David Boren for VP?

David Boren is now supporting Obama.   Story here.

Michelle Malkinhas an interesting theory on David Boren, former governor of Oklahoma, former US Senator, and current President of the University of Oklahoma, as a potential candidate for Obama’s choice of VP.  From Malkin’s site:

I noticed yesterday that David Boren, former Democratic Senator from Oklahoma and current President of OU, had joined Sam Nunn in endorsing Obama. I thought that was odd, because Boren was known as a fairly conservative Democrat, one who probably had much more in common with Hillary than Obama but is well right of them both.

I mean, this is a guy with actual executive experience running a university (pretty well, from what I hear) and foreign policy experience on the Senate Intelligence Committee, a guy from a heartland state, a guy who’s everything Obama isn’t…why would he endorse Obama if he’s…so…different…

Right about there a little bell started going off.

This endorsement was a smart play by Boren, who would be a great ticket-balancer for Obama. Not only does he offset almost all of Obama’s weaknesses, he could make inroads into a few very red states.

Time will tell if that theory holds true.  While I wouldn’t vote for Boren, he does hold some ideas that certainly would be considered “Right” of the current Leftist Democrats. (His history on tax cuts is one example)

The big question remains to me:  If Boren is that conservative and principled, how in the world can he agree to run with Obama who is perhaps the biggest Leftist the Democrats have supported in a long time?

(Not to mention the questionable ties that Obama has to his racist pastor and the terrorist William Ayers)

One key item here is that David Boren’s son, Dan Boren, who is in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, is an uncommitted superdelegate.   Wonder if David Boren gets something from an “Obama administration” (that term gives me shivers) in return for Dan Boren’s superdelegate vote?

The basis for such a collaboration for David Boren certainly wouldn’t be based on conservatism or a prinicipled stance, but more likely on Boren’s political opportunism.


7 Responses

  1. Wow. I’m left speechless. And in my opinion, Boren hasn’t done too good of a job at OU.

  2. KDW,
    While I would probably agree, what don’t you like about what he has done at OU?

  3. Just the fact that he is a sooner is enough for me to hate him. 😉

    (Go Horns!)

  4. Hey watch out there MK….
    You’re talking to a rabid SOONER fan!

  5. “If Boren is that conservative and principled, how in the world can he agree to run with Obama who is perhaps the biggest Leftist the Democrats have supported in a long time?”

    I’ll answer that…he’s obviously doing some serious butt-kissing trying to attain higher office. I wonder if anyone who Obama listens to noticed?

  6. Ooops–well you are the exception clearly. 😉

  7. David Boren is a phony and a liar. He will endorse anyone who he thinks will win. He resigned from his seemingly safe U.S. Senate seat in 1994. The year before, gay activists were outing him and accusing him of male-on-male sexual harassment. Since then he has jumped on the bandwagons of the Reform Party (for 2000), Abe Lieberman (for 2004), Rudi Giuliani, (after Lieberman dropped out, while thinking that Giuliani would replace Cheney as running mate), Bloomberg (for 2008), and finally Obama (after Bloomberg dropped out.) Boren, having made a mess at OU, is desperate to get a Washington job back. He is also a member of Skull and Bones, ABC has broadcast a video with strong evidence indicating that S&B is a Satanic cult. Click on my website link.

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