Mr. Obama – From an Iraq War Vet and Hero

Here is an Iraq War Vet clearly stating what Obama and the Democrats fail to understand about the war in Iraq and our troops….that is, the Iraq War and the sacrifices made were not a mistake and they want to continue to fight for Freedom.  (Be sure to see the end of the video!)  (Video – H/T: CDR Salamander):

Now contrast the hero’s words with the comments from prominent Democrats regarding the Iraq War and our troops …..Are these the people in you want leading this country and “supporting” your troops and defending America?

Nancy Pelosi’s nod to Iran for the surge’s success…not the success of our troops (H/T: Ace of Spades):

Well, the purpose of the surge was to provide a secure space, a time for the political change to occur to accomplish the reconciliation. That didn’t happen. Whatever the military success, and progress that may have been made, the surge didn’t accomplish its goal.And some of the success of the surge is that the goodwill of the Iranians-they decided in Basra when the fighting would end, they negotiated that cessation of hostilities-the Iranians.

AP Photo

AP Photo

And then there is the lamebrain from Nevada, Harry Reid, talking to hear himself:

“I believe myself that the secretary of state, secretary of defense and – you have to make your own decisions as to what the president knows – (know) this war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq yesterday.

And famous military vet who turned on his own brothers, John Kerry, showing such support for the ablities of our soldiers (from

Iraq is “held together by chewing gum and Band-Aids…

And from Joe “The Motor Mouth” Biden (source:—such confidence in our solders-NOT:

 ….a surge in ground troops … is the wrong way to go, and I believe it will have the opposite — I repeat — opposite effect the president intends…

And, of course, Barack Obama, whose stands on the war change with the political tide….but never forget that he said the surge wouldn’t work if more troops are added…in effect, Obama has no trust in the troops to win and/or even a will to win.  Worse yet, Obama has had no dedication to the cause of the troops and winning….Obama has said he opposed the war in Iraq and that there is no military solution there….yet he wants you to believe he has always supported the troops and the war.

You can view Obama’s changing positions here:

I’ll take a war hero and pit bull with lipstick over the unpatriotic, lefty who can’t take a solid position on the war or show a confidence in our troops’ abilities to win.


2 Responses

  1. I heard this Iraqi veteran on a radio commercial (or perhaps during Rush or Hannity)…..and I thought it was right on. This genuine message should be the highlight of the news…..not if Palin’s glasses will start a new trend. But, alas, the MSM has other agenda.

    I thought it was too apparent also when seeing the titles of pieces in some of the magazines in the store right now. “Palin: Sex, lies, and scandal” or “Palin: Trying to deal with family drama”………then you have one about Obama – “Why he loves her” referring to Michelle Obama….with subtopics such as “staying up to watch Spongebob”, “making it to dance class”, and “baking cookies from scratch”……

    And the media isn’t bias??


  2. Pelosi and Reid … two disgusting human beings if ever there were any. I cannot in good conscience think of them as my “fellow” Americans.

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