You know we have influenced Iraqi culture when….

……….The big mouse ears with turban head covering makes an appearance near the Green Zone of Baghdad!

Baghdad’s version of Disneyland – read all about it here

One of the pictures in the article referring to the zoo portion of the park has this description: “In addition to the resident animals, visitors will be able to enjoy rides” — I assume the resident animals are the lions, tigers, and bears and not insurgents!

Anyway, I can see the characters, themes, and rides they will have:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean becomes…..Insurgents along the Tigris  Terrorists on the Tigris (my husband’s updated suggestion!)
  • It’s a Small World becomes…..It’s Time to Elminate the Infidel’s World
  • The Aladdin Ride becomes…well, The Aladdin Ride, with real camels that spit!
  • Cinderella will not be a part of the theme park – she died at the hands of her male family members for dancing at the ball with a member of the opposite sex.
  • Frontierland will not have a shooting gallery – hey what do you think this is, Sadr City?

I suppose I shouldn’t kid around since it does seem a step in the Western direction?!?!?

I would be curious to have your thoughts on the rides and themes in the park?!?!?  I feel like a good laugh!


2 Responses

  1. – The Autopia comes complete with roadside IEDs…

    – Instead of a honey pot, Winnie bin-Pooh is looking for his buried weapons stash…

    – The Haunted Mansion becomes “The Haunted Palace”…complete with singing busts of Saddam’s sons and Saddam’s disembodied head in the crystal ball.

    – The Indiana Jones ride includes a hunt for WMDs…

    – Toon Town becomes Mookie “al Sadr” Mouse’s Slummy Funny Shooting Gallery.

  2. GBS–
    I like the Mookie Mouse one–LOL

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