“I will vote for Sarah Palin”

From Michelle Malkin, a very well written piece from a mother who was raised in the Catholic, Alinsky  tradition in Chicago….but is voting for McCain/Palin.

Read the whole piece…it is worth it….excerpt is here:

I will vote for Sarah Palin because I don’t need the Democratic platform’s belated affirmation of motherhood. Thanks, but I already know that motherhood is good, several times over. Moreover, the party’s rediscovery of motherhood seems rather cynical in the current news cycle, while Democratic-friendly bloggers and media types bash Palin about her daughter’s pregnancy and her own busy schedule while bringing up children. How can a real sympathy for motherhood come from the same people who wrote a platform that hardens the party’s addiction to a phony right to kill the unborn?

I will vote for Sarah Palin because she has guts. We’ve never met, but I suspect I know something about her life, and so do a great many other women. I know what it means to have a son with Down syndrome. I know what it means to talk a good line about religious faith and then be asked to prove it. I know what it means to have a daughter pregnant and unmarried.

In fact, while we’re on the subject, I also know what it means to have two grandchildren born out of wedlock, a son struggling with alcohol, two grandchildren with serious disabilities, putting myself through graduate school while simultaneously caring for a husband and children and teaching full time—and a whole lot more. This is the stuff of real human love; this is the raw material of family life. And those who think that Palin’s beliefs and family struggles are funny or worth jeering at, simply reveal the venality of their own hearts.

I will vote for Sarah Palin because she is intelligent, tenacious and talented. Nobody made her rise easy, and no one is making it easy now. And—is it only moms who notice this?—unlike Senator Biden, she does seem to act consistently on her beliefs about the sanctity of life, at considerable personal cost.

I will vote for Sarah Palin because she doesn’t come from Washington or New York or Chicago or anywhere else the political and media aristoi like to hang out. In fact, I especially like the idea that the state she governs actually produces something—like some of the oil that powers the hair dryers and klieg lights at MSNBC.

I will vote for Sarah Palin because Roe v. Wade is bad law, and it needs to fall. I don’t doubt the intelligence and character of men like Doug Kmiec, the younger Bob Casey, and others who sympathize with the Obama campaign. But I do doubt their judgment. At the end of the day, the Democratic party in 2008 has conceded nothing to pro-life Democrats. The fact that Sen. Obama listens respectfully to pro-lifers without calling them reactionary dunces does not constitute progress. Results and behavior are what matter. On both those counts, the party has again failed to show any real sensitivity to pro-life concerns. In that light, high profile Catholics who support Obama are simply rationalizing their surrender on Roe.

Finally, I will vote for Sarah Palin, not because I’ve left the Democratic party of my youth and young adulthood, but because that party has left me. In fact, it no longer exists. And no amount of elegant speaking, exciting choreography, and moral alibis will bring it back.

That’s the real tragedy of this election.


7 Responses

  1. For years, I have been told that Hillary speaks for me, knows what I need, feels how I feel. All because I’m a woman and she’s a woman in the spotlight. That was never the case, I could not connect with her life, her concerns, or her idea of what a marriage should be.
    Sarah Palin represents all of the points that resonate with me: I’m married to my best friend, mother of four kids (one with special needs), a working mom, a sports mom, try to give back to my community and listen with empathy to friends and family in need. Don’t mess with mama bear and her cubs! I know that having Sarah on the ticket has given me a reason to have hope for the U.S. and my kids’ future security! Thank You God.

  2. I love sarah palin. obama just too afraid of that all.

  3. I am excited about Sarah Palin…She is exactly what this Country needs to shake things up a bit…She’s not just a woman with a cool tongue like Michelle but someone who’s rolled her sleeves up and proved herself. I am definitely a fan.

  4. Sarah Palin can definitely handle the job AND keep good tabs on her family. I don’t know where these silly, sexist comments are coming from that you can’t have kids and step into the number two spot in Washington. People who don’t pay enough attention to their kids end up with teen drug-users, teen criminals, and teen preg… wait a sec. Darn.

  5. Do you people even look at the issues? All you seem to care about is that Sarah Palin “seems to be” like you, and that she’s a woman. Never mind that she’s for more war in Iraq (a task from God, she says). Never mind that she wants to force schools to teach Creationism to children (not everyone is a Christian). Never mind that she uses her children as a crutch for her election. What’s sad is that people actually fall for this nonsense. Oh, and never mind that she has very little foreign policy experience. It’s times like this that I’m glad we have the electoral college. I truly am starting to believe that the mob is still much too swayed by emotions and political spin.

    More info about Palin:


  6. I am excited when John Mcain pick Sarah palin i will vote for her.
    She had more experience then Obama

  7. Donna,
    Do you people ever look at the issues?

    All you care about is that Obama is a socialist and he is black. Never mind that he would have had our troops surrender in the middle of a war (Al Qaeda is no threat in Iraq according to Obamaessiah)

    Never mind that Obama wants to force all schools to hand out free condoms and birth control to 6-year olds and kill babies that survive abortion (not everyone is a secularist like Obama and the liberal crowd).

    Never mind that Obama uses his Chicago thug friends as a crutch to boost his career as far back as the 1990’s.

    What’s sad is that people like you fall for his nonsense.
    Oh and never mind that Obama’s foreign policy experience consists of sitting on a Senate committee as a leader who never called a meeting….and let’s not forget his big speech in Germany….now that’s experience!

    It’s times like these that I’m glad we still have the electoral college. I truly KNOW that the liberal mob believes everything Obama says while researching nothing of his past or experience.

    Way to go Donna…….keep those Obama blinders on!

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