Happy Birthday America! Most of us Still Love YOU!

It’s Ok to be Patriotic this July 4th!  

After all, we have had the Obamamessiah explain to us what Patriotism means ……

I say disregard his skewed ideas of Patriotism and all of that lecturing….go with your gut….LOVE YOUR COUNTRY this Birthday Season…..

Heck…fly a flag….wear a flag pin……..put your hand over your heart during the National Anthem….honor the military….shoot fireworks and enjoy yourself.

In other words…drive a liberal, Obama-supporter crazy with red, white and blue!   🙂 

Seriously….have a great holiday…and try to contemplate just how lucky we are to live here!


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  1. […] wingnuts, helped by the mainstream media, now are using flag pins and the National Anthem to try to […]

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