN don’t you?  They are the taxpayer-funded left wing (claims to be bipartisan) group at the heart and center of the subprime mortgage failure and financial crisis.  R-E_C_K_L_E_S_S!  (ACORN is also Voter Fraud Central….They are actively working to kill any confidence Americans have in their right to vote by cheating with and for their leader, Obama)

God forbid that the reckless, Socialist Democrats share power with Obama….America can’t afford it financially, morally, or otherwise!  Pray for this election….!


6 Responses

  1. But what’s your take on Sarah Palin’s socialist operation of Alaska state government? Try not to punt this one.

  2. Joe Biden says the election of Obama may lead to a new conflict, terrorist attack, or a third war. A careful analysis of history says he may be correct.

  3. Sauer Kraut
    How fitting is your name to compare what Frank has done, and what he plans to do. If he was a republican he would be forced to resign and be thrown in jail for the next 30 years. He has taken tax payers money to bail out his (and the rest of his committee’s) absurd socialist view of everyone should be equal by letting them buy houses they couldn’t qualify for. By the way, no one mentions the ton of buyer’s who bought under his plan in the 90’s and sold on the HIGH side, earning quite a profit. Comparing it to Palin returning money to everyone, it was profit, not a welfare program to provide housing to the poor.

  4. I would like to see Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd investigated…ahhh, who am I kidding. The Pelosi/Obama govt would never give a fair assessment of her co-horts. The Dems can do no wrong. I still think this whole thing was manipulated to happen at this time…you know a left wing conspiracy.
    All I know is, if you are a working person, regardless of what you make…hold on to your wallet…because if it doesn’t go out in taxes, it will surely go out in higher prices at the grocery store, clothing stores, schools, etc.

  5. Hey Sauer,
    Giving money back to the citizens who own the oil resources is not Socialism. It is akin to a dividend.

    When Obama thinks he knows who can best afford higher taxes and who best to give it to and when is a very different premise than taking excess energy profits in an energy-rich state and returning the profits to the people.
    If Palin were a Democrat, she would have raised energy taxes in a booming energy market, hoarded the money and transferred it to those who have the most potential to vote for her in the next election.

    Nice try, though.

    You fail to mention that Palin also proposed suspending gas gasoline and marina fuel taxes in Alaska for a year.
    That is something you would NEVER see proposed by Democrat in this day and age. And certainly is not Soclialism.

  6. It’s already been said by SRT, but the way Alaska does the oil revenue is not socialism. The people of Alaska own the natural resources and they are just getting paid what they are due, according to the state constitution.

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