Joe The Plumber speaks out after debate

I think Joe the Plumber should debate Obama!

Listen to Joe The Plumber’s comments on the debate.  He correctly characterizes Obama’s Socialist Tax Plan.  Joe also points out that he, himself, is clearly middle class (he is sitting in his middle class home) and that Obama won’t help him.  And Joe The Plumber is right!   Obama said just the other day that he would take money from Joe and give it to someone “below” him!

I also like “The Plumber’s” comments that someone should be speaking out for “families helping families” and good will instead of entitlements…..maybe Joe should run for office!

Listen in:

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)


3 Responses

  1. I think I see Dukakis wearing a tanker helmet. McCain needs to get on this BIG time.

    One (or even both) of two things is going on here…either:

    1. Obama doesn’t understand his own plan enough to question why a “middle class” guy like Joe would be worried about his taxes going up.

    2. Obama doesn’t care about Joe’s taxes going up.

    Joe is the canary in Obama’s tax mine.

  2.’s just that obama is that arrogant. He doesn’t mind telling the people what is going to happen to them…many of his sheep will follow!!

  3. My friends, I sorry to say it but it’s all but over.
    John “Bob Dole” McCain just did not hit it over the fence.
    Not that he didn’t give it his best, but his best was not good enough for the lying, cheating, Marxist, phoney, racist, elitist Hussein Obama.
    We can talk about Ayers & Dohrn, Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, and ACORN all day long but it just don’t seem to matter.
    You can blame it on a few things,
    1. He has run a lousy campaign, thus by calling him Bob Dole.
    2. The Media won’t give him a break.
    3. His own base the so called Conservatives with “Principles” won’t get on his bandwagon but they would rather tear him apart. (Enter President Barack Hussein Obama)
    4. The stupidity and the blondness of the Leftist American voters.
    But bend over my friends and kiss your ass’s goodbye!

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