Another great viewpoint on the “O”bortion President

LaShawn Barber has a great post on Obama’s infanticide stance… is worth reading.

Full text here.  Excerpts below:

……Obama said he voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act as a senator in Illinois because of the constitutionality issue and some other law in place protecting babies born alive. That makes for a pithy sound bite, but Obama the “Christian” glossed over the real reason for his opposition, a reason that should stop any genuine Christian from voting for him…..

……Obama opposed the bill protecting infants because of a so-called burden it would impose on women and doctors…..Obama voted against the bill, according to his spokesman, because he believed it would take away doctors’ “professional judgment when a fetus is viable.”….

….Did Obama read the definition before he voted against the bill? Whether he had in fact read it or not, he voted against the bill all the same. His opposition didn’t turn on definitions or burdens, in my opinion. He clearly believes a woman’s desire trumps a baby’s right to live. ….

….Obama is a liberal who supports child murder. Plain and simple. It’s on record. Anything he says to the contrary now can be contradicted by that record. Obama tried to soft-pedal his position on infanticide before a “Christian” audience, and only his fellow Christians-in-name-only would fall for it….

……….Politicians can craft all the “right to privacy” laws they want. Murder called by any other name is still repugnant in the eyes of God. Even some who call themselves pro-life just can’t seem to hold their position when it comes to rape and incest. It’s OK to murder the baby if he was conceived during these acts. That’s what George Bush believes. For me, there is no exception, and I will maintain that position for the rest of my life……

When God asks you on Judgment Day what you believed during your lifetime about abortion, what will you tell him?


One Response

  1. I totally agree. There is absolutely no exception.

    The bottom line is that pro-choice liberals put politics before life.

    Sick isn’t it?

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