In Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA……

UDPATE: Post now comes complete with Merle Haggard video of “Okie from Muskogee”.   This one includes Tammy Wynette….which should make the Hillary fans happy 🙂

Well, I’m proud to be mayor of Muskogee! ( for those of you who know the song “Okie from Muskogee”, I just changed the words a bit!)

A 19-year-old has won the runoff for Mayor of Muskogee.  He is a registered Republican but says he’ll lead in a bipartisan way….

The senior class president at Muskogee High School in 2007, he served as president of both the Young Republicans and the Young Democrats clubs.

“I threw my name in both rings … and lo and behold, both groups elected me,” he said.

Hammons, a registered Republican, is Oklahoma’s youngest at-large delegate to the Republican National Convention. But when it comes to serving as mayor of Muskogee, an unpaid position, he plans to govern in a nonpartisan way.

“Politics stop at the door,” Hammons said. “If someone wants to talk politics, I will literally leave the office and leave the building if I have to. In this office, it needs to be Muskogee-oriented.”

I think this is very interesting….me being from Oklahoma and somewhat familiar with Muskogee, Oklahoma…that small city could use a good shot in the arm….maybe a fresh-faced 19-year old who has not yet been marred by the incompetence, ego and power struggles that seems to permeate politics these days, he may change the face of the city.

At the Club Lunch cafe in downtown Muskogee, owner Gary Armstrong said locals have grown weary of politics as usual at City Hall.

“He doesn’t have the baggage. He doesn’t owe anybody anything,” Armstrong said as he served up a plate of roast beef and mashed potatoes. “It’s sort of a fresh start for Muskogee.”

In a state that has not felt the pressure of an economic downturn yet ….and where houses are still selling at a good pace…..Muskogee, Oklahoma is a stagnant small city with little new business and issues with growth.

“I’ve always had it in the back of my mind to be governor of Oklahoma one day,” he said. “That’s always been a dream of mine. If I am lucky enough to be governor, I’ll probably flirt with the idea of trying to become president.”

I say kudos to the boy young man…maybe he could run for President now….he sounds a lot better than the potential three candidates we now have!

Full Story Here.


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  1. I included your link in my page that is running tomorrow it is called “The Village Called” and I hope you don’t mind.

    Where did you locate the music?

    Just curious.


  2. Duh? Sorry, I see the UTube logo now.


  3. Don,
    When you “included the link in your page”…can you direct me to the blog or publication you are referring to?

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