Prayers Answered? Palin is change this woman can believe in! Yahooooo!

Sarah Palin….is a magnificent choice as far as I can tell at this point.  And I am thinking that some of my prayers have been answered today!

The KosKids and Dems can now pout about a “small-town” pick, a token woman, and a lack of experience!    That is so laughable……I guess they know token and lack of experience in the Democrat party, though.

There will still be some concerns from some small corners of the Republican party about Sarah Palin as VP.   However, I think most of the handwringing will be and is coming from the Left hand side of the spectrum.

Let’s see here:

  • McCain nominates a woman as VP  (Obama refuses to pick the top Dem woman as his running mate)
  • McCain picks someone with Executive experience (Obama picks someone who has been in Washington longer than McCain)
  • As Sarah Palin said, Republicans are putting “Profiles in Courage” on the ballot, not just in the books.
  • McCain picks a mother of five, pro-lifer, beauty queen, Christian, ex-PTA leader, ex-mayor, governor, NRA-member, outdoor sportswoman, with a working-man husband who is a member of a union and a middle-class upbringing.   She is a poster-child of the America that most of us know.  The Dems, however, have a presidential candidate who could barely understand America or our roots!
  • Dems have already trashed her for being mayor of a small town of 9000 and governor of a low population state, while Biden, the Dem VP candidate, has no executive experience in a state of the same size!
  • The Republican’s top female wears skirts, the Dems top female founded the “sisterhood of the travelling pantsuits” HA!
  • The Republican VP pick, Sarah Palin, chose the human thing to do when she chose life upon finding out her baby was afflicted with Down’s Syndrome.   NO abortions for this woman!   The Dem Presidential Candidate Obama voted against saving babies that live through botched abortions.
  • Sarah Palin has a voice like a woman….never heard a cackle or a screech in her acceptance of being picked VP…..
  • We know more about Sarah Palin’s background already than Obama can or is willing to honestly tell us about his own.

The list could go on;   MIchelle Malkin the 10 things you need to know about Sarah Palin…enjoy below:

1. Sarah Louise Palin (nee Heath) was born Feb., 1964, in Sandpoint, Idaho. Her family moved to Alaska when Sarah was an infant. Her father, Chuck, is a retired schoolteacher.

2. She attended Wasilla High School where she played point guard on the state champion basketball team. Her nickname was “Sarah Barracuda.”

3. Palin graduated in 1987 from the University of Idaho with a degree in journalism. She worked briefly as a sports reporter in Anchorage.

4. She refers to her husband, Todd, as the “First Dude.” He’s worked as a commercial fisherman and as a production operator on the North Slope for BP. He enjoys snowmobiling and has won the Tesoro Iron Dog, billed as the world’s longest snowmobile race, four times.

5. Palin and her husband have five children, Bristol, Piper, Track, Willow, and Trig. Trig, born in 2008, has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. Her son Track joined the army in 2007.

6. Her favorite meal is moose stew.

7. She comes from a family of outdoor enthusiasts. Her parents, Chuck and Sally Heath, enjoy hunting and fishing, and have both completed marathons.

8. Palin was named Miss Wasilla in 1984 and was a runner-up for Miss Alaska. In 1996 she was elected mayor of Wasilla.

9. She’s a lifetime NRA member and enjoys hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling.

10. Elected in 2006, she’s Alaska’s first female governor and the youngest governor elected in the state.

My first check is in the mail to the GOP….I haven’t sent them money in years!


38 Responses

  1. What a wonderful, bold move! This is really exciting. I think we have a winning ticket here!

  2. America, America, McCain & Palin, it’s going to be a great race, with the edge going to small town america, the base of who we are!

  3. AMEN!

  4. Whether or not this pick brilliant or a disaster will be determined in due time.

    I have seen quite a few comments critical of her “inexperience” in addition to a number of “McCain/MILF 2008” references as well. Given she is basically unknown quantity for most people McCain and the RNC will have an uphill battle, at least in the short term, establishing her credibility as a viable VP candidate. I don’t expect the MSM to help much in this area.

  5. McCain/MILF 2008…like there’s something WRONG with that?

  6. I think for the first time in her adult life, that SRT is actually PROUD of her country! 😉

  7. I had came around to at least voting for McCain, but with his pick of Sarah Palin as VP, I am going to do all I can to help them win.

    On another thought, have you seen her give a speech or in a debate? I was just wondering how she will do against Joe Biden.

  8. The woman’s own party and senate doesn’t like her. She’s under investigation right now up in in Alaska

    State Senate President Lyda Green said she thought it was a joke when someone called her at 6 a.m. to tell her the news.
    “She’s not prepared to be governor. How can she be prepared to be vice president or president? said Green, a Republican from Palin’s hometown of Wasilla. “Look at what she’s done to this state. What would she do to the nation?”

    Green, who has feuded with Palin, brought up the big oil tax increase Palin pushed through last year. She also pointed to the award of a $500 million state subsidy to a Canadian firm to pursue a natural gas pipeline that’s far from guaranteed.

    House Speaker John Harris, a Republican from Valdez, was also astonished at the news. He didn’t want to get into the issue of her qualifications.

    “She’s old enough,” Harris said. “She’s a U.S. citizen.”

  9. Larry,
    The only time I have heard her speak was today. I was impressed.

    I do think that her speaking ablities will probably be very sufficient. The part that is a question mark to me is how she will do in a debate setting or when put on the spot.

    Also, there will probably be even some Republicans who will not like her for one reason or another, but I think that will not be a huge factor.

    I am really stoked and hope that she turns out to be the A-1 choice of the election season.

  10. amberpeace,
    Unlike Obama’s supporters, no one believes that Sarah Palin is the Messiah and all-knowing, all-perfect candidate, but she is a great choice.

    As far as her investigation, she has welcomed the investigation which tells me she doesn’t have anything to hide. Besides, I am sure that McCain’s advisers have researched the issue thoroughly.

    The investigation is related to her firing of a the state Public Safety Commissioner. This position serves at the will of the governor and she had every right to fire him. He claims his firing had something to with the fact the he,the commissioner ,did not fire a state trooper who happened to be Palin’s ex-brother-in-law. Palin claims the commissioner was let go because he was not fulfilling some of his job requirements in hiring and as part of her team.
    The investigation is ongoing and the person on her staff who had the only contact with the Dept of Public Safety about her brother-in-law did so without her knowledge and was put on leave for 2 months for exercising authority that was not his…..

    As well, in politics, when you do some of the things she has done in cleaning up corrupt politicians, some even in your own party, you will make enemies. It is not surprising if some of those enemies try to take her down…..yes, including those in her own party.

    She has an 80% approval rating in Alaska, so Green and Harris must be in the minority 20%…..perhaps they are some that she has had her sites on because of corruption in Alaska….who knows…..but 80% of Alaskans approve of her…..not many politicians have that kind of approval.

    If we want to talk about scandals….let talk about Obama and a string of names and issues that Obama still will not talk about….Rezko, Ayers, Wright, his abortion record, and lately, his attempts to silence critics across the aisle with his Chicago-style politics……Sarah Palin’s potential issues are pretty non-existent compared to the huge associations that Obama still has not explained.

  11. Larry,
    I found this recent interview with Palin on CNBC regarding our energy policy and Alaska’s resources.

    She does seem to know her energy policy!

  12. I would like to interject something right here. The kind of arguments amberpeace is using sound a lot like the kind of arguments used against Mike Huckabee. Sure some of the Republicans in Arkansas didn’t like him, but it was because he took his job seriously and was actually doing something, instead of just sitting on his hands. From what I have found out about Sarah Palin, she has been doing just that, doing her job and serving the people of Alaska. She did step on some toes when she was Ethics Commissioner, but that was because she caught some of the “old boys” doing things they should have been doing and put a stop to it.

    Thanks for the link. I will go view it right now.

  13. I really want to see the rest of that interview. She seems to have a very good head on her shoulders.

  14. amberpeace…

    How about citing your friggin’ source for these little tidbits. Was it the Daily Kos? Do you just regurgitate someone’s opinion as your own or do you actually take a closer look? I guess it shouldn’t suprise me that much. Your fuzzy thinking on a couple of previously discussed issues tells me much.


    Chilly relations with the governor have worked against Sen. Green. The Wasilla Republicans share social conservatism and an ability to work with lawmakers on the other side of the aisle, but they diverge in both style and substance.

    Sen. Green was a party insider; Gov. Palin was a party outsider who won office as a reformer and has ridden a wave of popularity that helped produce ethics legislation, billions more in oil revenues, two potential gas line proposals and a sharp break with her party’s establishment. Sen. Green didn’t share the governor’s enthusiasm for political reform, though she did break party ranks and organize a bipartisan Senate coalition she headed in the last two years of the Legislature.

    July 2008 Public Opinion Poll…80% approval rating for Gov Palin.

  15. I have the link on my blog now. Very interesting interview.

  16. My source was the Anchorage Daily News.

    Also, I find it interesting that Republican complain about Obama’s lack of experience. Yet, a person who has been govenor for less than two year, was a part time mayor of less than 6k before AND a journalism major is being embraced.

    I am a Pro-Choice, Gun-Control, Universal Health-Care, Seventh Generation using hippie who is the Great-Granddaughter, granddaughter, and niece of the Kentucky Mines. I am the daughter of a woman who had no indoor plumbing growing up and used WIC to get through college.

    I have lived in a country with the above benefits (New Zealand) and it was GLORIOUS – even as a non-citizen. 30 dollars for three months of birth control plus 100 free condoms? —- yes. 15 dollars for my antibiotics. Yes! Police who have to keep their guns locked in their glove compartments. Loved it! I could walk through the “toughest” parts of their country without any fear. No handguns allowed.
    So why don’t I move there? For the same reason I want to smack my current Anglicans who broke away from the Episcopal church. You can’t change anything for the better if you just pack up and leave.

    You forgot to meantion that the Hays group also found in July that the majority of Alaskans (the reddest of the red states) said they would vote for Obama

    (edited by SharpRightTurn)

  17. Don’t EVER tell someone going into The Academy that they don’t know how to cite or source!!

    ^ Resources from Anchorage Daily News regarding the Monegan affair.
    ^ Hopkins, Kyle (2008-07-12). “Governor offered Monegan a different job”, Anchorage Daily News, The McClatchy Company. Retrieved on 2008-08-21.
    ^ Hollan, Megan (2008-07-19). “Monegan says he was pressured to fire cop”, Anchorage Daily News, The McClatchy Company. Retrieved on 2008-07-22.: “Monegan said he still isn’t sure why he was fired but thought that Wooten could be part of it.”
    ^ Moore, Jason (2008-07-21). “Complainant details Kopp’s harassing behavior”, KTUU. Retrieved on 2008-08-29.
    ^ Cockerham, Sean. “Palin staff pushed to have trooper fired”, Anchorage Daily News (2008-08-14). Retrieved 2008-08-24.
    ^ Sean Cockerham (2008-08-14). “Alaska’s governor admits her staff tried to have trooper fired”. Anchorage Daily News. Retrieved on 2008-08-29.

  18. I didn’t read all the blog – kinda blogged out u know? but the most important thing I ran across today in my mind which I think bears repeating:

    If McCain was trying to woo independents, why did he move his ticket back to the right with this choice?

    If we assume he’s doing it to toss in the towel and for future recovery of the party (also discussed) why did he bring a woman? No self respecting GOPer would ever vote to have a woman in office. Its shameful. She belongs in the kitchen.

  19. amberpeace,
    If you believe handouts are glorious, you ARE in the wrong country.

    And if you are trying to convert people in some way, you might try not using the choice 4-letter words…..I edited out your choice 4-letter word.

    Do you not realize that SOMEONE paid for your handouts? It’s glorious I guess for one person to work hard and then be forced by his/her government to hand it over to someone else so that person can be sexually irresponsible…….lovely.

    But that is off topic—
    RealClearPolitics has an average of all of the major polls taken in Alaska since February…..McCain is on top in every one of them.
    The Hays poll you cite has margin of error of +-4.9% and was only 400 respondents. I also did not see if the respondents were registered voters or likely voters or random volunteers…..not exactly the end-all poll in favor of Obama and is statistically a dead heat.

  20. James,
    Actually McCain is the part of the ticket that is appealing to moderates. I think he heard the conservatives loud and clear that he wasn’t our first choice and we may even stay home if he chooses someone of his stripes or even further to the left on the scale.

    I do think he made a great choice, but there are some risks attached which would have been the case with just about any pick.

    Your comment about women really isn’t worth a response….I just hope you aren’t married and, if not, never do.

  21. “I find it interesting that Republican complain about Obama’s lack of experience. Yet, a person who has been govenor for less than two year, was a part time mayor of less than 6k before AND a journalism major is being embraced.”

    One could say the same thing about Democrats regarding those that supported Obama instead of myself. Other than he’s a nice looking guy who is clean and articulate, there isn’t much in the way of merit.

    Joe Biden

  22. “Don’t EVER tell someone going into The Academy that they don’t know how to cite or source!!”


  23. The Academy – the Academic world.

    I’m currently in school, training to be a professor to teach in a seminary or small christian college. In other words – I’m going to be the one teaching your ministers! Unless it’s Southeastern Theological. I pray imprecatory prayers for that group.
    So my life is devoted to citing, citing, citing, Turabian, more citing, and Jesus. Me and Bishop Wright are tight like that.

    My undergrad degree is in Biblical Studies and an emphasis on Children’s Ministries (that’s right, I am teaching five year olds theology). In general, your clergy are more liberal than those that sit in the pews. The reason I’m not going to be clergy, but teach instead, is because they – unlike me- have the blessed gift of diplomacy and know when to keep their mouth shut.

    If you read my blog, you would know this 😉

  24. amberpeas,

    I would rather gouge my eye out with a pencil! 😉

  25. Sarah Palin is a member of the cult Assemblies of God. Look them up.

    Thanks, but no thanks. Scary people.

  26. Anne,
    But the “God D^&m America-Black LIberation Theology-United Church of Christ” in Chicago is American as apple pie.

    Well alrighty then…..

  27. Why don’t you take your own advice sharpright(about 4 letter words) and not take the Lord’s name in vain while you’re at it. The way you’re talking to Anne, you act like she’s a Dem. Maybe she is and maybe she isn’t… I didn’t come to that conclusion from her comment because believe it or not, not every Republican is behind Palin at the veep. Can you honestly tell me that she was the MOST qualified Republican for the VP spot? Shameful swipe at disgruntled Hillary voters… you want to reel in the religious right – pick Romney or anyone on the right with more national political experience. BTW, I don’t think McCain is the most qualified either so I was hoping they’d balance that with a better VP pick, oh well.

  28. Soft rightturn,
    The expletives are not my words but the words of Obama’s pastor, The Reverend Jeremiah Wright…..

    Didn’t come from my mouth, but the mouth of a man that Obama admires…..that is worth printing and is not a four-letter word used as a direct attack on a person. I do my best to keep the expletives that are not pertinent to the conversation out of my blog.

    Frankly I don’t really care if Anne is a Democrat or not, but truth is truth. I will take Assemblies of God over Black Liberation Theology anyday. The religious background of Obama can never be repeated too often.

    I’m certain that not every Republican is going to vote for McCain…so be it. I am not sure there were any of the candidates that would totally fit the bill for me. As a matter of fact, I have been one of those lukewarm supporters until now.

    Sarah Palin may not have all of the same experience of other candidates, but I think she has the correct qualifications for VP at this time. She certainly is just as qualified as Obama who would be President on day one if he wins.

    Not only that….in this year’s election, I think it is more imperative than ever to make sure the Dem candidate is not elected. If you read this blog and do research on Obama you will find an angry, America-hating, racist, radical lefty, socialist who is diguising himself as a centrist. Look at his relations and associations throughout his life, look at votes while in state and federal roles….all of that on top of the fact that I just don’t believe he has the understanding to be President at this point.

    Thanks for reading.

  29. I like his voting record 😀

  30. Also, as someone who has one uncle that served time for ties with New York organized crime (
    and another great-uncle that traffiks drugs from the Cayman’s – you can’t just assume I work with criminals, even if I do hang out and are related to a few 😀

  31. amberpeace.
    You are not running for President.

  32. The point is you can’t assume
    And I still like his voting record.

  33. amberpeace,
    You may like his voting record, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t owned up to his relationships and associations.

    I am not assuming anything. I am making judgments about what is FACT.

    His own wife is not proud of her country unless her husband is running for President.

    He called his pastor of 20 years his counselor, friend and mentor. His pastor is a racist, America hating radical.

    His home was purchased with the help of his friend Tony Rezko, a convicted felon.

    He has had an ongoing leadership relationship and discussion with Bill Ayers who is a domestic terrorist who bombed the Capitol and, to this day, says he didn’t do enough. Bill Ayers launched Obama’s Illinois Senate campaign in his own home.

    Remember, people choose with whom they will do business, whom they will marry, who becomes a mentor and who will counsel and discuss policy with them. These are not random relationships.

    You didn’t choose your relatives….Obama chose his relationships and business dealings.

  34. As for choosing your relationships and business dealings –
    The Palins has sure been picking them well!

    Also, saying “Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also, for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending [U.S. soldiers] out on a task that is from God”
    is just f%^&king creepy. That basically rules out the Episcopal Church, United Methodist Church, PCUSA, UCC, Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, Church of Christ, Lutherans, Unitarians – well you get the point – from thinking she’s sane.

    It seems black liberation theology isn’t much different than white alaskan liberation theology!

    (Edited by SRT )

  35. amberpeace,
    I don’t think you should be judging anyone on sanity.

  36. OMG! Unbelievable. Reading all your comments nowI see why we have an imcompetent brainless boob in the white house and you guys are too ignorant to understand this and you want more of the same. You all deserve what you get, it’s too bad you have to drag the rest of us down with you.

  37. Monique,

    you said: “see why we have an imcompetent brainless boob in the white house”

    OMG. Unbelievable- you are so out of the realm of reality you think the election has passed and Obama won.

  38. sharprightturn, so you are also a psychic…you know what I think…now that’s “out of the realm of reality”. No I don’t think Obama has already won the election in fact I think McCain will likeley win (you know like Bush did). I believe this is because most of the people in this country are like you, intellectually challenged and unable to recognize intelligence when you hear it because when Obama or anyone with above average intelligence speaks it is beyond your comprehension level. On the other hand when a moron like Bush opens his mouth to speak and his communication skills are on a par with the average toddler you are then able to relate.

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