Barbie: You’ve come a long way, baby

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Irritation of the Day:   Barbie goes S & M!

One of the latest Barbies dolls is sporting leather, fish net hose—all to achieve that great S&M look.  Aside from the irritation I feel for a company (and consumers) who think this is OK, Barbie seems to be a reflection of our deteriorating culture.

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Think about original Barbie back in 1959….she was fashioned after the beauties of the day.   Now almost 50 years later, we fashion Barbie dolls after a perverted sexual preference.

What’s next?  The she-man Barbie who gives birth?  Seems we’ve gone from “Suntan Barbie” of the 1970’s to what will likely be the next new Barbie —  “California Same-Sex Marriage Barbie” complete with an intolerant attitude!

As a mother of two young girls, this push for Barbie-as-warped-role-model makes me angry and sad.

Whatever happened to innocence?


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  1. This is just more of the “hook-up” culture that is taking the US by storm. I fear for future generations.

  2. “Black Canary Barbie” is a Barbie rendition of a DC Comic superhero of the same name. She’s been around since 1947 – including appearances as part of the popular Justice League series – and has always been wearing the same getup from day one: fishnet stockings, a leather jacket and high heel boots.

    There have already been previous action figure renditions of the character, and putting her in any other costume would be like Superman without the tights.

  3. Shane,
    So that makes it OK?

  4. I don’t really have a problem with the doll. It’s a limited edition doll, targeted at collectors and comic book fans. It’s of the same ilk as previous Barbie super hero tributes such as Wonder Woman, Elektra and Super Girl.

    Why no outrage over Black Canary’s wardrobe for the past 60 years? She has always worn the same leather and fishnets.

    If you want to have a debate over the comic book industry’s misogynistic portrayal of women, that’s one thing. But I think it’s a stretch to claim this is an attempt by Mattel to “push for Barbie-as-warped-role-model” or that they’re “fashion(ing) Barbie dolls after a perverted sexual preference.”

    Especially when it’s obvious that she’s “fashioned” after a comic book hero that has existed for 60 years which, until now, has avoided comparison to S&M.

    Can you show me a pattern of this alleged “push” to make Barbie a “warped” role model? Because without it, it really seems like this is a one time, limited edition ode to a popular comic book hero and the furthest thing from what you are portraying it as.

    Certainly not the downfall of civilization as we know it.

    Simple solution. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it for your kids. But I would have thought that to be a no-brainer.

  5. Shane,
    Sure it isn’t the end of civilization. But I do believe that Mattel (and other brands) have “sexed-up” their dolls over the years…..
    I am pretty much pleading for an attempt to at least try and keep little girls as innocent as possible for as long as possible.

    In today’s market, it seems kids as young as 5 are being inundated with toys that grow them up too quickly….I just get really tired of it.

    As far as the limited edition Black Canary…..I think many comic book characters are not appropriate for young kids….I suppose your point about it being a collector’s doll is well-taken, however….

    Hopefully they aren’t placing these “collector dolls” on the shelf next to “Wedding Barbie” anytime soon, though.
    Thanks for commenting.

  6. Over the years, we do see culture pushing more and more sexuality out, Barbie’s no exception. However, they don’t compare to Bratz, with a style that encourages girls as young as 5 to see this super sexualized style of dress and behavior as something to aspire towards. What we can do, is teach our girls to be confident in who they are and the real beauty will show.

  7. You are correct Shalian!

  8. ”California Same-Sex Marriage Barbie” complete with an intolerant attitude?? Don’t whine so much.
    Tolerating is about accepting -not ranting about- something you actually would rather not to happen. So you don’t accept this Barbie and you consider yourself the tolerant one? Aww –

  9. Plus, consider how very feminine the fifties Barbie was:
    -Broad shoulders.
    -Narrow hips.
    -Long extremities.
    -Immature ribcage.
    -Immature face traits.
    -Incongruently big spheric breasts.
    -Impossibly elongated neck and head.
    -Impossible head-to-hips ratio.
    Etc …
    Now rant about that 🙂

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