Oxy Meet Moron: Dem Leaders and Ethics

The story about Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn keeps popping up on the web.  Barbara Boxer, chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee continues to hound Dr. Coburn about delivering babies for free when he is back in Oklahoma.  You see, Dr. Coburn is an ObGyn and has delivered hundreds, if not thousands, of babies in his career.

I can barely bring myself to say the words Democrat Leader and Ethics in the same sentence….it is just so unnatural to do so.  It’s comparable to the Chinese or the Iranians heading up a committee on Human Rights.

Anyway, I wrote about Dr. Coburns efforts and the harassment earlier, but a piece by Debra Saunders at GOPUSA sums up the hypocrisy, the real push behind harassing Coburn, and the lack of focus on real ethics violations in the Senate….(can you say mortgage “sweetheart deals by the likes of Christopher Dodd, Kent Conrad, and Barack Obama, himself?)

It seems that Coburn delivering babies at no charge (while paying the costs from his own pocket) is just such an overwhelming problem, we don’t have time to look into the corruption and sweetheart deals that have transpired in this Democratic-led Congress.

Some good points laid out by Saunders:

In June, the Senate Ethics Committee began an initial look into Dodd’s and Conrad’s discounted Countrywide Financial VIP loans, as is fitting. Meanwhile, with all of the ethics stink bombs lurking in Washington, the committee, chaired by California Democrat Barbara Boxer, is aiming its guns at Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., for “a serious violation of Senate rules.”

Coburn’s bad? An obstetrician by profession, Coburn won’t heed the committee’s threat to reprimand him for delivering babies back home in Oklahoma — for free.

“On my own time, I’m taking care of women who have a need, and I’m going to continue to deliver babies,” Coburn told Politico.com.

And, bully for him: “I’m not going to stop.” When a member of the House, Coburn delivered 400 babies under an agreement with ethics meisters that allowed him to do so — if he charged only enough to cover his expenses.

And getting to the point about why the Dems are really targeting Dr. Coburn:

What’s really going on here? The senator — who prefers to be called Dr. Coburn — has been a thorn in the side of both big-spending Republicans and Democrats. He calls earmarks “the gateway drug” to Washington’s spending addiction. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank wrote back in 2006 when the GOP ran the Senate, “Tom Coburn is like an imam at a pig roast: He sees pork everywhere, and he doesn’t like it.”

Coburn bucked party leaders as he tried to block Stevens’ $229 million earmark, largely to a bridge between Ketchikan and an island with 50 residents, infamously dubbed the “Bridge to Nowhere.”

When Democrats took over the Senate, Coburn challenged their pork-barrel projects as well. In July, when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid bundled 35 spending bills into a $10 billion omnibus package, Coburn successfully led the charge to block the measure — citing next year’s projected $482 billion deficit. As Coburn likes to say, the American people elect senators to “make hard choices and live within our means.”……….

……The savvy observer has to conclude that because Coburn has challenged Senate pork, the Ethics Committee essentially is willing to stick it to poor pregnant women, who might benefit from a free delivery.

And just why it may backfire and why it reaks of hypocrisy and politics at its worst:

It’s a tactical blunder. If the committee continues to push for a public reprimand, Coburn has the right to ask for a full Senate vote. While Boxer may not mind coming across as petty and vindictive, other senators might hesitate before publicly bullying a man for delivering babies for free.

As Coburn spokesman John Hart noted, there have been many stories about lawmakers, their friends and families profiting from earmarks, but “no one has ever chosen to have Dr. Coburn deliver her baby in order to sway his vote.”

With Democrats in charge, the Senate Select Committee on Ethics is no more ethical than it was under the GOP. In going after Coburn, its mandate is clear: Forget Ethics, It’s Payback Time.

In the midst of sky-high oil prices, a do-nothing Congress, Russia military action against Georgia, and more…..the Senate Dems have put priority on pressuring the doctor serving as a Senator who delivers babies at no cost to anyone but himself…..

Good Lord…I only hope these bozos can be booted out in their next elections and try to make it in the real world, with a real career like Dr. Coburn….my guess is they couldn’t.


4 Responses

  1. The plain, simple fact is this. If Dr. Coburn would turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the wasteful spending in Congress, then he could probably get away with murder. As it is, the Senate leadership is trying their best to muzzle him, but they are going to find out what us Oklahomans already knew. The man has a stubborn streak in him and he will win this battle. That’s why we sent him to Washington.

  2. Larry,
    We need more like him…..too many in Washington have bought into getting re-elected at all costs and the elite culture that permeates there…..Coburn is simply trying to accomplish what Congressional leaders are supposed to do!

  3. This looks like a real loser for Boxer and the other mentally challenged Dems. Look for a retreat or beat down real soon.

  4. Actually, I almost hope they don’t call off the dogs and Coburn gets to take this fiasco before the entire Senate. I don’t mean him harm in any way, but he is a very good Senator and can articulate what he wants to say very well. It may do a lot of good to get this thing completely out in the open and let the entire nation see what a bunch of idiots we have in the Senate.

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