Obama-rama-ding-dong: A “Rick”in’ and a Rollin’

If you pay any attention to YouTube, you have probably already seen one of the two versions of this video.  My husband pointed it out to me the other day and I just did not get around to posting it.

I see that FoxNews now has a reference to it because of the large number of hits to it on YouTube….

Very clever and funny….see for yourself!

More From Fox:

The video plays off the Internet trend of spreading Astley’s video to unsuspecting viewers, a practice known as “rick-rolling.”

Hugh Akin, creator of the Obama/Astley video, wrote on his blog that the video took him “a number of days” to produce and that he used Google’s Election Video Search gadget to find all the different clips of Obama speaking.

Akin posted one video with just Obama and another version with a side-by-side comparison of the Obama and Astley videos.

“The dancing really is quite similar,” Akin said when comparing the two.


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  1. That is funnier EVERY time I watch it.

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