“George W Bush, California”: An Environmental Plan

Don’t know if you saw the little blurb today on Drudge about the Proposed Sewage Plant in San Francisco….a ballot measure in November will bring a vote to changing the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant to the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

Supporters say the idea is to commemorate the mess they claim Bush has left behind by actions such as the war in Iraq.

Local Republicans say the plan stinks and they will oppose it.

Not so fast there Republicans…. why stop there??  The city of San Francisco is the worst of all sewers…its a cultural cesspool with scarce values.

I say name the whole sewer of a city after W….

George W Bush, California?   The name would live on in perpetuity on a map…and, best of all, something tells me those who live there couldn’t bring themselves to say they live in “George W Bush, California” and they’d leave….

What a way to clean up the environment in Cal-ee-for-nee-a…..the “lefty greens” should love the idea!

(Along those lines of naming things….. I hear that math professors at colleges across the country are studying the phenomenon of a quantitative poll that produces negative percentage results….they plan to call it the Pelosi-Reid Theorem    🙂  )


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