Obama’s Incompatible Agenda between Gays and Evangelicals

As the old Western saying goes:

The man who straddles the fence, has a sore crotch.

Probably not the best analogy for this particular post 🙂  I apologize for that, but it certainly fits the mold of Obama…Particularly now that he is courting the “center” after his primary win.

Yesterday Obama was trying to court “those of faith”/evangelicals with this speech on Faith-Based Initiatives

Two days before he and his Democrat cohorts were passing out Pro-Gay flyers at the St. Louis Pride Festival.

This flyer touts Obama’s clearly pro-homosexual agenda (click on photo to read the flyer).  How does that square with the evangelical belief that homosexuality is wrong?


(Hat tip to Gateway Pundit)

I hope evangelicals wake up before Obama is reigning over his own Gomorrah.

And before you lefties decide to comment about how Jesus loved gays….well, yes He did, as all Christians should.

But as is correctly pointed out by a commenter at Gateway Pundit:

I suggest that ks go back and read his New Testament. Jesus forgave, Jesus said “he who is without sin cast the first stone”, but He also said “Go and sin no more”. That last bit is what is forgotten by the liberals who use Christianity as a means of gaining votes.

Gays are loved and welcomed by Christians, but also gays must remember that little bit “Go and sin no more”.

I guess you can be like Obama and ignore the teachings of the Bible and attend a racist, America-hating church for 20 years and call yourself a Christian….and the gays and libs will love you for it.

But actually be a Christian who calls out what the Bible teaches about homosexuality and you will be considered a bigot of the worst kind…..

I personally know there are some evangelicals who would vote for a Democrat if he was the Devil himself….just because he is a Democrat.  I have never understood this but I believe it stems from many in the South being from the Democrat mold of long ago…..In my opinion, many of those Democrats still don’t realize the party left their “Southern” Democrat ideals behind years ago. 

Obama’s beliefs do not match those of the Evangelical persuasion….and his gay agenda is only one example of it.

So, I hope that those evangelicals and others will do their homework this election…..the contrast pointed out in this post is typical of Obama’s approach to most topics…..Court one side and embrace the other!

Remember that in November…..and maybe the Obamamessiah will be toppled from his throne.

Reminds me of another saying:

A halo only needs to drop a few inches to become a noose!


7 Responses

  1. Finally, someone points out the fact that Jesus Said ” Go and sin no more.” I have been sick and tired of the Christian bashers who have been telling me that I do not “love” in the Christian sense because I do not and will not accept the gay lifestyle. Politicians like Obama and my states Senate candidate Andrew Rice scare me. They flaunt the fact that they go to church, and are Christians, but what about their support of gays, like Rice offering seminars to the GLBT groups in OKC, telling them how to lobby their legislators, or forming organizations such as the Progressive Alliance. He is also a member of the Stonewall Democrats. His commercials on the radio talk about his mission work and graduating form Harvard Divinity School. Talk about someone who is straddling the fence. No, he is not even straddling the fence, he is leaning over and hopes no one notices.

  2. Keith,
    Well said! I like comments from fellow Okies!

  3. Thanks so much for the link to GCM Watch.
    I see that you are also a target of the liberal hatemongers (political and religious) whose magic mirror only shows them how “loving” they are to hate those who oppose them.
    God bless you and fight the good fight of faith!

  4. The fascination people of this time who label themselves as “Christians” with gay anything, sex, whatever is amazing to me. They know every single practice, every single celebrity etc. The bottom line in my opinion is that these people deep down have a feeling that is what they are. It is true however that Obama is going all over the place to garner votes, leaving much of his life behind him, and basically wont get my vote.

  5. It isnt hard to see what people of your ilk do, including right wing talk radio. You seek out the sensational and unusual, such a “oh no” there actually is a transexual in a school, something that will be seen as so weird (not seeing that women have been wearing pants for a long time now which would be seen as transvestism by some in other cultures) and then using a titillating item to supposedly advance some kind of “Christian” agenda. It has no logic to it. Christ is never represented as being married, no mention of any girls he was “dating” and he had 12 male disciples. Doesnt it strike anyone as unusual the bottom line of many so called “Christians” is that they are terrible perplexed by sexuality? I mean there are hermaphrodite frogs for goodness sakes. Not all but nature has many things unusual. Grow up.

  6. Steve Brogan,
    I am glad you are well-versed on your frogs, but I don’t remember mentioning anything about hermaphrodite frogs. (or transexuals for that matter)

    I was merely stating a fact that Obama’s embracing of the homosexual agenda doesn’t square well with his courting of evangelicals. If you haven’t noticed, the two are like oil and water.

    It is your right to embrace homosexuality and other “sensational” and “unusual” sexual preferences…..but you pretty much make my point…..those of us who believe in the Bible and its teachings are considered perplexed, bigoted, immature, you name it by those who wish to force their views on our lives through the legal system.

    Most Christians simply do not want a sinful lifestyle forced upon them and their children by a well-funded homosexual agenda, school indoctrination, and activist judges (think California when you read that).

  7. Reuben,
    Your logic is hard to understand….

    Are you saying that anyone who disagrees with homosexuality and the forcing of it upon our lives…must be homosexual?

    That’s kind of like me telling you that since you say you don’t want to vote for Obama, you must really like him.

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