9/11/01 – Never forget

(Photo: Newsmax.com)

I was watching the MSNBC replay of the events of 9/11 this morning….It still leaves me with a heavy heart and tear in my eye to watch it and to think about those lost, those left behind.

I am proud, though, to know that we took the fight to the enemy and have not been attacked again.

God Bless America!


Others remembering:

From Gateway Pundit:

President Bush has kept this country safe from radical Islamic terror attacks since that infamous day seven years ago. In response to the attacks that killed 3,000 innocent Americans, the United States under President Bush wiped out two of the most evil regimes on the planet, brought freedom and democracy to 50 million people, and kept the terrorists on the run for 7 years.
George Bush will be missed.

The Examiner:

Exactly seven years after 9/11, the war against jihadist terrorists has been an unappreciated success. Nobody should take that success for granted. In those seven years, despite numerous plans and several attempts by terrorists to replicate or even surpass that horrendous day, they have not succeeded a single time on U.S. soil. No body count of innocents. No successful biological or chemical attacks. No airports, bridges, buildings, or trains blown up. Nothing. President Bush’s strategy has succeeded far beyond what the experts predicted would be the case in the weeks following the horrors at the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and the rural field where Flight 93 crashed near Shanksville, Pa.

The cynics, though, shout that we lost our focus on terrorism by invading Iraq. They are dead wrong. If the war and reconstruction of Iraq was really a dangerous diversion from the war on terrorism, as so many liberal politicians and commentators say, then why have Americans been so safe in our homeland? Why haven’t any “dirty nukes” exploded? Could it be that the effort in Iraq, as messy as it has been, has undercut the terrorists by sucking a host of them to Iraq only to die there, as die they should?

We have been safe in these United States for seven years not because we are lucky, but because we took the fight to our enemies. Iraq has been an essential part of that fight. And we’re winning.

From MIchelle Malkin:

While our men and women in uniform fight on the front lines, we can resolve:

To fight jihadi propagandists in our neighborhoods, schools, and on the airwaves.

To be vigilant John Does — willing to report suspicious behavior and illicit activities, even if it means CAIR lawsuits and smears.

To continue demanding homeland security, real borders, and immigration enforcement — whichever party is in power.

And to actively reject 9/10 thinking and 9/10 politicians and 9/10 apathy after the memorial candles are blown out.

What will you resolve today?


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