Stupid Star Quotes of the Day

First on the list: Elton John —-

He is a Clinton (and woman) supporter and he spoke at the Clinton “give me money so I can finance my plan to steal the nomination” campaign event at Radio City in New York (I hope the Rockettes were sent somewhere far from the ex-President).

Elton had this to say:

I never cease to be amazed at the misogynist attitude of some of the people in this country,” he said. “I say to hell with them.”

What??? Is he saying that in reference to himself or HIllary? 

Get a clue, Elton….did you ever stop to think maybe this isn’t about Hillary’s womanhood (or yours)?….

Our prejudice, if any, isn’t against women (or men who think they are a women)….the smart Americans are  against a lying, cheating, inexperienced, “I ain’t no Tammy Wynnette” old-school feminist who is riding the coat tails of her impeached, misbehaving husband of convenience!  Oh, and by the way, she is having a bumpy ride on those coat tails!

Second, idiot star of the day: Rosie O’Donnell —-

Rosie was on The Martha Stewart Show and said this in reference to her time on “The View”…the last line of the quote in reference to Elizabeth Hasselbeck, her view co-host and token Republican on the show:

“I tried my best but it’s hard for me when I’m not the boss. There was people there telling me what to do. There was a little Republican who scared me.”

Personally, I think there is a lot that scares Rosie….Rosie it’s time to get right side up again….all the blood has rushed to your head.


One Response

  1. I’m not sure what is more annoying…musicians from this country using their celebrity status to criticize their country, or a US politician using a non-US citizen to help raise money while, at the same time, that person criticizes Americans.

    Another interesting quote…”I’ve always been a Hillary supporter,” John said.

    Really? As a citizen of the UK, how exactly is Elton a “Hillary” supporter?

    Elton…bugger off!

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