Something on which I can agree with Obama?

I caught this article with excerpts from Obama’s latest speeches on the campaign trail.

While I know that I would approach most problems of the country and of families a whole lot differently than Obama, I do agree with him on these passages in his speech:

“Parents if you don’t parent, we can’t improve our schools,” he said. “You’ve got to parent. You’ve got to turn off the television set in your house once in a while, you’ve got to put the video game away once in a while.”

“You should have a curfew in your house so your children aren’t out in the streets all night. You should meet with the teacher and find out what the homework is and help that child with the homework. And if you don’t know how to do the homework, don’t be embarrassed, find someone to help you.”

“Fathers, be fathers,” he added. “Be a part of your child’s life. Be a part of your child’s life and try to make them proud.

“And the last thing is, if your child is misbehaving at school don’t curse out the teacher. You know who you are. It’s not the teacher’s fault that your child is misbehaving. That’s some home training.”

This part reminded me of the Clinton campaign -you know the responsible, wealthy leader who doesn’t pay her bills on time?– LOL :

“We’ve been borrowing money like nobody’s business from China,” he said. “We’re like that cousin who always comes and never seems to have a job. He’s out there buying new rims on his car, but can’t pay the rent.”

On kids and going to college:

“You’re going to have to be better consumers of higher education,” he told one student in Malvern, Pa., who said she faced a $45,000 a year tuition. “When I was going to school, we knew the food was going to be bad. The gym didn’t have all the state of the art Nautilus equipment.”

Before anyone gets the least idea that I am an Obama supporter…..I agree with most, if not all of the statements Obama made above.  The catch here is that Obama wants to make families more dependent on government for “opportunity” and expand the government further to create the “same chances that previous generations have had” (that quote is directly from his website and quite misleading considering previous generations weren’t nearly as prosperous financially as today’s families)

Most of what Obama wants is anti-business; expands government control; and increases budgets for already over-budgeted areas with low productivity like the education budget.   Obama wants things like:
Expanding Family Leave, Mandated Higher Minimum Wage, create even more waste on “babysitting” After-School programs; doling out “Free” college tuition and more.

While some of what he proposes may be helpful, most will require more spending and dependence on government.

How would I deal with some of the family issues?

  • Define the marriage as a man and woman ONLY
  • Define a family to include a mother and a father with children.
  • Encourage mothers to stay home with their children even if it means tightening the household budget for a few years.
  • Generate a method of performance-based pay and jobs for teachers in an effort to keep the best teachers and eliminate those who are teaching based on tenure only.
  • Develop a free-market model for Schools and eliminate the teachers unions. (I know that is a big wish)
  • Encourage Judeo-Christian faith-based initiatives in the community and schools.
  • Eliminate huge portions of welfare that are wasted on those who are simply not motivated to work or who are having children in order to increase their “government” pay.
  • Find ways to help the needy and less forutnate in way that helps them to help themselves vs. forming a dependency on the government 
  • Reinstate our rights to worship God where and when we please (That includes schools)
  • Eliminate no-fault divorce.
  • Leave sex education to parents and caregivers
  • Simplify the tax structure and equalize the share paid among lower to higher incomes.  This could also include eliminating or reducing things like sales tax, income tax, gas tax, and various licensing fees.
  • Encourage business development and create a tax and business environment favorable to entrepreneurship.
  • Pursue swifter and more meaningful punishment for all types of crimes
  • Defend the second amendment vigorously.  Families that can defend themselves obviously live to see another day!

These are but a few of the things that could be done.  Most of the issues within our culture and family today won’t be resolved within the next Presidency or likely even the next 10-15 years. 

But it seems to me that most of our issues with crime, teen pregnancy, divorce, adultery, dead-beat fathers and mothers and more could be resolved by getting back to the basics:

 —  God, Family, Freedom, Morality, Strong Defense, Personal Responsibility, making our children a priority

Add your own thoughts in the comments if you like!  I’d love to hear them.


3 Responses

  1. You say, “Reinstate our rights to worship God where and when we please (That includes schools) ” and I don’t quite understand this. I am a teacher and I don’t see how we are not able to worship God in school however we please. I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t be able to worship God in school, if he/she chose to do so.

  2. beckbeck,,
    Thanks for commenting.
    There are many instances where freedom of religion is impinged upon in schools.
    In my own experiences and reading, many schools will not allow Bibles in the library, prayers can not be said before sporting events, there are many examples of students receiving lesser grades for Christian-oriented projects and viewpoints.
    And it isn’t coincidence. Teachers are taught that kids can’t talk about “Jesus and such things” in school!
    My child was told that by her 1st grade teacher!
    Those are they types of things I am talking about. Christians, in a Judeo-Christian nation, should be able to talk about God anywhere they please… many places these days, including schools, that is looked down upon, if not completely banned.

  3. Everyone complains about the way our children have all turned out. Let’s look at this: First they took away the right to have prayer or even talk about God in school, (someone forgot to mention that our laws were founded from “religion” i.e. “The Ten Commandments”

    Then they took away the right to disipline our children (which is also scriptual) and now no one knows what to do….It all started with taking away prayer in school…HMMMM!

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