Did Obama actively put his campaign before this country’s best interest?

Barack Obama tours Iraq with Gen. David Petraeus in July, when he sought to stall any agreement for US troop withdrawal until President Bush left office. (Reuters photo)

LONG VIEW: Barack Obama tours Iraq with Gen. David Petraeus in July, when he sought to stall any agreement for US troop withdrawal until President Bush left office. (Reuters photo)

The New York Post and several blogs are reporting that Obama tried to negotiate with Iraq while he was on his Obamessiah speech tour back in July.  In other words, he tried to interfere where he has no right to….and as you will see…he likely did it to further his own personal election cause.

Aside from the fact that it is not Obama’s position to negotiate with Iraqi’s leaders nor that he was telling constituents something different, he also spoke of the Bush Administration as weak and tried to undermine US policy in the process.

From the New York Post:

According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Obama made his demand for delay a key theme of his discussions with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in July.

“He asked why we were not prepared to delay an agreement until after the US elections and the formation of a new administration in Washington,” Zebari said in an interview.

Obama insisted that Congress should be involved in negotiations on the status of US troops – and that it was in the interests of both sides not to have an agreement negotiated by the Bush administration in its “state of weakness and political confusion.”

“However, as an Iraqi, I prefer to have a security agreement that regulates the activities of foreign troops, rather than keeping the matter open.” Zebari says.

The egomaniacal behavior and hubris of Obama knows no ends….but it doesn’t stop there.

Obama also tried to persuade Iraq leaders to pursue an extension on the UN mandate INSTEAD of dealing with the “weakened” Bush Administration on the timeline.   AND Obama also tried to persuade the US commanders, including Petraeus to agree to a “realistic withdrawal date.”   They refused.

Obama has been all over the board with his position on Iraq…pretty much he speaks about it based on the political winds.  But, especially during the primaries, when he needed to appeal to his nutroot base, he talked frequently of how wrong the war is and that we needed to withdrawal without success.

So, why would Obama actively try to stall the withdrawal timeline?  More from the article:

Obama has given Iraqis the impression that he doesn’t want Iraq to appear anything like a success, let alone a victory, for America. The reason? He fears that the perception of US victory there might revive the Bush Doctrine of “pre-emptive” war – that is, removing a threat before it strikes at America.

Despite some usual equivocations on the subject, Obama rejects pre-emption as a legitimate form of self -defense. To be credible, his foreign-policy philosophy requires Iraq to be seen as a failure, a disaster, a quagmire, a pig with lipstick or any of the other apocalyptic adjectives used by the American defeat industry in the past five years.

Further thoughts on this from Wake Up America blog:

The fact that Iraqi officials are going on record to let people know what Obama tried to do is bad, very bad, but what is worse is that Barack Obama was telling his supporters one thing while deliberately, secretly doing another.

Worse yet, he was interfering with ongoing negotiations without the right to do so which could have jeopardized those very negotiations for no other reason than to use it for his campaigning.

Barack Obama has no authority to negotiate with Iraqi leaders, yet he did, which shows incredible hubris on his part as well as a lack of concern for what is best for America and replacing what is best for America with what is best for his own political aspirations.

Hot Air has further references to Obama walking a close line, if not crossing it, in violation of the Logan Act.

Hypocrisy isn’t the issue here; it’s the interference of Obama in military and diplomatic affairs.  Just on diplomacy, interfering with the United States in its diplomatic efforts is a Logan Act violation.  Interfering with war policy treads on even more serious ground, especially since the primary motivation appears to be winning an election without regard to whether it damages our ability to fight the enemy or drives wedges between us and our ally, the elected, representative government in Baghdad.

I am  not holding my breath that the MSM will pick this story up any time soon, or at the very least, ask Obama about these accusations….but this gives another data point for Obama’s ego-driven desire to win at any cost and his willingness to interfere with a sitting President and his policies, while overseas, no less….


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  2. […] First, a good ad from Move America Forward…pointing out how Obama says one thing to his left radical base, but doing something different behind the scenes….this is just Obama’s MO on most things.   But in the case of his visit to Iraq, he said one thing in his Berlin speech and then, on the same trip, tried to convince the Iraqi government to do another, all while trying to undermine the current administration.  I wrote about it here. […]

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