Bias, Nasty Attacks, and Stupid Comments: Business as usual for libs

Sure, the Democrats thought that they had the Messiah as a shoo-in for President and healthy gains in Congress to boot….but that was two weeks ago….what a difference two weeks makes!

While nothing is certain at this point, the political pendulum has certainly been swinging in the direction of Republicans since Hurricane Sarah descended upon St. Paul….

So you know what that means…we still get to see their everyday bias, attacks, and stupidity, but just at a much higher level… much so that the masks are starting to come off…


Let’ just begin with what blew the lid off of this whole thing….Sarah Palin…. and the media biasthat has followed her arrival as the new “rock star”.

You may have noted the unprecedented and nasty lies told about Gov. Palin and her family in just two weeks time….it is the work of the Obama campaign, lefty groups, and the Main Stream Media (MSM).

The most recent example of liberal bias is the first interview she had with Charlie Gibson. While many questions he asked may be pertinent to a Presidential campaign…there are two things that stand out.

One, Charlie Gibson was very condescending with a tone that resembled a police officer questioning a suspect….and two, the questioning was biased in the sense that Palin has been asked more pointed and probing questions in one two-day interview session than Barack Obama, Joe Biden, or even John Edwards (VP candidate in 2004) have had during the entire campaign.

For instance, even UPI, has seen the obvious bias….(Hat tip:

Charles Gibson of ABC News was out for blood and inherently applied a double-standard compared with the kid gloves George Stephanopoulos used on Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois on Sunday night.

Gibson was out to embarrass Palin and expose her presumed ignorance from the word go. ……when Obama referred to his “Muslim faith” on Sunday and did not correct himself, Stephanopoulos rushed in at once to help him and emphasize that the senator had really meant to say his Christian faith.

By contrast, Gibson tried to embarrass Palin by referring to her Christian faith in asking people to pray for U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Palin countered by pointing out she was following the precedent set by Abraham Lincoln.

……Palin’s assessment of foreign policy was competent and not embarrassing. Although she initially exhibited ignorance of the Bush Doctrine on pre-emptive strikes that has been a central pillar of U.S. foreign policy after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, she recovered quickly and then made the case clearly. Tactically, she made the mistake of trying to be friendly and informal with Gibson, who assumed a superior, professorial and critical stance toward her. She would have been far better going on the attack to rattle him.

The double-standard Gibson applied to Palin, compared with the uncritical media platforms repeatedly offered to Obama, who has had zero executive experience running anything, was especially striking. ABC and Gibson focused on Palin as if she were running right now for the presidency rather than the vice presidency. He and other media pundits, by contrast, have never asked the Democratic vice presidential nominee, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, if he has ever had to make a decision on anything.

While libs have pounced on the “Bush Doctrine” question (read entire Interview if you are not familiar with the question), the truth is there are several definitions of the Bush Doctrine….almost to the point that the doctrine’s meaning is in the eye of the beholder.

Even Barack Obama, as reported by ABCNews in 2007, has a different definition than ‘ol Charlie (ht:

In July 2007, Senator Barack Obama described the “Bush Doctrine” as, as reported by ABC News, “only speaking to leaders of rogue nations if they first meet conditions laid out by the United States.”

You know, if the media is asking a candidate a question relating to party predecessors, asking Sarah Palin if she agrees with the “Bush Doctrine” is like asking Obama to define what the meaning of “is” is…. 

Then we have our nasty attacks….or is that stupid attacks?  You know Obama either doesn’t have control of his campaign or he is a definitely running a negative campaign, or he is just stupid…..

The recent ad run about McCain being out of touch but citing his lack of e-mail use is petty if that were the only issue with the ad…in reality McCain is unable to use a computer because of the beatings he took as a POW.

Here’s the ad:

The background on and reality of the situation from Gateway Pundit:

….as Jonah Goldberg reported at The Corner, the Boston Globe wrote about John McCain’s difficulties using computer keyboards due to his war injuries:

McCain gets emotional at the mention of military families needing food stamps or veterans lacking health care. The outrage comes from inside: McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes. Friends marvel at McCain’s encyclopedic knowledge of sports. He’s an avid fan – Ted Williams is his hero – but he can’t raise his arm above his shoulder to throw a baseball.

Now on to stupid:

A few quotes from the bastion of intelligence, Hollywood:

The “PETA trailer park trash queen of Hollywood bimbos”, Pam Anderson had this to say about Sarah Palin:

“I can’t stand her. She can suck it.”

Spoken by someone who is an expert on the subject….

Then there is “I am not an intellectual, but I like to pretend I am”, Matt Damon’s, comments this week:

You do the actuary tables, there’s a one out of three chance, if not more, that McCain doesn’t survive his first term, and it’ll be President Palin……………It’s like a really bad Disney movie, “The Hockey Mom.’ Oh, I’m just a hockey mom from Alaska, and she’s president……..She’s facing down Vladimir Putin and using the folksy stuff she learned at the hockey rink. It’s absurd.

This is the guy who is supposed to acting all neutral and bipartisan on all of the “ONE” commercials……yea right.     I suppose Damon would rather see a bad Coppola film titled, ” The Messianic Thug who “Changed” America”.

And the final victim-oriented, condescending, stupid question of the week from Hollywood and “The View”: (never mind that McCain blew the answer…it was not a good question):

Here’s a clip of it:

Whoopi: Should I worry about being a slave?

She asked this question in response to McCain saying he believes that Supreme Court nominees should interpret the constitution as the founders intended.

This question always irritates me…..Whoopi is just like a lot of libs who hate this country and anyone who disagrees with her.    People like Whoopi want to trash the constitution and believe that our country’s founders are not to be respected or honored for the greatness of their achievement.  Whoopi and those of her ilk, use race and slavery here to promote their victimization ….. they overlook the writings and beliefs of the founders and their intentions.

Some founders owned slaves, but many, at the time of the writing of the constitution, did not believe in slavery.  While many wanted to abolish it and not give it credence in the constitution, they were not able to achieve that goal while maintaining a union of all of the states at the time.  The part of the constitution regarding the 3/5ths rule and slavery was a compromise between the North and South….not a proactive push for slavery by the founders.

It has been thoroughly documented that many , if not most, of the founders intended for slavery to end….which is exactly what McCain said….the constitution should be interpreted as intended!    Appointing justices who interpret the Constitution and the intentions of the founder would never make Whoopi nor any person “become a slave”.  And that is as it should be!

Whoopi is simply a slave of her own victim-complex and the Hollywood “out of touch” elitism that most Americans abhor.


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