It takes the British to say what needs to be said….

It has taken a British publication to sum up the absolute screwed up notion that our country may well elect Barack Obama as President.

Summary paragraph from The Spectator, UK:

You have to pinch yourself – a Marxisant radical who all his life has been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended, endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power anti-white racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming President of the United States. And apparently it’s considered impolite to say so.

Read the rest here.

(H/T: The Obama File)


7 Responses

  1. Wow, sad that we as a nation cannot see what a horrible candidate this is. You are who your friends are, and this whole notion that a man who associates with terrorists will become President.

    God save the Queen

  2. Mr. Lighter,
    I thought the saying was “You are what you eat”. If so, what would that make Obama?

  3. Ahhh….WHAT?!

  4. You can tell a lot about a person based on what they eat or do not eat.

    For example:
    Does Obama eat pork? If not, why not? Muslim influence??
    Is he a meat and potato’s person or does he prefer quiche or other “snooty sophisticated cuisine”…even worse is he a vegetarian?
    Does he enjoy a cold beer or some fancy fruity martini?

    Do you think Regan drank cosmopolitans?

    This is as relevant as most of the others issues being put forth out there..

  5. So if one thinks a Fidel’s Carne Asada burrito is the quintessential “last night on death row” meal, what does that tell you?

  6. OK, lets take a look at this shall we? When you allow criminals around you, what does that say about that your values? Food has nothing to do with this. Your whole argument is just you spinning statements out of proportion. How about you think about your argument before posting?

    God Bless America

  7. Mr. Lighter,

    One way or another, EVERYTHING boils down to food. As “GJB” accurately pointed out, you are what you eat. My question about the carne asada burrito is quite pertinent to the question of Obama’s fitness to be leader of the free world. If you can’t see the connection, then I can’t help you.

    God Bless America and pass the guacamole! 😉

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