Harry Reid Makes ME Sick…

I hope Harry Reid keeps talking……he says oil and coal make us sick because they cause global warming.

Well, Harry, I hate to inform you, but you ( and Pelosi) and the other left nuts in leadership make us sick….And if there is any warming going on…it is collecting from the hot air flowing from your mouths!

I am not sure my heart and head could take 8 years of Obama and a Democrat Congress led by these people…..I am praying for a Republican miracle in November.

UPDATE:  Guess I am not the only one “sick” of Reid’s blathering.  From Liberation from Environmentalism:

So Harry, do you know what makes me sick? Environmentalists who want to sacrifice man’s progress and well-being to trees, animals, rocks, and dirt (aka, ‘The Environment’). Do you know what else makes me sick? The politicians who carry out that sick agenda. Politicians who cannot produce squat or make an honest dollar on their own, yet have the arrogance to vilify, shackle, and loot those who do – like oil men – make me sick. Harry Reid – along with the jackasses who voted the basket-case into office – makes me sick.


One Response

  1. Harry Reid is no one to lose any sleep over. He is too stupid to be alive and the perfect village idiot—right harry

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