John Edwards Affair–but no love, no money, and no baby…???

No love, no money and no baby for that matter…..yeh…right!

John Edwards admitted to his affair today… but says he didn’t love her (isn’t that always the way?), was not the father of the baby (then who is and why are you visiting her now?) and that he is unaware of who is providing Rielle Hunter with so much money that she lives in digs fit for a queen (perhaps his friends, Edwards says?…I am LMAO on that one!)

I was watching FoxNews this afternoon when this story was on…..I noticed something very funny and could not find the video on Fox or YouTube….but Fox kept playing a video of an Edwards speech at Acorn back in July….with the angle of the camera there was John Edwards in front and just behind a group of people in front of the Acorn banner.  The funny part is that the people in front of the banner covered up most of the banner except part of one word … “ass” was all you could see on the banner….John Edwards was standing just to the left of the words….so an “ass” was front and center on the stage.    The word and the man painted a pretty accurate picture!

UDPATE 8/8/08: Found the video of the “ass” and his speech….go down to about a time of 1:11 on the video and you’ll see what I’m talking about….wonder if Fox did that on purpose?!?

Link to video is here.

It seems to be that the powers-that-be in the Democratic party didn’t want this coming out front and center just before or during the Democrat/Socialist Convention in Denver this month.

The man should be finished with his political career, but being a Democrat it may boost his career…..Look at Bill Clinton, the Extramarital Affair Expert-in-Chief!

The timeline of what he says happened and who knew it when is quite questionable….much of it is outlined and has been regularly updated at   A few of the later updates:

Update: I detail I initially missed but which I’ve now added to the blockquote: “Edwards said his wife, Elizabeth, and others in his family became aware of the affair in 2006.” Obvious question: If the affair ended so long ago that he couldn’t be the father of a child born in February of this year, what’s he doing sneaking out to a hotel late at night to visit his old girlfriend?

Update: Deceiver notes that Brian Ross of ABC was digging around on the story. Possibly (probably?) what happened is that ABC somehow confirmed it and went to Edwards with the evidence to give him a chance to respond before they went public. Result: A monster exclusive interview. If this is how it went down, Ross is an exception to the sort of elitism that kept big media away from a story broken by the Enquirer.

Update: People in the comments are seizing on him saying he didn’t love Hunter but that’s obviously designed to limit the injury to his wife. There are, after all, three ways in which Edwards is still potentially exposed here: (1) if it turns out he cheated while his wife was sick, (2) if he knew about money changing hands, and (3) of course, if he’s the kid’s father. If his hands are clean on those then he’s “only” guilty of something millions of other men are guilty of. If they aren’t…

Update: Actually, here’s arguably the most corrupt element of the whole story: “According to friends of Hunter, Edwards met her at a New York city bar in 2006. His political action committee later paid her $114,000 to produce campaign website documentaries despite her lack of experience.” Also, Ace wonders how dearly loved a man must be by his friends for it to be “possible” that they paid off his mistress on his behalf without so much as telling him.

Update: Good catch by Media Blog. Edwards says his family found out about the affair in 2006, but according to the December 25, 2006 issue of Newsweek, Hunter was still “under contract” with the campaign. Would he really have kept her on after he told his wife given the unbelievable awkwardness that would entail?

Update: Commenters are noting that they saved the story for Friday afternoon. Not just Friday afternoon, though — it’s also day one of the Olympics. I wonder how long ago Edwards ‘fessed up to ABC and what conditions he placed on the timing of the story’s release in return for the exclusive.

Elizabeth Edwards was diagnosed with incurable cancer in late March of 2007. Rielle Hunter’s baby was born in late February of 2008. That means that if Edwards is the father, he was definitely still carrying on the affair with Hunter after he knew his wife’s cancer was back.

Update: Why is it so important to Edwards to have people think the affair ended in 2006 even though, per the Media Blog item above, that’s unlikely? Spruiell explains:

One of the things that bugs me most is the cover-up….by Edwards, his “friends” and the media.   It appears that he has denied rumors, covered up stories, perhaps bribed others so that his butt is covered….rather than fessing up and taking the hit…..that is what a real man would do.   Sure, I understand that affairs are possible in the best of marriages, but not all people use money, power, time, and the media to cover for them….

Putting aside any political differences, I do feel for his wife, Elizabeth….I am sure it is not easy wondering if you will live through cancer, much less knowing your husband has cheated on you…..and to have to make sure your children get through this with their little souls intact.

It is a tragedy for the family, but is a great example of what power, money, and relative values can do to you.


3 Responses

  1. Regardless of whether he has a baby or not, he’s a despicable person. It’s one thing to cheat on a spouse that is healthy (and it’s bad bad bad). It’s totally indefensible to cheat on a spouse who has cancer and is struggling with the implications of life changing surgery and treatment, and possibly death. This man has duped his party and all his supporters to somehow believe he is a man of character. He is nothing but a super wealthy lawyer who has preyed on the innocent his whole life.

  2. If we aren’t careful this is liable to turn into a Maury episode.

  3. Loved your post. The answer here is simple.
    1. Caught
    2. Lied
    3. Caught
    4. Lied
    5. Caught
    6. Confessed, in love with mistress, baby daddy.

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