Lee Greenwood and Sarah Palin: GOD BLESS THE USA!

Today, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Sarah Palin, First Dude Todd, and the whole GIGANTIC crowd joined Lee Greenwood in singing God Bless The USA!

Listen and see if you don’t have a big load of pride smack you right in the chest. From Rock the Facts:

Hard not to get emotional, especially now, when listening to that crowd, huh?

Just a reminder….I’m fairly certain, Mr. Obama wouldn’t have the same reaction to the video as those of us who love America as she is and seek to preserve our heritage, Constitution, and traditions.    To the New York Times in 2007, “Mr. Obama described the (Muslim) call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)


3 Responses

  1. I of course disagree with your assesment; and further that your comment is itself un-American in fact and sentiment.

    We have seen this all before – misplaced patriotism, and the purposeful division of citizens. Those ‘true’ Americans, and the others. We saw it in Germany, under the Swastika, when people where lulled into a false sense of Patriotism, and neighbors turned upon neighbors.

    It is so terribly sad to see this happening today in America.

    Clearly, you mistake the love of Liberty, freedom, citizenship and the foundation of our great nation – The United States Constitution; with your sinister imaginings of your fellow Patriots. Patriots of all politic, faith, creeds and colors that stood shoulder to shoulder to defeat the very nature of your comment – that free men shall live in peace, without the burden of oppression, foriegn or domestic.

    As for Mr. Greenwood being trotted out to Republican ‘sesame street’ rallies each election cycle; his veneered motives are his own – It is, afterall, how Mr.Greenwood earns his living; deivering Patriotic covers to the most base uninformed.

    Your motives with this posting are your own, but your assessement is wrong.

  2. Emory,
    The only party separating people right now are the Democrats including Obama.

    Obama has played the race card multiple times and Murtha believes his constituents are “racist” and “redneck”

    If you want to talk about “misplaced” patriotism, let’s talk about Barack not wearing flag pins (he redefined that as patriotic), not saluting the flag, and “palling” around with a known domestic terrorist who stomps on the flag.

    Your comments about mistaking freedom, citizenship and the foundations of our nation apply directly to Barack Obama and those who follow him blindly.
    Our country was not founded on the premise that our government’s role is to take our money and “spread the wealth” around.

    As far as oppression, Obama’s attempts to silence his critics and giving campaign cash to ACORN for voter fraud do more to suppress our rights and confidence in the system than anything McCain, Bush, or Lee Greenwood, put together, could manage.

    You are woefully misguided and incorrect….why don’t you read the intentions of our founders instead of the intentions of the Democrat party….Just about everything Obama and his radical friends stand for are un-American and dangerous to the foundations of our country.

    You, my friend, are the one uninformed .

  3. A lot of people don’t get it. Until we stop playing blame game we will not unite as America’s. It’s not just Bush or Obama. It’s our Government. I hope Lee Greenwood wrote the song for Democrats and Republicans unless he thinks only half of us are Americans.

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