Reverend Wright says we are all just Devious!

The Reverend Wright has spoken about his sermons…..therefore, in his mind, we should all just let it be!

I guess the full interview is being shown today, but here is the link to what the Chicago Tribune has out today.

According to the Rev. Wright, those who listened to his many diatribes on various “sound bites” are just DEVIOUS people!

Here is what the Reverend Wright had to say to Bill Moyers, a fellow member of the denomination United Church of Christ (hint:  this was not a “hardball” type of interview).  I have added my comments as well:

Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. told journalist Bill Moyers that media organizations circulating controversial sound bites of his sermons on the Internet wanted to paint him as “un-American” or “some sort of fanatic” to bring down Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Barack Obama.

First off, nobody wants to “bring down” Barack Obama…hopefully, his bad leftist politics, weak experience, and questionable associations will do that!  But we do want to know about him and who he associates with.  According to Barack, the Reverend Wright is his mentor and was in an advisory role in the Obama campaign until some of these videos were discovered. 

More of the Rev. Wright with Bill Moyers:

I think they wanted to communicate that I am unpatriotic, that I am un-American, that I am filled with hate speech, that I have a cult at Trinity United Church of Christ

No, Reverend Wright you COMMUNICATED that well enough on your own.  One time is one time too many  to preach “God Damn America” before being considered unpatriotic!

For more of the same diatribe, see the top five un-American quotes from Wright at the link at

And for some not so often read quotes from the Reverend, I found many of Rev. Wrights anti-American quotes at a blog called Your Right Hand Thief.  It appears this blogger has personally perused many of the sermons and pulled out many comments (to read) from the Rev. Wright…best of all the blogger appears to be a Democrat, not a “right-wing ‘Devious’ nutjob” (as the left would accuse)….

Some samples:

“It is incontestable and deplorable that [African Americans] have committed crimes; but they are derivative crimes. They are born of the greater crimes of the white society.”

So, it is the white person’s fault that black crime is so bad….That kind of goes along well with Obama’s view that black gang members shouldn’t get the death penalty….because it wouldn’t be fair….

My view is it is society’s fault as a whole that so many of our young people, black or white or any other color, have no respect for life or place any kind of value on life.

Here is the true meaning and value of compassion… when it helps us to see the enemy’s point of view, to hear his questions, to know his assessment of ourselves. For from his view we may indeed see the basic weaknesses of our own condition, and if we are mature, we may learn and grow and profit from the wisdom of the brothers who are called the opposition.

I’m sure he is talking about terrorists here, but maybe he could follow his own advice…he might “mature” a little and forgive America’s sins of the past!  As far as terrorists go…..they could care less what we do or say…they want us dead!  For the average reasonable “enemy” or person with whom you may disagree, his point may ring true!

I believe he is talking about the Iraq War here….lovely…

We have corrupted their women and children and killed their men. Now there is little left to build on, save bitterness. Soon the only solid physical foundations remaining will be found at our military bases and in the concrete of the concentration camps…

But don’t question his patriotism for heaven’s sake!

Jeremiah Wright also said in the interview:

The persons who have heard the entire sermon understand the communication perfectly

Well, yea, I’ll bet the followers of Jim Jones understood him perfectly, too, but that didn’t mean that his ideas and preaching weren’t dangerous and misleading!

When something is taken like a sound bite for a political purpose and put constantly over and over again, looped in the face of the public, that’s not a failure to communicate. Those who are doing that are communicating exactly what they want to do, which is to paint me as some sort of fanatic or as the learned journalist from The New York Times called me, a ‘wackadoodle.’

Hmm…that tactic reminds me of the Democrats and the war in Iraq…..say something over and over again in soundbite mode and people start to believe it whether true or not….like “Bush Lied, People Died” or “This war is lost” (famous paraphrased words of many Dems in Congress).

Difference is, the Rev. Wright is on tape ACTUALLY SAYING those words in many ways and many times over!  And Barack Obama sat in that congregation for 20 years soaking up that ideology and those words…….so it is natural for those of us trying to vet out this person, Barack Obama, to have questions about Obama’s associations.

The Dems on the other hand, have perpetuated falsehoods and lies to the detriment of the country and our military.

Reverend Wright is an unforgiving, racist, Marxist, America-hater who would love to change the foundation and core culture of this country to suit his illogical and misguided view of the world.  And he is alot like Obama when he says that some people take a few of his words and twist them around….

Well, just like his friend Obama says…..WORDS MATTER, Reverend Wright!!!


10 Responses

  1. Wow, looks like you’ve already made up your small mind. Barack and Jeremiah can argue till they’re blue in the face and you’ll still be convinced of this nonsense.

  2. Kurt,
    For once I wish a liberal and/or Obama supporter could debate without name calling, referring to small minds, or calling someone stupid….GEEESH!

    But, whose believing the nonsense?
    Jeremiah says God Damn America and US OF KKKA and you obviously think he’s patriotic.

    Jeremiah says “America’s Chickens are Comin’ Home to Roose” about 9/11 and you think he loves America.

    Obama sat and listened to this guy’s garbage for 20 years…..and you think Obama wasn’t influenced by it, didn’t believe any of it, and never witnessed any of it.

    I can list facts or show you videos and comments until I”m blue in the face and you’ll still be convinced Obama is the Messiah and Jeremiah is just your “everyday preacher”….

  3. Sharp: Don’t hold your breath–every single liberal that has posted on my site–without exception–has started their comment by calling me a name–then they never come back to respond further. That is because liberals believe that if you disagree with them–then you are the problem–which coincidentally is exactly what the good Rev. was saying in his interview.

    Just like a liberal–name call, pass the buck, distance your self from reality and obliterate the truth. Rev. Wright is a hate-mongering Anti-American racist–simple and true–not name calling–just stating the obvious.

  4. Amen…. Brother Klasing!

  5. Small minded, knuckle-dragging, red-state, REPUBLISCUM!!! 😉

  6. Did you guys happen to catch Reverend Wright’s interview with Bill Moyers last night?
    If you did, then you understand why this Jeremiah-Bashing is so upsetting to Americans and Christians.

  7. I think it is funny that liberals get angry when someone posts DIRECT quotes from Democrats and Wright’s words….and then get mad that it was brought up. It isn’t sharprightturn or anyone else’s fault that Wright said God Damn America. It isn’t their fault Ayers said 9/11 wasn’t enough. Blame those who opened their mouths and said it.

    Don’t get mad that someone put it out there for all to see (if this was John McCain, they’d be doing the same thing), and please refrain from the immature name calling. I feel like I’m back in middle school.

  8. BTW, I love the John Adams quote at the top of your site. Too good. And for today, too true.

  9. Kurt,
    Have you heard all of the diatribes from Rev. Wright and read any of the church bulletins with language just as bad and a column filled with the writing of a terrorist?

    If you have, then you will understand why Jeremiah’s America-bashing is so upsetting to MOST Americans and true Christians.

  10. Yo Kurt!

    This Christian is pretty sure wright ISN’T.

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