A thought about political blogging and race

A thought occurred to me today….

When I started this blog, I intended to blog about current events and politics in this country.  I thought the vast majority of my blogging would entail subjects regarding the liberal Democrats; Republicans who’ve strayed; terrorism; the War on Terror; and the good, bad and ugly of the Presidential Election….you get the idea.

But when I look at my postings and at others on the blogosphere…..much of it is related to race. 

I know that the Reverend Wright has largely spurred it, Obama has been unable to squelch it, Al Sharpton and Wright fuel it, and it is troubling to see race relations set back many years because of it.

I know many people defend Reverend Wright.  I can not fathom how they can because he dwells on the color of skin rather than people as created equal in the eyes of God no matter their color and he hates this country and its military.

He wants to blame Americans of today for sins of the past.   Most Americans are more than happy to do all we can to get past race issues of the past and accept everyone (here legally) 🙂 as Americans.  But, it seems, many do not.

It is a sickening feeling, and an eye-opener to me, to think that potentially many of our fellow Americans believe as Jeremiah Wright does.

Please, God, Bless America….now more than ever.


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