Al Sharpton – On the wrong side again

With the recent verdict in the Sean Bell case in New York, you had to know it was a matter of time before Al Sharpton teamed up with the grieving girlfriend along with riot inciters like himself.

While the mistaken killing of a citizen is tragic and the grief the family must be experiencing is pretty incomprehensible to me, there is no excuse for Al Sharpton and his minions marching about on their “Kill the Police” and “Shut Down the City” march in Harlem.

(While I’m thinking about, if Obama is elected, it is my opinion that people like Sharpton and his race-baiting minions will rule the day—after all, Obama’s mentor of 20 years is made in the same mold as Al Sharpton.)

There is a great summary in the New York Post  of why the right legal decision was made in regards to the police officers who opened fire on Bell.  (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin’s site)  In addition, there is reference to the fact that police mistakes were made but not to the point of being criminal.

The judge reviewed at least this much information corrobated by several prosecution witnesses:

* They confirmed that there’d been a tense exchange outside the Club Kalua (a crime-ridden strip joint in Queens) between an apparently armed man and Sean Bell and his companions (who had been celebrating Bell’s wedding the next day with a bachelor party at the club).

* Several acknowledged that Bell and his friends had referred to getting a gun.

* Some prosecution witnesses also verified what forensics evidence unambiguously demonstrated: that Sean Bell’s car had sped twice into Detective Gerald Isnora and an unmarked police van as Detective Isnora was trying to signal the car to stop.

From the New York Post article:

MOST importantly, the judge has maintained a meaningful barrier between good-faith police action that proves in retrospect to be even horribly and tragically mistaken, and criminal conduct. To convict these defendants would have required an intolerable degree of second-guessing of police decisions taken under circumstances that few civilians have ever had to face.

The complaint of Sharpton and his ilk is they believe that blacks are targeted by police – mostly because this suits their warped cause.  One point made in the New York Post is the striking number of minorities saved in New York since a crackdown on crime in the mid-1990’s:

ANTI-COP agitators and politicians are fond of claiming that the police are a threat to black lives. In fact, no single private or public agency has saved more minority lives than the NYPD.

Had murders stayed at their early 1990s levels, before the NYPD got smart about policing, 13,000-plus more New Yorkers – the overwhelming majority of them black and Hispanic – would be dead today.

The Post also calls out Sharpton and his buddies on their misguided rant against crime and criminals:

If Al Sharpton and Charles Barron really cared as much about law-abiding minorities as they say they do, they would join the police in that mission -they’d stigmatize criminals, not the cops. They’d protest outside the jail cells of rapists and robbers who terrorize the elderly and frail; they’d call on crime witnesses to cooperate with investigators.

The sad fact is, had Sean Bell been killed by a fellow club-goer, Al Sharpton and Charles Barron wouldn’t have taken the slightest interest in him. The world knows about him only because he was killed by police officers.

Need proof? A week after Bell’s death, another groom-to-be was fatally gunned down by some robbers in Brooklyn who had just pistol-whipped three other victims.

His name was Earl Williams – and no one ever protested his death.

The reasons Sharpton latches on to the Bell case is it gives him a platform (with willing media and Democrat accomplices) to spout his hate-mongering, poisonous message of so-called “civil rights”. 

Need proof of Sharpton’s warped rationale to suit his purposes of race-baiting and hate mongering?  Well, two of the police officers involved in the killing of Sean Bell were black.  But Sharpton and his fellow hate-mongers still use “KKK” slogans and white hoods relating that type of hate to the NYPD.  That makes absolutely no sense.

If Sharpton is truthfully out to help the black community, why didn’t he side with 2 black cops doing their jobs under life-threatening conditions (Bell had sped his car into Officer Isnora twice!)  versus the black man, hanging out with at least one ex-convict, at a crime-ridden strip club on the night before his wedding? 

Seems to me the rational view of a role model for blacks is with the black cops…while mistakes were made they do provide a much better image as role models for black (or white) citizens versus those who frequent crime-ridden strip clubs and hang out with ex-convicts!  


5 Responses

  1. Sharpton Despises cop because they cramp his race-baiting attitude.

  2. I have actually met Mr. Sharton (I will not call him Reverend, for I am simply not sure what is reverent about him).

    As a native New Yorker I always find it intriguing that gangstas walk around with their pants on their ankles and talking trash, but when they get capped by a cop for resisting or trying to flee, they want to stage a protest? Why?

    I enjoy reading your blog…we seem to have a lot in common. Visit my home on wordpress when you can.


  3. Typo: First line should read: “SharPton”

    My apologies.

  4. Really good post about the truth. Sharpton is a hypocrite and a parasite. That’s it. Sharpton needs blacks to suffer and if he can’t find legitimate issues or problems then he’ll make them up – like he did with Tawanna Brawley.

    It takes a sick mind to preach the stuff that Sharpton and others like him preach (like Jeremiah Wright.) Why would you spend all your life telling people they’re the subject of a conspiracy? Why would you keep using the same old outdated image of slavery to explain today’s problems?

    Finally, why would you threaten to shut down NYC? The people of that city did not kill Sean Bell. Sean Bell got himself killed.

  5. Crime, Drugs, Killings, all these things would be good causes to try and prevent in the black communities, but the Mr. Sharpton doesn’t want to correct those injustices, just the imaginary image of the bad policeman. He has made these occurances his own cash cow and in the mind of most white Chrisians will continue to act and borders on criminality. What man of the cloth other that sharpton causes separation of the races instead of bringing them together. I think back many many years ago to a man I worked for by the name of Gene Herring. He was my boss in a N.Y. clothing company. He was a true Christian and his memory still remains with me some 4+ decades later. I believe we as humans would rather that kind of memory instead of the memories of the Black Panthers in the Sixties or the 5 percenters for that matter. Gene was Black & I am White. Our races are really not relevant, just the respect we held for each other.

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