Affair update: A very silent John Edwards and MSM

Apparently John Edwards is not answering any questions from the media as he makes his round of speaking engagements.

According to the NewsObserver, Edwards has been asked on several occasions, by various reporters, about his visit to the Beverly Hilton and about his reported affair….he refuses to answer any questions.

So is this trial lawyer and ex-VP candidate just being smart and not incriminating himself?  Is he staying quiet so he can drop a libel suit on the National Enquirer at just the right moment?

Or, perhaps, does he not want to answer any questions because he did have an affair and fathered a child with somone other than his cancer-stricken wife?

Hey Johnny, as someone in the blogosphere commented, you used to make loads of money slamming others and/or holding them accountable for their behavior which resulted in other people being hurt…..

I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt if you would only speak!   Maybe it’s just me, but if I was wrongfully accused by none other than a tabloid like the National Enquirer, I would be all over answering questions asked by “credible” reporters to set the record straight….

It seems you might have the decency to either own up to your own behavior or else stop the “rumors” in order to spare your family the hurt if this is not true…..Your silence is saying quite a bit at the moment!

Another thought I had….as we all know, if this had been a Republican with similar political stature, like, say, Mitt Romney, the mainstream media would have this running as the main story for days.  We all know that and I have mentioned it before

However, doesn’t it also seem that, knowing the MSM as we do, they would have plastered a rebuttal story all over the airwaves to deny this story on Edwards if they had any proof or knowledge that the rumor wasn’t true??…..I’m just saying…..

Well until they do, guess I’ll have to go with the same source again who claims John Edwards pays regular hush money to his mistress and his friend to keep the truth quiet…..

National Enquirer reports….John Edwards stays silent….MSM has no rebuttals… decide!


6 Responses

  1. I find it funny that not only is John Edwards’ affair not hitting the MSM, but look at Republican Senator Ted Stevens – 7 felony counts of filing false information. This is all over the MSM and is being talked about just as much as Obamessiah! It is amazing that the MSM sticks to these stories and nothing about Edwards or even questionable sayings by Obama about his Islamic connections.

    Doesn’t it just baffle you?? Good grief.

    It is quite funny though how McCain took a lead in a poll (not that it matters) while the “annointed one” was overseas playing president.

    Too funny.

  2. Here’s an interesting read:

  3. Not “hitting the MSM”? Who cares except you? It’s so funny how you perverts attack heterosexuals. You got a president who’s a homo and a war criminal and all you care about is which heterosexual is banging who.

    Obama, by the way, cain’t hep it if he’s got charisma and you don’t. No reason to accuse him of being “anointed.” Some folks have the magic and some don’t. You’re all just jealous little girls.

  4. Caleb,
    And you, my little mixed up friend, forgot to take your meds today….

  5. KDW,
    Yes, the differences in how the media handles a Republican is a far cry from how the Democrat’s are handled.
    I did see the Slate article which had a very good point to it.
    Thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. Mr. Lighter, where are you?

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