The Perfect Democrat Candidate – Socialist/Marxist, Inexperienced, Islam-Rooted, Racist

Well, in the man of Barack Obama, the Democrats may have finally found the candidate that represents almost everything they stand for:

A great post at Gateway Pundit pretty much sums it up:

UPDATE 2: Joshua offers this to Democrats on this historic night–
Your party is about to deliver a Communist supported, Marxist supported, Racist supported candidate for the general election. The fact that you can be proud of this speaks loudly just how low the Democrat party has sunk.

None of us fear what may happen. We are simply the Watchers on the Wall warning the people. People once fell for the fiery oratory of another socialist zealot in the past too. He changed history forever as well. His arrogance much like your candidate. He was bitter, anti-semite who played on the emotions of people to hate business.

The only difference this time around is your candidate put a mask on and turned his anti-semite stances off to get elected. But he remained at an anti-semite church for 20 years.

Stand for him all you want. But he will only bring disaster to this country and around the world for free nations. Every single tyrant from Iran to Venezuela will rejoice if he wins.

If this is what you truly live for then why not move to Cuba?


3 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t see McCain winning.. ..too much myopia in the rank and file US citizen

    We survived Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and W.. we will survive Obama too…and even McCain if things change..

  2. uh oh, you and I better be careful or we might end up on his new rumor stopping website where he points out that it is a lie that he won’t “ever” place his hand over his heart during the pledge. (I guess he did once and they have a video of it–I think he was in 3rd grade)

  3. […] The logo defaces the Presidential Seal and that is a symbol of exactly what he’ll do to this country if elected. […]

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