OH Bama-sigh-uhhhhh!

Pic from rushlimbaugh.com

Pic from rushlimbaugh.com

OH…sigh…..Is anyone else tired of the wall-to-wall coverage of the vapid Barry, the Messi-uh on his World Tour?

Good lord (no not Barry), I just heard him on ABC news claim that he wouldn’t be surprised if his poll numbers fell while he was gone….because, after all, we small Americans are concerned about gas prices, the economy, etc…..and the Messiah hasn’t been here in a week!

He really did insinuate that…..so my question is….if we are worried about issues and you want to represent us, then why are you on a Rock Star tour of Europe and the Middle East on a quest for their approval??????


4 Responses

  1. Why was McCaine on 6 rock star tours at the American Tax payers expense? Dah, so what is really your question? Oh, a African Americn being President? Sad to say , America the Damed, Bush for 8 years never looked or even spoke for that matter as presidential, sold american interest, failed economy, an unjust war, and the decline of the american dollar. You need to go deeper that just what you read and hear from media. Guess your educated by the tube, get a life.

  2. Jahroe…
    get off the meds

    and learn to spell!

  3. Yes, if you are going to post, please use correct grammar and spelling. Nothing says “I am stupid” like trying to insult someone and using incorrect grammar. What are you, 14?

  4. Also, the reason why the European countries love Obama is because he is a socialist. Jahroe, if you’re worried about our economy, perhaps you should think about what will happen to it when we have to pay for everybody’s health bills.

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