Obama joined and left his church because of politics

A few more thoughts about Obama leaving his church……

Courtesy of Little Green Footballs, one thing Obama said when leaving his church that has not been widely reported:

“It’s not a church worthy of denouncing.”

Then pray tell why is Obama leaving his church?  (Other than blaming others for it?)

I’ll answer that….he is leaving because what started as a political calculation 20 years ago has now become a political liability for him…..and how!

Read more about his political opportunism in joining the church at Healthcarebs.  


As Obama began his work as a community organizer on the city’s South Side he became acquainted with the leaders of neighborhoods. And they were often preachers. Obama tells a story of how he was admonished once that if he wanted to be effective with churchgoers in his adopted city, he might do well to join one of those churches.

So now that the church no longer helpful in his political ambitions, he decides to leave.  Many people wonder if the congregration or those who think like that church will now abandon Obama…..highly doubtful……

Obama blamed just about everyone else for his reasons for leaving and he presented it as doing a favor to this church.  I believe that members of his church and other like members of that church believe him!!  And, I believe, most would not have a problem with his using the church for political purposes. 

It is my belief that most of the people who support Obama and those in that church would do anything and believe anything to have Obama in office…..most will vote for Obama because of one of more of these issues:

  1. he is black
  2. he is a socialist
  3. he is nice-looking and a smooth-talker
  4. he will be the king of handouts if elected to office.
  5. they think he will “end” the war in Iraq
  6. he makes them “feel good”

It can’t be that anyone will vote for Obama because he is experienced, because he is not.  It can’t be that anyone will vote for him because he loves this country because he doesn’t.  It can’t be that anyone will vote for him because he will support a strong defense, because he won’t.

Many people also wonder if this is a sign of his leadership if he becomes President….if the tide blows against Obama obtaining or keeping power, what will he choose to leave behind to keep it?

Obama talks about his “long-held beliefs” frequently…..usually the “long held beliefs” of indivuduals such as religion and where they choose to worship don’t get smashed on their way to something else.  Those beliefs usually define character and integrity and are are the very things you espouse and believe in strongly enough to guide you through life (and politics).

That is not the case with Obama.  And while we are on it…he wants us to believe that he and his church are being widely chastised and that we should be looking at his “long-held beliefs” as proof of his greatness!

As a voting public, we don’t know Obama well…his church is one of the defining pillars of this campaign….the beliefs that appear at that church appear to be his “long-held” beliefs.   Those beliefs —along with his associations with domestic terrorist William Ayers, his direct and indirect associations with Louis Farrakhan, his sketchy family background, and his continued vocal support of his church and its pastors — are his long-held beliefs!

Actions and associations speak louder than his vacuous words on “long-held beliefs”!


One Response

  1. All this only shows that Obama will and has done anything, said anything including lying to the American people just to be elected as president of The United States of America. He will throw anyone or anything under the bus and drive over them himself after he’s done getting what he can out of them. To elected Obama would be no better than electing Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jeremiah Wright or the known terrorist William Ayers. This small town white working class American will not vote for Obama.

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