Happy Father’s Day: Fathers ARE Important

Many people on this day are reflecting on what their father means to them….it is an important thing to reflect on it not just today but on a regular basis…..as someone once said:

Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever. “

Since I have become a parent several years ago, I have often reflected on so many things that I did not fully appreciate about my father (and mother) until I became a parent myself…..

There are simple things to appreciate….like tolerating the messes, telling kids things over and over again, the constant effort that children entail.

And then there are the obviously meaningful things…. the development of strong family roots, teaching your children right and wrong, consistency in punishment and rewards and being a strong example of character for your children.

None of those things are easy….but somehow my parents now seem like experts at ALL of those things….amazing……And I am so fortunate to have them both still with me today….my young children think the world of their grandparents and rightfully so…..What a gift from God!

If only we, as a country, still realized the precious gift of Fathers!

Something that knaws at me is the seemingly ambivalent attitude toward fathers in this day and age.

The assault on fathers in the past 40 to 50 years has come from many angles:  Feminists, Gays, Hollywood, no-fault divorce, the abortion industry, loser ex-wives, and welfare, to name a few. 

Despite what these groups of people live and believe—Fathers ARE very important in the lives of their children.

The statistics on the quality of life and chances for success for children that grow up with BOTH a loving mother and father in the same household is staggeringly heads above the statistics for kids that don’t have fathers living in their homes with them.

(There are several links below, some of which include the ugly statistics for fatherless children or children whose fathers are not active in their lives, for whatever reason.)

But don’t kid yourselves….the lack of fathers is not just a problem in the black inner cities (although that is a catastrophic problem)….it is a problem across most  of this country.   Much of the “father problem” in this country is largely due to liberal influences and the lack of a moral compass in the lives of many Americans….

Kids are not with their fathers for many reasons that are selfish and many that society has influenced.  To name only a few:

  • The wives who are professional women whose jobs take precedent over their children, divorce their husbands (or not), and let nannies raise their children
  • The ex-wives who “Just couldn’t get along with their husband”, find a new one (Or not), and strip young sons and daughters from most or all contact from their father day to day. (while collecting every dime of child support they can get their hands on!)
  • State divorce laws that favor mothers even if the father is willing and able to lovingly support and be with the child.
  • Lesbians who somehow think that all of the rules of nature don’t apply to them….lying to themselves that a Father/male is just not important, but their warped view of sexuality is “normal”…. 
  • Hollywood stars having babies “because their clock is ticking” but never looking past their narcissistic world to realize the importance of the father in the life of the child.
  • The abortion industry has fully deleted the father from the decision of whether his child will live or die….the child aborted by its mother never even GETS THE CHANCE to experience his or her father!

Sometimes it seems that the system is rigged to eliminate the influence of fathers from most aspects of the lives of our children….that is a sad testament on our country and one I hope and pray changes before it is too late!

More interesting reading and reflections on fathers, their importance, and the effects of expendable fatherhood:

The Tragedy of America’s Disappearing Fathers by Juan Williams

Debbie Schlussel’s Tribute to her Late Father


Happy Father’s Day from Michelle Malkin


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