Now, why would all of those foreigners want to give campaign money to Obama?

So, why would all of those foreigners want to give campaign money to Obama?

Maybe so they can finally get the most left leaning President EVER, a Socialist, into the office of President? Or perhaps they like his reputation for “palling” around with terrorists?

  Whatever the case, the Republican National Committee is finally calling Obama out on it…..


The Republican National Committee is filing a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission over what they believe are illegal donations made to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign from foreign sources.

“We believe they have been accepting donations from foreign nationals and excessive contributions,” said RNC Communications Director Danny Diaz. He said there were “questions with regards to the legitimacy” of the hundreds of millions low-dollar contributions Obama has received.

Federal campaign finance law forbids campaigns from accepting donations from foreign nationals. The complaint will be formally filed with the FEC Monday. The RNC is requesting that the FEC begin auditing Obama’s campaign contributions.

If the RNC’s allegations are true, it won’t be the first time the FEC has found Obama guilty of taking money from foreign sources. Earlier this year, the FEC ordered the Obama campaign to return an illegal donation worth $31,100 made from two brothers in the Gaza Strip.

The RNC’s complaint was spurred by a story written by Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff on October 4. It said the Obama campaign had accepted online donations from people named “Doodad Pro” and “Good Will.” The “Good Will” donor said his employer was “Loving” and his occupations was “You.” The address he submitted was for a GoodWill Industries store.

Before Isikoff wrote his piece, several conservative blogs had discussed some of these odd-sounding donations as well.

RNC General Counsel Sean Carincross said various press reports have called into question at least 11,500 donors names. Those names donated approximately $33.8 million to Obama’s campaign.

Carincross said, “There were no quality control devices,” such as a method to verify a U.S. passport if a citizen was donating to Obama’s campaign from overseas. He said he believed Obama had knowingly accepted foreign donations and taken no reasonable action to investigate the illegal donations.

“This is a widescale problem,” he said.


9 Responses

  1. Change we can believe in? Sounds like Hillary’s questionable China donations.

  2. Boy, 30 days seems so far away. It is going to get real nasty isn’t it!

  3. What do you want to bet that Obama will try to smother this story with lawyers and lawsuits? That seems to be his mode of operation anytime someone questions his ethics.

  4. Seriously. Give me a break. Provide some proof that Obama is a socialist. Do you even know what the word means?
    McCain supports the Wall St bailout, so by your standard, he’s a socialist.

  5. He may not be a socialist…but a lot of them seem to like him. His political base extends to the farthest reaches of the Democrat Party’s Left. His supporters read like a “who’s who” of American and international left-wing politics. The marginalization of Ralph Nader as a third party candidate (compared to the previous two elections) speaks volumes of what Obama’s candidacy means to the American Left. Although he may not be as radical as say, Communist Party USA, or the Democratic Socialists of America, those groups still apparently endorse Sen Obama’s campaign as a step in the right…errr…CORRECT direction.

    He may not be a socialist, but his position on taxes could be easily interpreted as a scheme to redistribute wealth. If you give “income tax breaks” to people who already pay little or no income tax, what are we supposed to make of that?

    Obama’s political pedigree and philosophy is well to the left of the overall American electorate. I don’t believe that many of his supporters understand that and may well be surprised by what a PRESIDENT Obama might do. If elected, Obama may prove a pragmatic leader and govern more from the center, as Clinton did from 1994 onward. If not, Obama and the Congressional Democrats will likely be in for a rude surprise at the 2010 mid-term election.

  6. Tim,
    McCain doesn’t have the ideology and people working around him that are self proclaimed Socialists.

    If you read this blog and the multitude of references included in it, you will see the ties to Socialism that Obama brings to a Presidency. NOW Is the time to read up.

    If McCain had half the people around him that Obama does he’d have been strung up long ago by the Dems and MSM.

  7. Socialism, by definition and standard, would mean goverment owning and operation of banks, industry, and corporations. Obama does not advocate this.

    Comments like, “He may not be a socialist…but a lot of them seem to like him”. A person with a view that likes you does not make you one. If I said that there are fascists who like you, you and I would not think you a fascist by association.

    Again, provide some concrete examples of him proposing that. Telling me to read-up is really just a way of blowing me and my comment off.

  8. Tim,
    One correction….Obama HAS advocated the government buying stock equity in banks…He advocated this on the campaign trail just the other day AND he voted for the bail out which included this power.

    Concrete reasons why Obama is a Socialist?

    One of the clearest current examples of Obama’s Socialism is his tax policy.

    He claims he will reduce the taxes of 90% of Americans. That is not possible since only 60% pay income taxes.
    Instead Obama plans to lift the Bush Tax Cuts which will raise taxes on 100% of Americans.
    Then, straight from the book of Socialism, Obama will raise taxes on those above $250K including small businesses and he will offer a multitude of tax credits including child care and college to those who don’t even pay taxes.
    That is redistribution of wealth through and through….for your information, that is also Socialism.

    Obama also approved of the recent Wall Street bailout and the buying of bank stock by our government. While McCain and other Republicans, and obviously Bush, are also on that bandwagon (much to my chagrin), they don’t have a record of engaging and working with radicals and Socialists throughout their careers. If the tax plan and the bail outwere the only things pointing to Obama as a Socialist, I might give him the benefit of the doubt….

    However, Obama has long connections to radicals and Socialists in his short career:

    Obama was a known member of the New Party, which was a party whose goal was to bring the Democrats farther left and had a platform of Socialism. Records from that group and other publications show references to Barack Obama as a member of the New Party.

    Obama has, in the past, attended a number of Socialist Scholars Conferences.

    Frank Marshall Davis is a mentor of Obama’s at least until Obama finished college. Davis was a known member of the Communist controlled Soviet Party of America (CPUSA) and was a proponent of Socialism.

    Saul Alinsky was a proponent of Marxism and wrote the hand book for lefties on how to bring about Marxist revolution. Obama studied Alinsky and taught the Alinsky model in workshops (probably at ACORN, but that is not confirmed).

    Obama is friends with and worked with Bill Ayers who was the leader of the Weathermen whose goal was to bring about the fall of capitalism and democracy in America. (Weathermen began as Students for a Demoratic Society). It just so happens that Marilyn Katz, who currently sits on Obama’s Finance Committe, was a leader of security for SDS/Weathermen.

    These are but a few examples of Obama’s radical and/or Socialist ties, but it is pretty understandable why one could draw the conclusion that Obama’s ties to Socialism are much tighter than any ties that have ever been known for him to have to Capitalism and our way of life.

  9. Tim in PA,

    One can make reasoned judgements about a person by the company they keep, and who ACTIVELY supports them in their run for President. The Left doesn’t support Obama because he is nice looking and does well on the stump. They support him because his political roots are with them. If you don’t realize that, then you have your head in the sand.

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