If you are still looking for a reason NOT to vote for Obama…here it is….

Obama is wrong….literally dead wrong on one issue….infanticide! 

No matter how many versions of the story he wants to tell….he is wrong and has been since the first day he had the power to do anything about abortion while serving in the Illinois State Senate.  He is now trying to say he is all for protections for those babies that happen to survive the murder that is called abortion…..the facts and his own words say otherwise.

I have blogged about Obama’s vote against babies who are born alive during abortions here and here.

Today a video and transcript appeared on the blogs that is almost unbelievable in its callous, insensitive view of life….and it is brought to you courtesy of Barack Obama circa 2002.  


From RedState, first a little context and then what Obama said:

In 2002, Senator Obama stood on the floor of the Illinois State Senate to oppose the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. By this time, even the abortion rights organizations like Planned Parenthood had dropped their opposition. But Obama continued to oppose the law.

He was the only person to speak out against the legislation.

In an exchange with Senator O’Malley, the legislation’s sponsor, Obama’s concern was about second guessing the abortionist.

Here is what he said:

“As I understand it, this puts the burden on the attending physician who has determined, since they were performing this procedure, that, in fact, this is a nonviable fetus; that if that fetus, or child – however way you want to describe it – is now outside the mother’s womb and the doctor continues to think that it’s nonviable but there’s, let’s say, movement or some indication that, in fact, they’re not just coming out limp and dead, that, in fact, they would then have to call a second physician to monitor and check off and make sure that this is not a live child that could be saved.”

SHORTER BARACK OBAMA: Let’s trust the guy who just botched the abortion to determine whether or not he actually did botch the abortion.

That’s it. If a baby comes out and is alive, Barack Obama thought it too damned burdensome to have another doctor, someone used to dealing with live babies, check to see if the baby was viable.

What Obama is arguing is that you can’t have the attending physician worry about whether that baby (“or fetus or whatever”) is not “limp or dead”…. lest we “second guess” the abortionist or infringe in some strange way on a woman’s rights.  Aside from the stupid argument, Obama’s words are just plain uncaring and callous. 

Obama is trying to have it both ways…the real Obama can be found in his words while trying to defend the murder of babies, but he tries to paint a different picture of himself.  As Rush Limbaugh always says about liberals…they can’t be who they really are, because they know the majority of the American people do not believe or think like them .  

 The video and transcript above are prime example of Obama’s EXTREME view on protecting abortion…so much so that he was willing to be the guy hanging out farther on the left than Planned Parenthood.   So much so that he had to argue that the integrity of the abortionist’s work trumps the very life of the baby the abortionist just tried to snuff out.  ( I can barely write that without a lump in my throat)   And so much so that he claims he voted against protecting those ACTUALLY born alive so that he could protect those choosing to murder their babies via Roe V Wade.

I told my mother just today…I don’t know if Obama is just radical enough to go to such extreme measures to protect “a woman’s rights” and rights to abortion OR if he is just such a novice that he was trying so hard to cater to the abortion industry that he went even further than even they (supposedly) would in the process.

David Limbaugh says something similar:

Obama is so slavishly obedient to the abortion lobby’s cultish protection of a woman’s right to terminate her own offspring’s life, that he opposed measures designed to protect an already-born baby’s chances to survive. And you wonder why we say pro-abortion liberals have made abortion a ritualistic religious sacrament!

This is a VERY important issue…..do you really want the leader of this country to have such an indifferent, if not dangerous, view of the smallest of its citizens?  The murder of our smallest and most needy of citizens is not Freedom’s way nor God’s way…but it is Obama’s way!

Please read more on this nasty little secret about Obama’s militant abortion views:

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"fetus or child or whatever"

"fetus or child or whatever"

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9 Responses

  1. I have heard for a long time that Barack Obama was the most liberal of Senators and this just shows us why that is true. Contrary to what he tries to tell the American people, he fights for abortion rights at every turn. His main concern in voting against the Illinois BAIPA was that it may infringe upon Roe v. Wade and the children be dammed.

  2. I wish someone would ask barry at what point did his daughters’ life began…

  3. MIke,
    Good question!

  4. Yes! Someone should ask Nobama this question! Good one Mike.

  5. […] Well, you know what?…..The experience and background from which Obama draws is radically different than that of most Americans.   And yes, I do insist that he is a “happy talker and a sleezy walker”.  Obama talks a good line while, behind the scenes, he engages in “stale tactics” to silence his critics.  Worse yet, he is also a man who believes in silencing permanently a newborn baby born of a botched abortion… […]

  6. I think we all no he is a two year senator and not a very good one to boot.

  7. […] Heartless Votes for Infanticide Posted on October 8, 2008 by sharprightturn I have blogged about Obama’s support for infanticide before.  He voted 3 times against a bill that would protect babies born alive during an abortion.  The […]

  8. […] Of course Obama’s statement is entirely predictable.  Obama is THE most pro-abortion President ever.  He has stood his ground in the past that a baby born alive from a botched abortion should not be saved….he believes it undermines the doctor’s authority.  Obama is not only pro-abortion, but pro-infanticide. […]

  9. […] Bush held firm with his pro-life stance; Obama has been a proponent of partial birth abortion and infanticide. […]

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