Free Healthcare but not Free Babies (if delivered by a Republican)

This goes in the unbelievable category….

Tom Coburn, Senator from Oklahoma, and, recently, a very distinct thorn in the side of Harry Reid, is being pressured by the Senate Ethics Panel for delivering babies at no charge….

Somehow—-in the warped, hyper-political view of Senate Democrats—delivering babies for free is HIGHLY UNETHICAL!

Didn’t Obama just preach to us all recently about a culture of volunteering—a “call to service” he called it?!?!

Seems a trained medical doctor who dedicates his time and personal money in order to accomplish free births while also serving his country as an elected Senator ought to be the poster child for Obama’s SERVICE campaign, right?

Also, seems that any kind of free healthcare would fit right into the Democrat agenda of “healthcare for all”??!?!

But that is not how Senate Democrats see it:

(Tom) Coburn (Senator from Oklahoma) has come under new pressure from the Ethics panel for delivering babies at the Muskogee Regional Medical Center, which changed from a public to a private institution in April last year….

In May, Coburn received a strongly worded “final determination” memo threatening him with a Senate censure if he did not stop delivering babies for free….

Coburn spokesman John Hart… called the Ethics panel’s logic “absurd” and its argument “inane.”

“Just as parents don’t choose him hoping to sway his vote, parents don’t choose to receive his services at a particular hospital because Dr. Coburn has somehow endorsed that hospital because he is a senator,” Hart said in a statement…. “The committee has shown us zero empirical evidence to back up its flimsy claim.

Read more at Michelle Malkin.


3 Responses

  1. […] I wrote about Dr. Coburns efforts and the harassment earlier, but a piece by Debra Saunders at GOPUSA sums up the hypocrisy, the real push behind […]

  2. If only the senator would take a multi million dollar mortgage at 2%, then he would be ethical!! And if the mortgage companies he was supposed to monitor, cut corners and cost the USA billions and billions? That’s no problem! It’s only eithical if you get something for power and privilege by being a senator. It’s a problem if you give something as a act of kindness back to your country.

    This is the country I knew we had. Time to clean out the rats from Washington D.C. to let the good folks back in.

  3. Hobo,
    You are spot-on…thanks for commenting!

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