This is a test…..can you guess which Presidential candidate sent this “eco-friendly, climate-change respecting” e-mail to the campaign masses?

This week our campaign is promoting ???????????’s long-term commitment to providing market-based solutions to climate change and highlighting ways we can all protect our environment. We’re also taking this week to launch a new section of our store – complete with eco-friendly items.

In our new store section, we’re proud to offer eco-friendly t-shirts and polo shirts made from biodegradable fabric, as well as organic cotton hats and shopping bags. You can also buy travel mugs and notebooks made from recycled materials.

…..Also, click here to see a new section of (website) that lays out ???????????’s plan to combat climate change by establishing a market-based system to curb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, mobilize innovative technologies, and strengthen the economy.

Sounds like DNC talking points so it must be Obama’s campaign, right?….no, Hillary’s campaign, right?…

Well, try John McCain’s campaign!!!! Yep, the master RINO wants us all to support him by purchasing “eco-friendly” gear at his campaign website

I received this e-mail a couple of days ago and couldn’t believe my eyes….This is not the way to win the votes of true conservative Republicans who can see through the HOAX of global warming (or climate change as its called if we happen to have a cooler than normal season!)

I am not sure what RINO-brained idiot at the GOP thought this was a good idea….I guess it was the McCain campaign.

Can McCain and the 2008 Election be any more irritating for those of us who have witnessed the politicians in our party abandoning the party principles?

Along the same lines, Michelle Malkin has a summary of aggravation-based comments the NRCC is getting based on the party direction they are touting at the NRCC website.

Liberal-lite is the elixir being sold by the Republican party for this election…..and I’m buying none of it!


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