Things you didn’t know about the Polygamists in Texas…

I have been a little uninspired to write lately….I blame it on spring….but I do see where one of SharpRightTurn’s blogroll buddies has been at work on detailing “facts” about the polygamist sect in Texas.

…don’t worry about TMI (that’s too much info)… is a humorous take on things down thar in Texas!

I have copied his little known facts here….a link to the post is below also (I recommend reading the full post…flush with pictures!):

From Murphy Klasing’s Conservative Blog

  1. All kids younger than 17 are also their own Grandpa.
  2. Laura Ashley has her own booth at the compound.
  3. Men have reported increased stress due primarily to dinner decisions.  When asking his wives where they would like to go to eat–all of them say “it doesn’t matter” which he knows is a freakin’ lie.
  4. Women have reported depression due to their combined husband finally blowing and telling all of them that “Yes, you look fat in that dress.”
  5. Oddly, the only movie star to “come out against the Government” so far regarding the raid is Woody Allen.
  6. Kids like to tell stories about their superhero, Morman Man, who flies around the world trying to find the most gullible women and bring them back to be abused and enslaved.
  7. The compound is saddened each year because they are not allowed to participate in an El Dorado annual event called the Running of the Bull. This event’s purpose is celebrating the “gift of gab.”  (El Dorado is soooo exciting).
  8. Many of the women in the Sect actually stop having babies at 35.  Why?  Because 36 is just too many.
  9. They have cool rules like this one:   After you bathe, don’t admire yourself in the mirror. Stay in the shower just long enough to clean yourself. Then dry off and GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM into a room where you will have some member of your family present.  (Not a problem–I never admire myself in the mirror either before or after I bathe.  I do take long showers though–but that is because I typically fall asleep in there because I’m nearly 40.  I’m not sure why you have to get out of the bathroom so quickly–but none of my kids want to see me running around the house in a towel.)
  10. They all secretly hate the Osmonds.

Well, I’m with ya there brotha!

Full story here!


3 Responses

  1. Having more than one wife would be problematic enough. Having a herd of bugly (short for butt-ugly) wives would be enough to send me off into an open field with a loaded gun.

  2. GBS-
    I wonder if I should be offended by your statement?

  3. Not sure they even need to be bugly to send me to the open field.. One is enough..errr I mean just right.

    Maybe Hugh Hefner has is right….girlfriends by the dozen..

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