Obama leaving his church – not his values behind!

Word has it that Obama has now separated himself from the radical Trinity United Church of Christ!

In the words of Michelle Malkin, “It’s a good thing Obama got out in front of this controversy before it started to hurt him.”

I say that it really doesn’t matter if he quit the church now, later or earlier when he should have.  He sat there for 20 years and listened to racist, anti-Semitic and other lunatic “preaching” from his beloved pastor, Jeremiah Wright.   Obama calls Wright his friend; he exposed his kids to the dangerous hate that came from Wright’s mouth over and over again; and he and his wife thought enough of the pastor to ask him to marry them years ago.

The new pastor, Otis Moss, is also someone Barack thinks highly of and is just as radical as the last guy.  (Obama’s words: “I have tremendous regard for the great young pastor”.)

See Obama’s video below regarding his announcement to leave the church….he blames everyone else (people who have the gall to scrutinize his pastors, the media, and those who don’t take Obama at his word about his “long held” beliefs) for the issues he’s had with the church he CHOSE to attend for 20 years.  He wants them to be able to “get back to what they do, which is worshipping God”  (That part made me laugh out loud!)

This church and the men who pastor it have a significant history of hateful, racist thoughts, preaching and ideas.  Obama didn’t just happen to stumble into the church or the pastors unknowing of their backgrounds and beliefs.

Obama and Michelle can disassociate themselves from the church and church body, but they won’t have so easy a time convincing most (thinking)* people that their beliefs do not consist of the same misguided, racial hatred that they have soaked in and embraced there the last 20 years.

Obama is a radical, socialist, liberal with an agenda enormously dangerous to the continued existence of our country as we’ve know and as it was established……leaving his church doesn’t change anything about the man of deep-seated “hate” who talks a good line about “hope”.

(*thinking people in this definition are those who actually take a look at the issues, the country’s establishment, common sense, experience, and values of decency in order to decide for whom they will vote. This stands in stark constrast to those who vote based on skin color, sex, perverted agendas, feeling good, liberalism, and the handouts that could be bestowed upon them!)


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