Obama’s indifference to the flag that McCain almost died for

I have blogged before that I believe Obama does not appreciate this country, does not fully comprehend the wisdom of our founders and simply does not take seriously the symbols of our country……particularly our flag!

First, Obama tried to spin the notion that NOT wearing “that pin” is patriot….that pin happens to be the flag lapel pin that almost all politicians have worn since 9/11. In his own words….

Then Obama didn’t have the frame of mind (of patriotism) to place his hand over his heart while his fellow candidates did…..

Oh, by the way, he also befriends those who wish to trash the flag.  William Ayers, shown below, bombed the Capitol and does not regret it and wishes he could have done more… That’s Ayers with the flag on the ground at his feet…..Remember, Ayers kicked off Obama’s Illinois Senate Campaign at his home…Obama has known Ayers for years and worked toegether on boards with him in Chicago.

Then there is the latest saga in the “I will show my patriotism in my actions” circus that is the Obama campaign……

OVER 12,000 American flags were left in the trash to be disposed at the Democratic National Convention.  This is pretty symbolic of Obama’s and the Left’s feelings for the US flag.  Is this what Obama meant by I’ll show my patriotism by my actions (see pics below)?  (These pics depict trashed flags at the DNC.)


You know what happened to some of the 12,000 flags?

A war-hero who nearly died to protect that flag, John McCain, has begun handing the flags out at his rallies.

Hat tip: Denver Post Blogs and RedState.com


6 Responses

  1. You have to so backward. JOHN MCCAIN STOLE THE FLAGS FROM OBAMA’S CAMPAIGN! The real pictures show hundreds over very neatly rolled up flags carefully stored in bags (b/c the democratic party had run out of storage boxes.) Click on my link to see the real pictures.

    John McCain owes Obama, not only an apology for lying about the flags in in the first place, but also some money to replace the stolen items.

    Some have reported that McCain stole the flags, possibly b/c his campaign is running out of money!

  2. Uli Pele,
    I’ve read the Dem talking points on this and yours are almost verbatim.

    If the Dems were waiting for someone to pick them up, how come they sat in the bags for over a week? And just who was this mystery person that was to come and pick them up after a week passed and the campaign was long gone?

    Besides, if we even assume the Dems aren’t just covering themselves with the “McCain stole my flags line”, some of the pictures are most obviously trash….which tells me the people who attended the DNC and follow Obama have about the same respect for the flag as Obama does.

  3. It all is pretty consistent with the

    “CHANGE…because America SUCKS”

    theme of their convention.

    I’m sure we’ve not heard the last of this.

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