Tony Snow, Rest In Peace

(AP photo)

It is often that I feel real sadness upon the death of someone “famous”, especially someone genuine who lived a great life. 

But it is rare that the death strikes me almost as if it were my own brother….

As I watched FoxNews this morning and saw several excerpts of Tony and colleagues remembering, I was crying like a baby.

My prayers are with his wife and children….way tooo soon to lose a husband and a father.  Not to mention a man that WAS famous, was smart, was talented in many ways, but also one who somehow had the ability to make you feel you knew him and was one of us regular folks.

God Bless Tony and his family.    My heart is heavy for your loss.

UPDATE 7/17: From Tony Snow’s funeral today in Washington, the Reverend had this very accurate thing to say about Tony Snow:

 “The measure of this man’s life can be found in his character, in his optimism, in his joy and humor, in his courage, in his passion for what was good and right, and in his love for God and family and neighbor and country. Tony snow did not need a long life for us to measure. It was, rather, we who needed his life to be longer.”


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