Left/Media trying to define Palin as failure before chance to succeed!

This is how the Left tries to win elections:

Align your stories with the media in an effort to completely tear down and destroy a candidate. In Sarah Palin’s case its all engines go — truth and children be damned!

Good Lord it must suck to be a Lefty….what else explains the rabid, nasty, vile, and baseless wads of crap that spew from the mouths of TV talking heads at CNN, ABC, NBC or from the keyboards of the The Daily Kos and Democratic Underground?

(Actually, American Thinker takes a good shot at answering that question….it is spot-on.)

It’s all in a days work to show the complete lack of respect for a candidate’s family all in the name of tearing down the candidate so the lesser-qualified candidate can win.

I think and I hope that this effort by the media and the Democrats will backfire on them on November 4!

The editors of National Review have it right:

It is obvious what the media and Democrats are up to here. They want to define Sarah Palin as a failure before she even has a chance to succeed. Hence the speculation that McCain will dump her from the ticket. How absurd. All we know about Palin’s performance as a candidate so far is that she gave polished performances at her unveiling in Ohio and at a rally the next day in Pennsylvania. The supposed embarrassments — about her alleged membership in the fringe Alaskan Independence Party and her woefully incomplete vetting — are concoctions of a media stumbling over itself to prove a conclusion it has already reached.

So far, it is the press that has embarrassed itself, not the governor from Alaska.

They also make great points about other DEMOCRAT children that were considered completely hands-off by the media….and it was honored, by the other party, by the way!

This shameful but predictable media performance stands in marked contrast to the rigorous “hands-off” privacy policy dutifully honored by the press throughout the Clinton years for the president’s then-teenage daughter, Chelsea. Indeed earlier this year, though Miss Clinton was now well into her twenties and an impressively poised surrogate for her mother’s campaign, NBC News suspended reporter David Shuster for asserting that Sen. Clinton’s campaign was “pimping” her daughter — a classless formulation, to be sure. But where’s the hyper-sensitivity about a candidate’s child now?

When Al Gore’s son was arrested on narcotics and speeding charges in 2007, moreover, the national press was a model of sympathetic restraint. The muted coverage was devoid of calls for a national “teaching moment” on drug abuse or responsible driving. The message was plain and correct: No news here, move along.

I think the explanation for such a quick reaction and such rabid attacks on Palin and her family shows that the Left knows she is a real threat to their success and brings a whole new wave of energy to the Republican ticket and party now and in the future!

Rumor travels faster, but it don’t stay put as long as truth.   – Will Rogers


3 Responses

  1. Sarah Palin:

    1)Raised taxes as the Gov. of Alaska.
    2)Wants to teach creationism in Science Class, subverting the US Constitution.
    3)Tried to get books banned at the local library. – kind of like Hitler
    4)Fired her entire staff 10 days into term as mayor, for lack of loyalty.
    5)Used every available lever to get an enemy fired from his job, and is still lying about it.
    6)Put a gag order on her administration as mayor of a town of 6500.
    7)Milked the Federal Government for huge series of earmarks, by using lobbyists. The highest per capita earmarker in the nation: Palin (27 Million for a town of 6500).
    8)Doesn’t believe in global warming.
    9)Used Alaska First as her campaign slogan, which is the same one as her husband’s old party, the AIP, a secessionist organization she recorded a supportive piece for this year!
    10)Misled America about the Bridge to Nowhere, in her first national speech (she supported it and only killed it after the funding was cut).
    11)Wants to ban stem cell research. – doesn’t beleive in science!
    12)Is on the record stating the Iraq war ”is a task from God.” – yes, we love wasting $10B and the scores of US soldiors on this. Support our troops, not the war!
    13)In July when interviewed about the possibility of being the VP she stated that she did not know what the VP did.
    14)Left her town Mayoralty with a huge debt, having outspent all around in her (21 MILION in debt). – some fiscal responsibility

  2. Sarah Palin is crazy and will destroy this country. Whatever George Bush has done wrong, she will do tenfold.

  3. Oh look…there’s Tara spreading around bogus lefty emails again…go Tara!

    Wow! I didn’t know ANYONE could be worse than that Bush guy.

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