Is Obama practicing what he preaches?

Guy Calaf, Vanity Fair, Italy

George Obama in Nairobi - Photo: Guy Calaf, Vanity Fair, Italy

In the last day, it has been reported that Barack Hussein Obama’s half-brother named George Hussein Onyango Obama has been found living in poverty just outside of Nairobi, Kenya, Africa on one dollar per month.  Barack and George have the same father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr and different mothers.

Now keep in the back of your mind what Obama said last Saturday night at the Saddleback Church Presidential Forum regarding America’s greatest failure:

Obama told the Rev. Rick Warren that “we still don’t abide by that basic precept of Matthew: that whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me.

That basic principle applies to poverty. It applies to racism and sexism; it applies to not thinking about providing ladders of opportunity for people to get into the middle class.”

This is the scripture in Matthew regarding “the least of these” that Obama is referring to:

Matthew 25:40 – And the King shall answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me. (American King James Version)

I found a post by La Shawn Barber that makes a great point……

Assuming he (Obama) didn’t know how his brother was living (benefit of the doubt, and all that), I wonder what Barack Obama will do to help him now, in light of his “we still don’t spend enough time thinking about the least of these” lecture on Saturday at the Saddleback Civil Forum.

Well, The Telegrapharticle about Obama’s brother implies that Obama mentions his brother only once in his book and saw his brother in Africa as recent as 2006.  It is probably safe to say that Obama knows his brother is most likely alive.

I suppose we can’t propose to know everything about the situation regarding Obama’s brother and why he lives in poverty.  But doesn’t it seem just a little bit hypocritical that Obama was preaching about how “America” doesn’t do enough to help others around the globe and then we find his brother on the other side of the globe living in poverty? 

It seems to me that even $50-$100 per month would go a tremendously long way towards helping someone like Obama’s brother.    Or maybe if the money is not the best way to help him …then doesn’t it seem you (Obama) would bring him out of poverty to this country or another so that he can get on his feet and get the the help he needs?  The article insinuates that Obama’s brother is alone and most people in Africa do not even know he exists, anyway.

La Shawn Barberwith another post about Obama’s “Least of These” sermon and his socialist twist of the scriptures:

The point is this: Christian acts of charity are to be done on an individual level, and the nature of that giving is voluntary. In Matthew 25, Christ wasn’t commending believers and condemning unbelievers based on what they rendered unto Caesar; he was referring to individual acts of kindness those who love God are willing do.

Does Obama really believe Christ had government in view in Matthew 25, that spending even more tax dollars on the “needy” fulfills God’s requirement for Christians to care for the poor in their congregations? From what I’ve read and heard, Obama believes in a jumbled social gospel mess that’s based on theological ignorance.

I understand that Obama has a large family, but the planet is a big place, too….and Obama expects all of us to pay to help people just like his brother all over the planet!  Maybe Obama is just waiting until he’s elected so OUR money, not his, will go toward helping his brother.   It is certainly one conclusion you could draw on this situation.


12 Responses

  1. Well, ok. You give the first one what? $300 a month. And then the next “half brother” shows up, and ok put him on the Obama dole too. And then the next and the next?

    Where does it end for Barry. How many brothers/sisters/cousins/half brothers/nephews ect ect ect may this guy have, who are living in poverty?

    Things must be pretty cheap in Kenya if you can make it one $12 a year. Think of what you could do over there if you made $5 a month!! You’d be in the middle class!

  2. xerocky,

    You know…give one loser “free” healthcare, give the next illegal alien a handout, then give the welfare woman with 10 kids that have 8 different dads a mere $300 /month per child….then the next beggar shows up and then the next and the next?

    You have just described in your comment the problem with all of the Liberal/Socialist Programs that Obama and the Democrat party would like to see forced upon us here in America….

    But let’s not question whether Barry would do the same for his half-brother.

  3. Bulls&%t story. Prove us he’s Barack’s brother.

    Cindy McCain’s sisters are real !

    (Questionable words edited by SharpRightTurn)

  4. Bruce,

    Last time I checked Cindy McCain isn’t running for President.

  5. Thank you so much for this post. I had the exact same thought. I attempted to post it on the Yahoo answers site, and it was deleted.

    Basically, my question was, “How can Obama supporters justify this hypocrisy?”

    How does this make sense to you, Obama supporters? You’ve got a candidate who says of Americans, “White folks’ greed runs a world in need,” and blasts America for not being true to Jesus’ commandment about taking care of your brother, and that very candidate denies his own blood brother any help, even as he lives in a slum.

    How do you justify this? You don’t. You got my question deleted from Yahoo Answers.

  6. hmmm wanna say something!… to be pres you need MONEY! ..either inherit it or accumulate it. In obamas case; he had to do the latter…. Remember…they’re sill paying off student loans or were?!…..what does that tell you?! Hes not poor , thats true, but could he take on a whole set of brothers (not just one) and truely take care of them.

    I was raised in an immigrant home, sending money back to relatives was always an issue. who doesnt want to help their relatives? ..BUT .who doesn’t want to take care of basic priorities first…if u don’t you probably cant provide for others the way YOU WOULD LIKE to.

    Robin hood is not an easy job ! especially when you’re unaware of you’re family’s existence while growing up :I in Obamas case. How many brothers does he have?

    Obama shouldnt be responsible for having his brother born into poverty. Their father should. AND obamas life didnt begin at his campaign for presidency nor does it end after the campaign, after whatever…
    ..whos to say what he has in mind for his family.

  7. missknowitall,
    The reason we can judge Obama is because he has incessantly preached that we must all do our part…yet he has neglected to even take care of his own.

    I, frankly, don’t care how many brothers Obama has…..the point is he expects all of us to do what he is not willing to do and he plans to take from the most prosperous of us (in the form of higher taxes on those who already pay 90% of taxes) to give credits to those who don’t even pay taxes.

    I am all for charity and helping my fellow man…I’ve given to lots of different causes. But I don’t want a hypocritical President FORCING me to do one thing while he doesn’t bother to do the same……while promoting his Socialist agenda.

  8. Please, Obama is overly generous with the public’s money….Seems that he is a tad bit more selfish with his own.

    I live on one heck of a lot less than the “BO Man” and I seem to take better care of my charitable contributions…both to family…and to the general good.

    Shame on You Barack… only have been giving to what advanced YOUR cause….You.

    Less taxes for us, means more charitable give from us. Get real…Libs give less than Conservatives. Fact.

    A comparitively generous human in MN

  9. All of the comments here seem to be of the opinion that there is an overriding responsibility to aid and assist someone who is in need, even if there is no request, and or the desire for such assistance.
    There are those who WANT to abide by that axiom of “Raise oneself up by one’s own bootstraps.” Maybe this man is of that belief. Many cultures instill that. Senator Obama having a brother (The half thing is just plain repugnant) who is in a different social and economic circumstance than what some would consider adequate, and the assumption that he is NOT doing anything for his brother borders on the detestable. My first reaction to this “News” was a question of wether or not this “discovered” brother was in fact a sibling of senator Obama’s. And if so, any sane person would hold ANY judgment until facts were revealed from senator Obama himself. To prejudge ANY actions of senator Obama relating to the gentleman in Nairobi is vile.

  10. guy,
    Obama has proven to be less than truthful on many of his relationships, so there is no reason to believe anything Obama says about his brother in Kenya.

    But the main point is, sure some people would not accept assistance, but Obama has plainly said in word and policies that those who have the most in this country will be forced to pay for those who don’t — whether those people need or want it themselves. (Of course, there are many who want Obama’s welfare handouts at the expense of others…those are the VOTERS that Obama is targeting with his welfare tax plan!)
    Yet, Obama can’t seem to muster $10 a month for his brother….or anyone else for that matter!

  11. This brings up an a BIG problem with socialism. When you take away peoples money, they stop giving to charities. So when Obama becomes president, I guaranty that charities will take a big hit.

    NObama ’08

  12. Mr. Lighter,

    You may be missing the point. The point is that under Obama, the government BECOMES the charity. The casualty is your option to give!

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